Snake bite


    Since everyone was so excited by my last snake report I had to share this one.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 That happens more than you might imagine. I smash and/or bury the heads.

  • @dylans ugh! About a month ago Rio had one corned on the pool cover. Pretty sure it was a 10 ft long cobra! It was coiled and hissing. I finally got Rio in house and the huge thing crawled under the deck, I could hear the hissing by the patio door. 🤮 seriously, it was big.

  • @dylans rattlers? We had diamond backs at home.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Mostly prairie rattlers, some diamondbacks in the extreme se part of the area I check.

    I leave the other snakes alone. If you have bull snakes you don’t have rattle snakes.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 @dylans

    Very timely for me!

    Last week my neighbor’s kid, graduating from HS tomorrow, came and got me after his friend found a snake in his own car as he was getting out of it after driving 7 miles over here. They were laughing so hard, after the friend’s heart restarted.

    I went over there to find the snake trapped but writhing around hanging out the bottom of the door, not injured apparently, but held tightly by the bottom rubber weatherstrip.

    I lopped his head off about 4 inches back, which kept wriggling in the sand. Then I opened the door, and about 18 inches of coiled wriggling snake fell out. Both pieces kept moving as I used a snow shovel to seal them into an old drywall bucket.

    The kids freaked out completely when the snake didn’t know it was dead. And the friend freaked out even more when I said the snake may have gone into the sun-warmed car to lay eggs so he just might want a thorough inspection by mid July or so.

    Did some research and discovered it was probably a milk snake, but my first impression was that the markings had looked a lot like a copperhead. After more research into the head and body still moving despite being separated, I decided to not open the bucket to recheck the ID. There are stories of snakes cut into many pieces still moving, and headless bodies basically striking at something touching them, and the severed heads killing people even days later. Scary! And why I won’t swim at night here…

  • @mayjay the nerves keep the “dead snake” moving. I’ve seen to many! I’d die if it was in my car. I had a mouse in mine while I was driving. I threw it in to park a lil to soon. At least I didn’t wreck. Thank heavens I was on my street still.

  • And if we lived in Australia we’d have to watch for spiders over a foot wide that like to hide under your window visor. They also like to hop out into your lap while driving. They kill people by causing wrecks. Not at all poisonous.

  • 0_1528340916946_8B071F95-216B-492D-BDA4-749DA0D9EFE6.jpeg

    Cubby hole in my work truck…needs a bath.

  • @dylans there a piece of meat in there besides 2 rattlers? Are those from this year? Yuck

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Late last fall. I haven’t seen a single rattle snake this year. Unfortunately that will change. My boy likes the rattles, so I give most of them to him.

    You can attach a rattle to the end of a thin piece of flat metal, pull it back like a door stopper, and let it very realistically simulate a rattle snake rattle.

  • @dylans My grandfather attached the rattles he got on fishing excursions to dowels. We would shake them to scare the crap out of each other when playing in his back yard.

  • I hate snakes…and spiders too…


  • @JayHawkFanToo I will have night mares

  • @JayHawkFanToo I tried to post the Jim Stafford song…epic fail.

  • (for those that don’t want to read any political analysis, do NOT read this post.)

    Are snake bite stories and reports on snake bites in the controlled media the latest Deep State technique for amping public fears?

    Do rattle snakes have rattles?

    Do water moccasins have cotton mouths?

    Let’s see, they tried aliens.

    They tried mass shootings.

    They tried fake mass shootings.

    They tried chemical attacks.

    They tried fake chemical attacks.

    They tried announcing torture prisons 2.0.

    They tried constitutional crises.

    They tried weather fear.

    They tried global warming fear.

    They tried fire fears.

    They tried epidemic fears.

    They tried opiod fears.

    When they are down to snake fears, its like the mind control planners are getting a little desperate.

    What’s left?

    How about scorpion fears next?

    Let’s face it: when they moved Colombia into NATO, preparation for some kind of mass casualty event justifying invasion of Venezuela appeared a possibility. Now with all of the reputed designer terror being dispensed, it goes from appearing a possibility, to a looming risk. It reputedly takes a lot of predictive programming to fear-up the American public in order to really get a stampede-to-war effect from a mass casualty event aimed at justifying boots on the ground invasions of countries like Venezuela. Anyone can knock over a flat, desert country like Libya with just some internet psy-ops, black money funneled to a few groups inside the country, and some underreported bombing. But Venezuela its a big, mountainous, jungle-y place with lots of people and close proximity to the con in Colombia and the Canal in Panama. Venezuela is a dicey-er situation. Its got a ton of Black Gold and its in the Western Hemisphere. No place for mistakes. Lots of preparation required!

    Fact is, Venezuela’s got larger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia, even though the crude has a lot of tar in it. China and other countries made big inroads into Venezuela under Chavez, so Venezuela has been being wrung out with economic sanctions and internal intriguing. Venezuela has to be dealt with, but sanctions are taking too long.

    Tensions with China and Russia over control of the Eurasian super corrdiors has apparently got the Anglo-American private oligarchy on pins and needles. So: the Anglo-American private oligarchy has apparently decided to play a brinksmanship game with Russia and China, and simultaneously try to pry away all the inroads China and Russia have made into oil and gas fields around the world. Venezuela is a key one. That brinksmanship requires keeping the American people scared and increasingly conditioned to dislike the Russians and Chinese. It also reputedly involves arming-up Colombia for an invasion of Venezuela to finish up quickly what sanctions are dragging out. The last thing the Anglo-American oligarchy wants is to get into a war with Russia, or China, with either of those countries arming-up Venezuela themselves in our backyard, so to speak.

    So: they’ve got to go into Venezuela pretty quickly, if Venezuela won’t knuckle under shortly.

    That means a whole lotta scaring of the American public has to be done.

    Synthetic stock market instability should also be a part of the program. Perhaps part of the reason for floating the market up with tax cuts was to get equities inflated to a point where the market collapse from war would be back to a level the private oligarchy could afford to bear and stay in control of, rather than a level so low that the Russians and Chinese could start buying everything up for a dime on the petrodollar.

    Everything is about preparing the battle space these days.

    Not saying a war between the Anglo-American private oligarchy and Russia/China is inevitable, just saying preparations for the strongest possible bargaining positions and risk of war appear to be being prepared for by knocking over country after country, and one of Venezuela, North Korea and Iran (each countries with huge oil and gas reserves) seem the next targets. And since North Korea has nukes, and Iran is on Russia’s border, and China has just built a railroad capable of moving huge supplies and troops into Iran within a few weeks, well, neither Iran, nor North Korea seem like the next places for the Anglo-American private oligarchy to knock over, given how tough tiny Syria has been for them.

    All of this stuff with North Korea and Iran seems to be diversionary tactics for buying the delay time for either the sanctions to work on Venezuela, or for the military force structure to be ramped up in Colombia to invade Venezuela. Once Venezuela is under complete control, then the focus likely becomes Iran. Qatar and its ability to horizontal drill into Iranian oil and gas fields is another chip that needs to be raked back to the dealer. But there is really no need to do anything about North Korea. For all we know, North Korea may have been being paid black money to play the fake role of agent provocateur to keep Russia and China on their heels in that region and not moving more aggressively in the Western Hemisphere regarding oil in Venezuela, and off the coast of Brazil.

    Oh, what a tangled web the world’s various private oligarchies have been weaving in their usual pursuits of increased wealth and power.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @jaybate-1.0 not here in hutch, Cheney lake. Lol

  • There was a story last year or maybe before about a guy in mizzou that got bit while swimming and shrugged it off and, shall we say, woke up dead. Only in Missouri.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 We can be pretty sure that the Missouri guy was likely brain-dead before he was bitten. Might be a medical first since he was moving around while brain-dead for years, probably.

    At least a severed snake has an excuse for not knowing it is dead.

  • @mayjay Hey I’m in Misery, we’re not all braindead.

  • You just said misery😳

  • @Barney I’m kidding you!

  • @Barney Isn’t that kind of a contradiction?

    But, if you are a KU fan, anywhere you go (especially Missourah), you are by definition one of the smartest people around. And if you ever matriculated, close to the pinnacle. A graduate? The apex for you, kind sir!

    We in SC can only hope to get brains that are dead, a step up.

  • Snakes are people, too.

    They are being scapegoated.

    It’s snakism, I tell ya!!!

  • Three years ago my wife, 5 year old boy and myself were swimming in a friends pool when a snake decided to join us. You’ve never seen a pool clear out so fast! It was on the edge so I splashed it with water and it charged me! They can swim very fast and while I was treading water it’s at eye level. Not cool at all! Luckily it was just a 3ft bull snake. I relocated it (alive) to a better place.

  • Snakes are everywhere!

  • Golfer in South Dakota killed by rattler just the other day. I wish this was a dumb golf joke. It’s not. True story.

    We’d have a snake about once a year in Louisiana. Nearly stepped on the devils while out running, not once, but 3 times. Nearly made me give up running.

  • Here is another close encounter of the snake kind…

  • @Crimsonorblue22 so this got personal! I was trimming small branches around and a tree and came eye to eye👀w/this dude. After having the big one And getting the wet dog(ugh) in the House, I called the Eagle Scout across the street. He wore gloves, picked it up and decapitated it.

  • Pics2_1531018201284_927A0989-8909-473E-84AF-6C9BAADF1292.jpeg 1_1531018201284_36B74E1B-D91B-447C-AAA9-3D9968DF20CF.jpeg 0_1531018201282_511FE24B-C967-4E16-9874-E37C3ED48A0D.jpeg

  • What kind of snake is it?

  • Bull snake, or king cobra

  • @Woodrow about waist high in the tree. I 'bout died

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yet another excellent reason to not do yard work!

  • Repeating myself. Delete isn’t working.

  • Got one for ya today @Crimsonorblue22. It was out sunning by a soybean field. They’re hard to see in the 3-4ft tall beans!

  • @dylans pic?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 nope. Just a little guy 2.5ft with 8 buttons. In the center of the field is a nest. 10 babies were spotted yesterday. Yuck

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