How Tall Is Charlie Moore, Really? And Will He Start at the 3?

  • PG Charlie Moore is listed at 5-11.

    We all know about KU inches.

    We also increasingly grasp that players that wear their hair long and up are a couple inches under their listed heights. For evidence, your honors, we enter 6-2 inch Devonte Graham found to be 6-0 as Exhibit A, and Doke Azubuike listed as 7-0 found to be 6-10, as Exhibit B.

    Out of respect to a KU all-timer and an NBA player with career still in process, we will leave Frank Mason out of the discussion, except to say that he had the tallest vertical do of all during his KU career.

    Charlie Moore’s hair is not as flopping as Devonte’s and Doke’s, nor as tall (yet) as Frank’s, but make no mistake its being shaped up some just the same.

    I’m going to hazard a gentleman’s wager that Moore will one day be found to be 5-8, or 5-9.

    Self has to play Moore. He has to start him. He has to. I don’t care that he has two 5-stars coming with more conventional stature for their positions. Self has never started a 5-8 or 5-9 point guard. This would be a new problem to keep coaching interesting and challenging for Self.

    But where will the 5-stars play, if Moore is a starter?

    Well, how about one of them gets to be the nominal point guard and other gets to be the nominal shooting guard, so that egos are stroked, and in order that Self can keep the 5-star pipeline flowing.

    So what about Mini-Moore?

    Self likes to completely break with current styles at least once each season in one way, or another. The guy loves to do stuff no one ever thought of doing or something everyone has forgotten was done in the paleo past (i.e., like playing 6-5 point guards, like Svi, out of position at the 4, or starting point guard Selby at the 3, or dusting of the weave from the 1930s in the 21st Century, or, well, you know what I mean). Wouldn’t it be nifty to see Self start Moore as a wing point full time?

    Starting at the 3, 5-8 Charlie Moore!!!

    Talk about giving some 6-7 inch wings some head aches, eh?

    Charlie could have some trouble with guarding on the other end, but imagine forcing an NBA bound 6-6 or 6-7 wing man to guard a wing point at 5-8 Tse Tse fly driving and cutting at the speed of light.

    And everyone knows that on defense, Charlie would just overplay and funnel his man to paint defended by some big, long KU rim protectors!!!

    Self always likes to move guys like Frank and Devonte to wing point from time to time.

    Maybe its time to move Charlie Moore to wing point FULL TIME.

    Let the 5-stars be 1s and 2s to keep their handlers happy, but put Charlie over at the other wing and pass it to him and let him initiate the offense for the bigs.

    Its called having cake and eating it too!

    Rock Chalk!

  • JayHawkFanToo said:

    Click this link…

    Somehow JB will get him down to 5’6’’, to prop up Self’s coaching abilities. 😉

  • When I saw him in person I don’t recall thinking he was exceptionally short.

  • @wissox and @BShark,

    C’mon, how many seasons do we have to play this game of overstated height before board rats catch on?

    Moore is probably going to turn out to be 5-8 or 5-9 max and anyone that has watched KU ball should anticipate this, as predictably as fake and/or real chemical attacks being blamed on Syrian leaders.

    Okay, Okay, he might be 5-9 I/2.


  • Sherron Collins was pretty salty, listed as 5’11.

  • @kjayhawks

    Yes, but Sherron never wore his hair up, so we have some reason to suggest he was approximately the height listed. 🙂

  • @jaybate-1-0 I’m almost 6’2 and I’ve met both Frank and Sherron and I’d say Frank is taller.

  • @kjayhawks

    Interesting. Why and when were you meeting with them?

    Second, on TV, Frank definitely “looks” taller with his hair, than Sherron. So: I’ll take your word for it that Frank appears taller than Sherron, when you met them.

  • Frank has about an inch on Sherron, not accounting for hair.

  • @jaybate-1-0 Talked to them both after a game at AFH a few years ago.

  • kjayhawks said:

    @jaybate-1-0 I’m almost 6’2 and I’ve met both Frank and Sherron and I’d say Frank is taller.

    One thing is certain, Sherron is definitely thicker.

  • @BShark

    You might be surprised at how many persons over- and under-estimate persons heights, especially perpetrators for one example, because of things like hair up/down, and things like pointy hoods on hoodies, or hats, or shaved heads, etc.

    Persons trying to make themselves hard to recognize/recall accurately have longed use hair up/down, caps/hats/hoodies, and beards/moustaches, because they trigger subliminal cues about height and stature. Its very fascinating. Its one of the reasons that eye witness testimony can conflict and so can be impeached by effective lawyers.

    You may well be right about the actual heights of the two players based on only one meeting persons you are a fan of (and so slightly more emotional about meeting than normal), but meeting persons, especially when not side by side, or when standing not exactly the same distances from your, and with a horizontal back ground line behind them for standardizing perception can be very deceptive. Also, slender persons and stocky persons may be exactly the same height and witnesses, for one example, often views one taller and one shorter, despite the two persons measuring the same height.

  • I hope Bill keeps the concept of a two PG offense. We need two guards that can equally handle the rock.

  • Frank is a bit taller. Sherron is pretty short. Frank is a little taller than you might imagine.

    Sherron was measured at 5’ 10.25” at the NBA combine. Frank 5’11”

    As an aside Cole Aldrich was 6’9” barefoot and 6’11.25” in shoes!

  • @dylans

    I recall the Cole measure vividly. It’s what woke me to KU inches!

    Frank 5-11.

    Sherron 5-10.

    Charlie can’t be more than 5-9 then! 😀

  • @jaybate-1.0 How in the world do shoes add 2.25”?!? It’s amazing he was able to play basketball on stilts. 🙂

  • They all lie. Height is a joke. Length matters more anyway. WIng span and standing reach is your true basketball size.

  • KU has measured guys really accurately over the years. They all have been in line with camp, Hoop Summit, and combine measurements. They actually had a few guys taller than their listed heights. T Rob and Wiggins for sure. I remember Self saying once when Svi got here that “we measured him and he’s around 6’8,” which was legit.

    On the shoe thing, guys who are that much bigger wear shoes with taller soles to better cushion their giant feet. This isn’t that complicated.

  • @FarmerJayhawk

    I agree. Teams, both college and NBA, routinely list player height rounded to the nearest inch and with shoes since it represents what you see on the court, i.e. players wearing shoes.

    If you look at the height of the KU players as measured with shoes at the combine, they are just about the same as those listed on the KU basketball website. I am not sure where these so called discrepancies come from.

  • @FarmerJayhawk 2.25” of sole? Crazy! 1.25” is more normal. Look at all the other measured heights.0_1527134337806_07DEC4C2-E02B-4CEB-854C-20A1BF5D4B7B.png

    Most are at 1.25” a few 1.5” All except Cole fall between .75” and 1.5” that year. It’s noteworthy, but not very important. Cole has a crazy long wingspan for a guy an inch taller than Svi.

  • Sure there are outliers. But KU has been very accurate over the years. Like I said, this isn’t complicated.

  • @FarmerJayhawk I’m sorry you thought it was complicated at first. Didn’t mean to confuse you. It’s just an outlier that’s kinda funny (the only one not plural for 2010). Our 6’11” guy was really 6’9” I’m glad you’re in on the joke now, although like any joke it loses it’s humor the more I have to explain why it tickles me.

  • @dylans ah, didn’t mean that at all! Was more in reference to earlier comments about some conspiracy to make KU players taller than they actually are.

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