A dumpster fire?

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    Is it time for KU to dump Adidas? Yes the money that Adidas throws a KU if far greater than Nike. If KU were to become a Nike School, they would take a big pay cut.

    Yet why not? Adidas hasn’t really delivered. Outside of a couple big time recruits, what has Adidas really done? Oh I don’t know ending KU’s regular conference streak. Think the NCAA is going to allow KU off the hook? UM KU isn’t that East Coast school. Their not UNC or Duke. Once the dust settles? The NCAA is going to torch KU. Say goodbye to the Conference winning streak. Say good bye to the Final 4 run KU made this season. Oh yea the NCAA is jumping out of it’s skin at the thought of punishing KU.

    I have to say I was bit excited that KU had laid the pipe line to Africa. Now I’m thinking? Talk about a setup?

    It’s so mind boggling to me with the FBI investgation. That KU Is the focus. What about UK and Coach Cal? Really? What about Duke and Coach K? Really. These cats have been killing it in recruiting. Yet somehow KU is the bad program with the few top talent they get?

    It just kills me. Oh these OAD kids want to go to Duke? A private school. They have no chance in hell in ever getting a degree at Duke. They can’t even speak normal English yet they have the brain power to attend Duke? Really?

    Don’t have a false impression. KU is going to get fried. The NCAA is going to send a message. That message is going to be KU on a sliver platter.

  • If this recent article is to be believed KU isn’t dumping them. $191 million on the table. Yeah money talks.

    The FBI is worried about the crumbs instead of the whole pie


  • I wouldn’t dump Adidas. If meaningful change actually does happen, KU will start landing kids that WANTED to come to KU but ended up getting paid. I’m not worried about it.

    Could have just as easily been Nike. Might still happen.

  • Adidas wasn’t bidding against themselves.

  • Until another company comes to the table with a contract that will support and give apparel to all of the teams at KU then KU is not going to change. It is as simple as that.

  • So if all things are equal, KU gets slammed by the NCAA and east coast schools don’t? East coast bias or not if this happened our school reps, ie lawyers would have a hayday pointing out the illegality of that.

    We fans really like to smell out the conspiracies!

  • @DoubleDD

    I’m not so sure we are fried. I’m glad the feds are in on this. If they weren’t, I would have made your same prediction a long time ago.

    The feds have no inside interest in frying any particular school. All of their work has oversight within their department.

    Between the feds and the commission… I see the NCAA as suddenly being afraid to pull favorites like they always did in the past. It won’t take much effort to motivate the feds to start looking harder at the NCAA itself if they crucify Kansas while giving almost no punishment to UNC and Syracuse for something that should have warranted a fed investigation and huge penalties.

    Kind of makes me wonder if the feds are already investigating the NCAA. They should!

  • My longtime willing suspension of disbelief about KU’s involvement in illegal hoops recruitment is being rattled like barn tin in a windstorm. The program appeared to have done an honorable job, at least after the fact, regarding probable payoffs to the Preston family. But then the same guy who supposedly slid money to that clan is now said to have funneled dollars to DeSousa’s guardian? And KU did not smell the eventual trap? It’s either GEE WHIZ or YIKES! Has my confident fandom followed a course of ignorance? Or just stupidity?

  • For a decade our friend jaybate has consistently, insistently, incessantly brayed, “BEWARE BIG SHOE!” And now, here we are.

  • @REHawk

    What I want to know… and what I have asked before:

    Did our athletic department and coaches know about Billy Preston’s nice car before his “accident?”

    And, if not, WHY not?

    And, if so, why weren’t they investigating how this kid could swing a car of that value?

    Personally, I can’t believe our staff didn’t know of Billy’s car. I see corruption in our staff from this. Either they knew and kept it secret, or they didn’t know but was at fault for not keeping watch over this representative of KU (Billy). Both of these examples show corruption as how I define corruption.

  • Is a used Dodge Charger a nice car??

  • @Woodrow lol

  • @drgnslayr didn’t the car have a 30 day tag on it? Why would they spend all that money post preseason, if they knew ahead of time?

  • KU is not the problem. It’s not KU’s fault. KU is NOT even a victim. Hell, we’ve done nothing wrong at all. It’s the damn shoe whores at Adidas that has caused this mess. Hell, it’s not even Addas. It’s their stupid convict reps/execs or whatever they call them now days.

    KU is not the problem. It’s not KU’s fault. It took the freakin’ Federal Bureau of Investigations, an ad hoc committee, and the idiot NCAA el presidente Emerts to create this fire storm. Emerts has been exposed and the NCAA has been proven to be incompetent. Now they are pointing fingers at the school presidents, coaches, and endorsers. This is rich. They are basically proven incompetent, and they blame. They found SDS eligible. They allowed him to enroll. Now they want to make KU look like a bad guy?

    This should’ve been done a LONG time ago. How about they be sure to investigate WWW? How about they look into the academics of schools and how they doctor grades to keep players eligible…see John Cali I’m a Cheater and his superstar Derrick Rose. Hell, it’s not just Cal and Rose, but every damn top bball school in the NCAA.

    If they even lift a finger against KU, the lawyers better take this crap to the highest courts. Who’s next?

  • Notice how Zona and Miller has been swept under the rug?

  • @Woodrow

    I think it is for a kid with nothing.

    I was under the impression the car wasn’t a clunker.

    It would be nice to see a photo of it or have the details.

  • truehawk93 said:

    If they even lift a finger against KU, the lawyers better take this crap to the highest courts. Who’s next?

    Now you have the right attitude. The NCAA backs down when they know they will face a tough legal battle. This is where KU screwed up royally on the Askew probation. We bent over and took it when we should have challenged them.

    Our position today is very different from the coaching days of Larry in Lawrence. We have THE compliance program hailed by the NCAA and most universities. It’s a model program used to bring other institutions into compliance.

    Do you think the NCAA wants to tarnish that? I don’t think so… but I also think they are nervous that Kansas isn’t the easy target any longer. For one big reason… our athletic program is a multi-billion dollar generator (indirectly). Read the financial article over on KUSports. That talks about the operational revenues only. The big money is “donors”… either through specific fundraising projects or in endowments. Anyone in here have the latest figure on KU endowments? I know it is a multi-billion dollar program.

    Sports are THE major tool used in all fundraising… especially in endowments.

    I laughed when I read about Kansas running a $17 million deficit in 2017 in athletics. Ha… This only relates to the annual operational fees and the goal of the athletic department is to spend as much as they can get their hands on. Their goal is to win, and money helps get us there. It’s quite possible for us to win NCs in both basketball and football in the same year and still post a deficit.

    I know we are in the middle of a huge gamble on football.

  • @drgnslayr

    The Askew issue is what we were told at the time led to the NCAA sanctions. In the last couple of years we have learnt that there were a lot more serious issues that we did not know and KU was on the verge of being handed the death penalty. Apparently KU got awy with the proverbial slap on the wrist and this is why I prefer Larry Brown stays away.

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    From what I understand the KU Basketball program competes quite well with most Football programs across the country. In fact it does better than the KSU football program and Yes even the mighty MU Football program.

    Now if KU can just get the football program up and running? KU becomes a must have if the Big 12 ever implodes.

  • @DoubleDD

    I like your optimism. We can all use some optimism about now… in any area.

    I don’t know why we can’t rebuild our program and become a respectable team and possibly even a powerhouse team?

    We could be in a worse football conference!

    The renovation project is needed. It’s necessary to have a chance to compete. Just hiring a good coach won’t do it for our program. And the fans know it. Hard to believe it was just 10 years ago when we were playing in the Orange Bowl and was one loss away from possibly being crowned national champions.

    There was a lesson in all of that. And fans have good memories. They know that a good situation or two isn’t going to put Kansas on the football map.

    Actually… we have the opportunity now to do what KSU did years ago. They made their move a long time ago and their program was every bit as run down as ours is now. We actually have the chance that their program declines while ours rises… and there is no reason why we shouldn’t pass up the purple kitties.

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