Evolution? Maybe something will come of this?

  • James Sosinski said in an interview back on 12/19/17 that there is a huge difference between basketball and football conditioning. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=james+sosinski&&view=detail&mid=742E94866FEAF9F89E56742E94866FEAF9F89E56&&FORM=VRDGAR

    How much, if any improvement does Sosinski see on the field this upcoming football season? Does KU football take a new approach on their conditioning if Sosinski makes huge gains on the field? It will be interesting to see if anything comes of this?

  • @Statmachine Don’t know if you saw this but you are right: Sosinski seems to have benefited muchly.


  • Thanks for posting that! I am encouraged about his progress. Changing a culture is a hard thing to do BUT imagine if his winning attitude and hard work rubs off on his counterparts on the field? Can he carry his basketball work ethic to the football field? If so do others follow? Does the football coaching staff make conditioning changes based off one individuals improvement? Only time will tell?

  • Makes sense. Everything associated with kufball is crap so why not the conditioning too.

  • “He’s a great athlete and I think he’s gonna help us a lot on the football field,” Dineen said. “And it was good to finally see him again.” KU quarterbacks hit Sosinski for a completion twice on his first day back, and Beaty said the big target from Chandler, Ariz., didn’t get tackled on either. “People fell off of him,” the fourth-year KU coach related. “So we’re obviously really excited to have him back with us.”

    That’s a statement!

  • @Statmachine I’ll preface this by saying I do not follow football. Not even pro ball. But, I read that deal on Sozinski breaking up tackles and how much better he is after basketball conditioning.
    It seems to me that the KU football team HAS to change the way they do things. They have to. I mean, they are the worst team in division 1 ball out of the power 5 schools. Hell, there are more mid major teams out there that would kick KU’s ass than not. They have to change how they do things. They absolutely should pull inspiration and techniques from KU basketball. 100%

  • @Lulufulu @Statmachine

    Maybe, for extra incentive and to get some semblance of pride, they should make everyone on the football team try out to be walkons. Anyone wonder if Sosinski, when asked by a new acquaintance if he plays sports, says, “Yeah, I have a scholarship playing tight end for the hopeless, hapless and helpless KU football team!”

    Or, “Hell yes! Play basketball for the KU Jayhawks! We went to the Final 4 this year–You might have seen me score our last basket. Man, was that fun!”

  • Rico Gathers was a basketball standout for Baylor, Tony Gonzalez played basketball during college before entering the NFL. Maybe KU’s football team needs more than Gatorade to put a winning season together?

  • I am ready for Sosinski to come back out and play for the basketball team again next season!!!

    Sosinski was good luck for us and we need more of that. He was a also apparently a load at practice that got our bigs used to some contact.

    Bill, bring him back!!!

    KU has had few guys that didn’t play a lick their first season, even two, and then came back contributed big time.

    Rock Chalk, Sweet Baby James!!!

  • @jaybate-1.0 If he wants to, I’d be all for it. Might not need the big practice body next season though. Should be stocked more to normal Self standards.

  • Yea I hope he gets the chance. I’m not sure he will though if he is an integral part of the team this year. I think he should after his senior football season is over though. If Bill lets him of course. And he wants to as well.

    I would bet he has been throwing ladies back ever since he got on the basketball team… Would definitely be an incentive for me haha

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