• http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/23218733/philadelphia-sixers-star-joel-embiid-even-better-nba-player-people-think

    Seems this writer thinks Embiid is better than wonder boy ROY candidate (can’t remember his name). I enjoy watching Joel more than any player in recent memory and am glad the numbers bear out his dominance. If he could cut down on tournovers he’d be nearly unstoppable.

  • He is without a doubt one of the best bigs in the league. I made a post in some thread I forget exactly where and stats show he is already a top 5 post player easily. Top three IMO.

  • @dylans

    Nice article and interesting numbers. When comparing starting 5 +/- numbers he has the current 76ers as tops with a net +21.4 and the ‘16-‘17 Warriors second at a net +20; however, according to the numbers he shows, the net +/- for the Warriors should be +24 and not +20 placing them ahead of the 76ers.

  • Joel was a beast in Game 3: Team high 23 pts. in 30 minutes. He is intense. Finally, the Sixers are competitive.

  • Mercy pretty bad when you have a guy from the opposing team trying to destroy your mask by stepping on them when they are on the court and then trying to split them lol. - -JO JO said what he didn’t know was that JO JO said he had like 50 pair of those lol-sure he was kidding abit but still I’m quite sure he has multiple pair. - - For his 1st game back - - 23 points - - 7 rebounds - - 4 assists - and 3 blocks - -not to shabby. The guy is an absolute animal - love it

  • This is by far my favorite highlight from any sport maybe of the entire decade!

  • @wissox Damm I love this guy - -lol- -that’s our JO JO - telling him don’t be bringing that in here and then classic flop lol - -like that little gnat gonna knock JO Jo - that’s our JO Jo. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Well, Jo Jo and the sixers - - advance. - either the Celtics - - or the Bucks. - - Jo Jo solid 19 points - -12 rebounds and a block - trust the process. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @wissox It sounds like the 76ers currently have a ton of cap space. Maybe they can add LeBron, Paul George or another star. Short term they could be scary. I hope long term they can keep the core together, but they need one more star or at least a couple more shooters.

  • @dylans I think actually them getting Lebron actually isn’t that far of a reach. - - -could you imagine? - - your right possibly just that one piece. - Could you imagine LeBron playing with Simmons and Jo Jo - and throw in Fultz? - - -WHOAAAAAA

  • @jayballer73 that would be fun to watch! 3 dynamic players.

  • I’d rather see them build their own team with Joel and Simmons as the leaders.

  • http://a2.espncdn.com/combiner/i?img=%2Fphoto%2F2018%2F0226%2Fr333484_1280x720_16-9.jpg&w=1140&cquality=40

  • I would rather see Philly grow without him but Embiid and Simmons both want him.

  • @wissox Sure that would be nice, but they need another piece or two to compete with GS and Houston. I’m afraid Free Agency the way it is today doesn’t allow for a 100% drafted team to be able to compete with the super teams. My advantage is I have no chips in the game, so whatever happens, happens.

  • Is LeBron the 4th or 5th best NBA team by himself?

  • @dylans

    I think Lebron could carry a group of us bucketeers to a 30 win season in the NBA. Give him a group of actual NBA players, and he is a playoff team.

  • Lebron is 33 years old and considering he did not attend college, he has a lot of miles in the NBA. He is still currently one of the better if not the best player but he is now moving to the downside of his career and will start slowing down. He is probably one monster 3-5 year contract away from retirement. He could be the player that puts a contender over the top but probably not one you can use to build a long term program; still too much ego to be anything but the top dog.

  • @dylans And Golden State added a little something in FA, too, named Durant.

  • If anyone can find me seven players better than Lebron right now, I will eat the socks I am currently wearing. Lebron may be slowing down, and no, I wouldn’t build a team around him because he’s not going to play 10 more years, but if I were trying to win a title this year, next year or in 2020, and he were available, I would add him in a heartbeat. It’s easy to build a team around Lebron because he’s good at every single basketball skill. You don’t have to pair him with specific kinds of players - you have to put Steph Curry, for instance, with good rebounders and defenders because he’s not strong in those areas. Same with James Harden. With Lebron, if you need him to play center, he could probably do that. If you needed him to play PG, he basically already does that.

    I agree with @JayHawkFanToo that Lebron is slowing down, but his versatility means that he will have a more gentle decline, moving first to playing a stretch 4 type with elite ball handling and passing, then eventually to a small ball 5. So even if he only has 2-3 more years in his current role, he can probably play 2-3 years after that as a stretch 4/small ball 5 (barring injury). That means he likely plays until he’s close to 40, maybe even beyond if he remains as healthy as he has over his career.

    Because he is an elite passer and ball handler, he can still be the focal point on offense even as his offensive skills begin to decline to basically being a post up/ spot up guy. Lebron could put on 20 more pounds and turn into late career Charles Barkley or Karl Malone, and those are two ALL TIME GREATS.

  • The Pacers were pretty much better than the Cavs, but LEBRON. He more or less won game 7 by himself. Best Raptors team yet with the best bench in the NBA. Leading all game. LEBRON wins in Toronto with an inferior team…

    If you put him on this Sixers roster with Simmons, Embiid, Saric and Fultz assuming he can get it together and that’s a very very good team. I’m not sure what all the contract situations are like but ideally they would keep Redick and Covington too. Everyone else on the roster is pretty disposable.

  • @justanotherfan

    I believe we agree except in one thing, you cannot built a team around Lebron, he would build the team himself with the players Lebron wants and will get rid of the players Lebron does not like, as he has done every year.

  • Kawhi Leonard might be a better fit with Embiid and Simmons. It doesn’t look like he’s interested in playing for Pop anymore.

  • @dylans

    I wondered what happened between them, there appears to be no love lost between them. Maybe he got tired of Pops constant political comments which apparently has annoyed a lot of San Antonio fans as well.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Stephen A. Smith thinks its Kawhi’s uncle angling for more advertising money. He (S.A.S.) feels Kawhi would be better suited in a smaller city due to his personality.


  • @JayHawkFanToo


    Not sure where you got your info? Would guess it’s your opinion.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Geez, that’s a book! Cliff notes version, It’s the uncle.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    There is no question that there is huge divide between Leonard and the Spurs. If you saw interviews with Pops about you would have seen how frustrated he is with Leonard’s group/uncle taking over his health care from the Spurs and keeping the team in the dark and it is apparent Pops feels Leonard is/was ready to play but basically decided to sit out the season at great cost to the team; the article you cited says exactly that.

    The million dollar question is what created that rift…

    My comment was never presented as fact but just as that, a comment/opinion on my part and which is what this forum is for and it was based on several stories on various mainline sports publications (including ESPN) on fans being turned off by Pops constant (and negative) comments about politics, which much like those of football players on company time, most fans prefer they are kept out of sports; it is not a stretch to think that players could feel the same way. If you have a better theory I would like to hear it.

  • Tired of the grind of playing for Pop. Wants to be paid and endorsed like a top 3 star.

    Shoe deals:

    Jordan 110 million

    Durrant 25 million

    Curry 16 million

    Rose 11 million

    Leonard 5 million

  • But he doesn’t realize his personality is the issue. He’s too introverted to pull the major endorsement money especially if he’s not playing.

  • @JayHawkFanToo that’s what I posted. Not my opinion.

  • Jo Jo and the boys gotta get it done today. - - Come on guys get it done

  • OMG – -did JO JO just posterize Baines - - - -ummm - - - -ummm - - - ummm MERCY

  • So disappointed in the Sixers in this series. Have absolutely laid a egg. Simmons has been garbage.

  • @Woodrow

    Sixers should have won the game but kept giving it away.

  • JO . JO doing his part I mean like Saturday he had a 20 - plus point game— & like right at 20 if not more in rebounds - -averaging close to 20 for the series in scoring - -just needs more help.

    Rozier has just been killing the sixers in the series. In quite honesty just a bad matchup with him it looks like - -Then Tatum been doing a number - - hell as far as that goes Horford even doing damage. - - I think the boys season is done

  • Doesn’t look good for the 76ers future if they can’t beet the Celtics this year. The Celtics return Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward next season. If Philly wants to compete they better sign another superstar.

  • @dylans

    Fultz was supposed to be the answer but he ended up doing the usual one year wait because of injury.

  • dylans said:

    Doesn’t look good for the 76ers future if they can’t beet the Celtics this year. The Celtics return Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward next season. If Philly wants to compete they better sign another superstar.

    Like Lebron? - -have heard some rumblings possibly

  • alt text

  • You know I love JO JO. - - tell you what he is a stir stick though lol , always instigating , you know for sure he will be the fan favorite in Bean town for the next game lol. -Quite the talker. Got into it a little bit with Marcus good to see BOTH former KU guys doing well.

    Now having said that again I’m all for JO JO but I think Marcus response pretty well said it all. - -Straight to the point. - At the time 3-0. as Much as I like JO JO’S - -antics- plays to the fans - I think in a series like this-he needs maybe a little less smack - -and just let his game do his talking for him , let those others talk that - -I don’t really think Boston has any ONE that can check him - JO J0 just do your thing man.

    I do think it was pretty funny how Rozier tried to mix it up - -JO JO says to bad he is to short to reach my face lol. Bottom line I think all last night did was to extend the inevitable - no way Philly beats Boston 4 games in a row

  • OK JO JO it’s game time - - -boys better bring it, the Boston fans gonna be ridin you hard JO JO for the scuffles - -time to do this

  • The Process is on schedule. I was just hoping for more!

  • @dylans The sixers actually blew this game I think - -they had it - -just costly turnovers - -bad shots at the wrong times - and let’s be honest JO JO made his share- - I mean he IS NOT the guy you want shooting a 3 in a crucial stretch of the game - love the guy to death but he had plenty of TO’s in this series.

    Yet he by far was not the reason they lost this series. I think there was just at times some bad match ups. -Rozier - - -Horford - - & Tatum just killed them.

    One thing I really have noticed while watching , JUMPIN - -GEE - - HOSSIE - -TOADS the NBA is SO DAM PHYSICAL. - I mean didn’t matter either and both team just practically mauled who was trying to defend in certain situations. - Including JO Jo I mean this big guys get the ball lower a should just keep bowling the defender backwards closer until they got the position they wanted - -I mean just brutal big big difference between the physicality between College and the NBA

  • @jayballer73 Unless Simmons gets a jump shot from further than 8 feet, 76ers will not be able to capitalize on their talent. Too gaping a hole in his game.

  • Joel Embiids GF is a smoke show.

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