Probably Going to Move On From Zach Harvey

  • Good thing we have other guard/wing targets in 2019. Gimme Sam Williamson any day please.

  • I hate these cases. Sounds like his girlfriend just sent him a nude photo, he kept it, and now it’s child porn. I know it’s the law, but I feel for the kid.

  • @FarmerJayhawk That is kind of stupid if that’s all it is.

  • @BShark for sure. Good thing smart phones weren’t around when I was that age, or this kind of thing would’ve gotten us all busted. Guessing he’ll plead it down significantly.

  • Sounds like malpractice from the prosecutor as well. He was charged last year but there haven’t been any proceedings so far.

  • @FarmerJayhawk dumb kids! So important to teach our kids, guys and gals.

  • 🙄

    Wow…half the 14-16 yr olds in America would be charged with the same crime. I’m all for some type of discipline, but this is a little over the top. I don’t condone, but someone got over zealous on this one.

  • Something similar going on here with the girl down the street in trouble for sending a picture of herself to her boyfriend. Dumb kids. Just like we would’ve been (no matter the era).

    Something funny I read - A family was going thru pictures after g-ma passed. Her granddaughter found a neatly bound box containing an envelope with a few pictures in it. She carefully opened the envelope and promptly busted a gut laughing. It was nudes of her great-great grandmother, but not classy stuff. Really depraved images for even today. Apparently she was trying to coax her husband to come back from his girlfriend by getting these pictures taken professionally. (I don’t know if it worked)

  • I wouldn’t move on from him. Seems like dumb kid things and that it could happen to any kid under 18 years old in today’s world. I just don’t understand the logic behind these cases. How is a 16 year old with another picture of a 16 year old a felony? Especially if the 16 year old girl sent the picture of her own free will.

    If this same thing happened two years from now, not a crime.

    Absolutely goes against all logic.

  • @Kcmatt7 shes 15

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Same difference. a 16 year old with a 15 year old isn’t something abnormal. We aren’t talking a 16 year old with an 8 year old.

    This is defying common sense. 15 year olds have been taking pictures of themselves and giving them to 16 year olds since the invention of the camera.

  • I was just talking legally

  • I agree with the title to the thread. - I think your going to see KU back off of Zach. - Don’t care with how you want to color it about this -right - -wrong 0r otherwise - -I just have this feel that the KU staff doesn’t want any more distractions whether legit or not about players have had their fill of these in recent years,

    The Josh Jackson kicking the car - -& Vick and him and the girl - - The whole Billy Preston scenario - - The Carlton Bragg ordeal - - -Alexanders thing - I just again not saying for sure anything to this at all just saying I’d be willing to bet they back off Zach really quick - and it won’t be just us. - It’s not like we HAVE to land Zach - - with Jacobs coming in the same year - it’s not a do or die situation - just a matter of a kid making not so good of decisions - -now if it is the case -OR not the case and a girl just sent a picture --there now is still consequences that’s gonna be paid. - - - If they do back of -we will be fine. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73 I don’t disagree. The nice thing about the class is there’s A LOT of perimeter talent KU is in a good spot with. Look for KU to really turn up the heat on Cassius Stanley this summer if they aren’t comfortable with Harvey’s situation.

    Quick rundown on Stanley: elite, elite athlete out of LA. Going to be hard to get him to leave town. But he’s also skilled for an athlete of his caliber, and big at 6’5. Has a good enough handle to play the 2 at KU, and has legitimate playmaking ability. Jumper is a work in progress, but has one of the highest ceilings of any guard in the 19 class.

  • @FarmerJayhawk Let’s go get him - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73 no doubt he’s better than Harvey. He can guard 1-3 so we can get him if Grimes is a OAD. If not, it’ll be Dotson, Grimes, Garrett.

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