Listening to K-State Alums in the next booth.

  • I went out for breakfast in Jo-Co this morning and was seated next to a booth that contained two men my age that were also retired teachers. Many similarities, except they were K-State fans.

    What I listened to was unbridled happiness that seemed permeate their conversation about last night’s game. Their joy was imbued with real expectations of being in the Final Four next week as they prepare for Loyola of Chicago in their next game.

    Before I got up to leave, I congratulated them and told them that they had a gritty, defensive team. They found out that I was a Jayhawk and wished me luck. They also felt that the other two Big 12 schools were going to win.

    Sorry, but I felt happy for these two men my age. I know, I’m the one who put the Liberace photo’s on our site. I’m the one who put the slum pics. of Manhattan on my opponent previews.

    Rock Chalk.

  • I’m fine with KSU making the final four as long as KU does too. If they make it and we don’t, all that congeniality you felt with those wildcats will evaporate on the spot. We will never hear the end of it. So many videos will be made. Their will be multiple official t-shirts that will be worn to every KSU game by their fans, even when KSU isn’t playing KU. Missouri fans will buy them and wear them around for some strange reason. And the signs… Game day will inevitably be in Manhattan next year and all of the signs will say FINAL FOURS SINCE 2018: KSU 1 KU 0 (they won’t be smart enough go back to the last time we were in a final four to make the sign better). They will label us chokers. They will say we get all the calls even though so many of us noticed how they got jobbed all game last night.

    I’ll be happy for them after we win tonight.

  • Beyond the nature of being a fan, there is a greater place for human kindness.

  • @benshawks08 I felt the same way at first, but then a buddy pointed out that if Weber makes the Final 4, his job is safe for life.

    So we need to take the long view, and hope K-State wins tomorrow regardless of how KU does tonight. Because then we can kick Weber’s butt for years to come.

    A mediocre coach who is so easy to ridicule is the best we could hope for in our in-state rivals.

    An Illinois coach who wins goes to KU. An Illinois coach who loses goes to K-State. That never gets old.

    So while I’m happy for K-State fans in the short term, I’m happier for us in the long term.

  • I think I’d enjoy beating KSU for a 4th time this year.

  • Seeing K-State win, and perhaps go to the Final Four should forever put to bed the concept of trading in conference championships, high rankings, and good but not great tourney runs for a berth in the Final Four.

  • My so-called KSU friends admitted to me, they are happier w/KU loss than a KSU win. No💩.

  • The trouble is that most KSU fans I know are terrible fans, most wanted Weber gone after last year. They are so arrogant it’s hard to fathom, how does a team with 3 conference titles in the last 100 years and 9 bowl wins claim to be a national power in football? If they make the FF we won’t stop hearing about it as long as we are on this earth. I would say that I’m happy for the state and the kansas kids on their roster as well as the other guys that have earned the chance to win Saturday.

  • I know a fairly decent number of KSU fans (close to my age) and most are not that different than KU fans and they would be cheering for KU if it advances farther than KSU. Perhaps the older fans are more reasonable than the younger ones or current students?

    I understand that a good number of fans that fill Bramlage are idiots but again, most KSU fans I know have as much problem with them as we do and they really dislike the F KU chant that they consider to be an embarrassment to the school.

  • @wrwlumpy

    I’m supporting the purple kitties all the way this year (unless we face them).

    I’m supporting all the Big 12 teams.

    It would be outrageously great for our conference if we put 4 teams in the Elite Eight!

    I know we clown about Weber… but the guy is a pretty dang good coach. He just can’t recruit.

    I wish we played that hard on defense!

  • @benshawks08

    All good fodder for creating a chip with our guys…

    No team in the Big 12 has squat on Kansas. All those that try to get under your skin do so because you and Kansas get under theirs. That’s all you have to remember.

    They aren’t worth getting upset over. Laugh WITH them when they make fun of Kansas! Ha… you can’t take them as a serious threat to anything, except maybe themselves!

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    My so-called KSU friends admitted to me, they are happier w/KU loss than a KSU win. No💩.

    Very sad.

  • @wrwlumpy I’m ok with most KSU fans - except the students. And the ones that are 22-40. And the ones who are farmers. And the ones who are loudmouthed jerks. And the ones who are over 40.

    Other than that - their other 6 fans are ok.

    Seriously though - you know what the difference between KU & K-State is ? Assuming we get to the Elite Eight this year and then both of us lose our next games -

    It will have been an INCREDIBLE year for K-State. One of their best in recent memory.

    It will he a huge disappointment for a KU Program that usually has Final Four potential.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 That’s because K-State fans are inbred to be losers so they’re used to (and happy with) losing.

  • KSU envies KU because they want to believe they have an elite football program, but they really don’t have that on the national level.

    I remember seeing a friend wearing a “Decade of Dominance” t-shirt for KSU football once. I asked him (honestly, not trying to be a jerk) what decade it was. He said it was 1992 (or maybe 1993) to 2001 (or 2002). I looked at him and asked “What did you guys dominate?”(at that point, I was being facetious). He said something about going to bowls every year during that period.

    That’s KSU’s definition of dominance. Winning more than half their games and going to the postseason. Not even being a national contender every year. Just making the postseason.

    So I am happy for them that they are having the ride of their lives. Whether KU makes it to the Final Four or not, I wish KSU well. This is as good as it gets for them.

    They will probably never win a title in football because that’s not really Snyder’s goal. This is, without question, the best shot they have at winning a basketball title, with only Loyola, a couple of football schools and quite possibly a conference opponent between them and the national championship (KSU was 0-7 against Tech, WVU and KU this year, but its awfully tough to beat a team three times, let alone four). It’s not likely that KSU will have a better shot than this next year, even if their team is better. Maybe they get a six seed, or even a four or five. What’s the chance the road clears like this again next year?

    This is the best chance, maybe of a lifetime, for KSU to get a national title. For KU, regardless of what happens in a few hours in Omaha, chances are that KU will be better next year, and will probably have a better shot at winning a title next season. But either way, here we are. RCJH. Go KU.

  • On the KSU game last night l really enjoyed Webber’s analysis of the game. Never acted like he had a preference for teams but was brilliant with his input on what each team needed to do.When he saw a missed call he pointed it out.

  • @justanotherfan if I could like your post 100 times I would, spot on as usual brother.

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