Todays games

  • Chat here. Getting interesting already.

  • Pulling for Big10 and Big12 today and against ACC, SEC and everyone else! I’d like to pull against the PAC12, the conference of champions, but well, you know, we can’t.

  • Even though my heart says pull for the purple kitties, I do think it’d be kind of funny to see them lose to umbc. And it would be seriously cool to see a 16 seed in the sweet 16.

  • Carson Edwards looks like he’s wearing work boots. Right now he’s playing like he’s wearing work boots.

  • Purdue about to win the state championship. West Virginia playing in a state championship game today.

  • I’m calling the nasty Syracuse upset. 🤪

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Ohh, ouch, I hate to see Syracuse advance more than any team out there to be honest. But MSU’s seriously major black eyes this season almost makes me want to pull for cuse. But I just can’t. Syracuse will be allowed to play their usually mugging defense with impunity by the striped arbiters. Ugh, I hate that team. Go spartans.

    But right now it’s about 60 and sunny, so I must go enjoy it with a run! Someone keep this thing going!

  • @wissox I’m thinking down the road

  • Go MSU.

  • And Scott Drew lost again, ending Baylor’s 49-game home winning streak against unranked nonconference foes which came to a heartbreaking end.

    Mississippi State shot 13 of 22 (59.1 percent) from beyond the arc while Baylor went 3 of 12.

    Key play After Manu Lecomte put Baylor ahead 77-75 with 5.2 seconds remaining, Weatherspoon silenced the Ferrell Center with a buzzer-beating 3-pointer to clinch Mississippi State’s first 24-win season since 2010

  • Syracuse, which mauls people all day long has twice as many FT’s as MSU.

  • wissox said:

    Syracuse, which mauls people all day long has twice as many FT’s as MSU.

    Syracuse is 100% still a big east team at heart.

  • @wissox Ask Fran if that’s fair.

  • I read earlier today that UMBC filed for trademark on its 16 vs 1 win.

  • Don’t they have a to?

  • @Buster-1926 Replays the last 3 days have ruined a few great games. Almost makes the sport unwatchable honestly. It shouldn’t come down to calls at the end of a game. Honestly, it probably messes with the evening out of calls that would happen over time.

  • Bridges coming back?

  • Tough draw for MSU. Facing a zone like that on short prep time sucks. Now I’m just hoping Cuse wrecks Duke. I feel very confident we can dismantle the Cuse zone better than we can handle the Duke size.

  • @Kcmatt7 exactly what I was thinking

  • Buster 1926 said:

    Lord these replays are awfully long. Bridges look 👀 ing for a foul to go with Mom’s free lunch 🥙 LOL

    Well…I mean…the Syracuse player literally slapped his arm. Refs really favored Syracuse in this game.

  • That said MSU missed their last 1 million shots and absolutely lost the game all on their own.

  • Izzo needs to take care of his problems now

  • Big 10 only has 1 team going Sweet 16. Was really close to none.

  • AT least Self knows for sure he will be facing a zone in the second game. If they make it.

  • @BShark And got a jump ball on a clear foul and a turnover on what would be called a foul at the end of the games 99% of the time…

    Cuse is a mediocre team and MSU just proved again how down the Big 10 was this year.

  • Some ugly shooting by both teams

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    @BShark And got a jump ball on a clear foul and a turnover on what would be called a foul at the end of the games 99% of the time…

    Cuse is a mediocre team and MSU just proved again how down the Big 10 was this year.

    Yeah, I was wrong about MSU this year. Overrated. Ultimately I don’t think this game matters one bit. Duke isn’t losing.

  • @Buster-1926 I can’t stand Izzo or Boeheim. Bright side from this game is one had to lose.

  • @BShark I honestly think Cuse has a better shot than MSU would have.

    MSU never clicked as a team this season. Too many individuals trying to make plays instead of moving the ball. Glad to see Izzo lose though. Slimeball.

  • Anyone rooting for Roy or not?

  • @Kcmatt7 I would 100% welcome playing Syracuse again over Duke.

  • @RockChalkinTexas More like rooting against the ACC.

    I like Roy. Just don’t want to see a 2 ACC team FF.

  • And we beat A and M

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Agreed. But they were a different team when we played them. They have to contain Berry.

  • There were fouls all over by both teams that weren’t called. Battle got mauled on that first turnover. If you see favoritism it is because you want to.

  • @BShark I mean, I agree that I don’t think it happens lol. But Duke is crushing any M2M teams. At least Cuse can force them to work for a basket.

    Bill has to be thinking about Duke already though. I’m sure he has a gameplan of some sort. Junk D. Zone. Something.

  • @Kcmatt7 Kidnap Bagley before the game.

  • I think Doke will be lucky to play 20 minutes before fouling out if we end up playing Duke. It will take a special effort from Vick, Newman and Svi going ballz to the wallz rebounding. Also, a great job from Vick in the middle of the zone.

    Optimistically speaking, if there is any team in CBB that could shoot Duke out of that zone, I’d think it would be us.

  • MSU fans have turned on Bridges. Their message board is a dark place rn and I love it.

  • Kansas, Duke, Syracuse. 95% of sports journalists in America are headed to Omaha.

  • Wins vs tournament teams this yr

    KU: 17

    MSU: 2

  • 25% shooting vs 35%, both teams deserved to lose.

    I hope KU is spending a portion of practice gettting ready for Duke. 70% winner of tonight’s game 30% Duke. Don’t need to waste any time on a potential ‘Cuse matchup, been there done that.

  • @BShark As long as K-State doesn’t go full choke job.

  • MSU board rn

    “Izzo can’t coach high end talent…”

    “I wish Izzo played Jackson more. I bet he is one of the last 5 stars he gets.”

    "This Staff is a Joke "


    2011- 1st round loss as a 10 seed after entering the year preseason #2. 2012- Sweet 16 loss as a 1 seed 2014- Elite 8 loss to an inferior team after everyone was picking us to win it all. 2016- 1st round loss to a 15 seed 2018- 2nd round loss to 11 seed in a de facto home game when it was National Championship or bust.

    Izzo better be thanking Trice every day for getting on his hot 4 game run or he would have nothing to show for in March since flirting with the NBA."

    "NBA talent and Iowa results. "

  • A&M taking it to UNC…

  • I’m conflicted on the A&M/UNC game. I have UNC in the title game in my bracket and still have all 4 Final Four teams left so I could make up a lot of points in later rounds, but my girlfriend is an A&M grad so I have reason to cheer the Argues.

    Since she’s not a big basketball fan, I’ll stick with UNC so I hopefully win some money and get her something nice.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Not thinking that life can be better when she is happy? From people’s comments here about how they react (punching walls, etc) when we have lost, I hope if your bracket holds that she has lower expectations of her team! Or watch out when you try to distract her by buying something shiny, such as a Jayhawk necklace…

  • Makes me happy. Follow my flawed logic. KU beat aTm who’s taking UNC to the woodshed currently. UNC is a team that doesn’t pass my eye test the little bit I’ve seen them play. UNC is also a team that just beat a Dook team that is playing the best ball of its season. ergo KU should beat Duke if they should be so fortunate to play them.

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