Looking Back To The 2013 Michigan Game

  • Michigan had 6 NBA draft picks on that team (5 still in the league) and Self had McLemore, Withey and some dudes.

    Did KU blow it? Absolutely, but it’s kind of unreal that it was almost a win.

  • @BShark Kansas was by far the better team that entire year though. Future NBA success isn’t necessarily indicative of how good a team/player was during any given year in college. Look at 2008 UCLA with Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook. Those two would crush anyone on the 2008 Kansas team but so it goes. College is diffenent.

  • Ugh, why would you do this??

  • Nightmares!!! Just another stark reminder that you DO NOT let the opponent shoot a three to tie you in the last few seconds of a game!!! You foul them as soon as they cross half court. DUH!

  • @bskeet Watching Michigan play Houston last night gave me flashbacks. Thankfully it was only my bracket taking a hit and not my team!

  • @kcmohawk I think you are underselling how much having pro players matter in the tournament. It’s a great equalizer. Teams can struggle for a lot of reasons but when you get to a format where it’s lose or go home it changes things. Lack of pro talent is why the Big 12 historically struggles in the tournament.

  • I think KU has four future pro players in the starting rotation. The one who is not a future pro player is the one everyone talks about and is possibly player of the year.

    I think this bodes well for flying below the radar and keeping the pressure off. Keep piling on the expectations to Duke and Mich St and others. We will have to beat a solid team next week, but that will put us in an epic dual in the Elite 8 for which we will likely be an underdog (yes, even as a #1) and will be able to play looser than usual.

  • @BShark The big 12 historically “struggles” in the tournament because they tend to have a bunch of teams with bad seeds (5 thru 10 seeds) who are expected to win, at most a single game. The only team who typically has a realistic expectation of a Final Four is Kansas.

  • So far the Big 12 doing really well with its 4 top teams advancing to the Sweet 16.

    • Big 12 - 4 teams, KU, TTU, WVU and KSU. 4 out of 10 or 40%
    • ACC - 4 teams, Duke, Clemson, Florida State and Syracuse. 4 out of 15 teams or 27%
    • SEC - 2 teams, UK, Texas A&M. 2 out of 14 teams or 14%
    • Big 10 - 2 teams, Purdue and Michigan. 2 out of 14 or 14%
    • Big East - 1 team, Villanova. 1 out of 10 or 10%
    • MVC - 1 team, Loyola. 1 out of 10 or 10%
    • MWC - 1 team, Nevada. 1 out of 11 or
    • WCC - 1 team, Gonzaga. 1 out of 10 or 10%

    KU will be the favorite over Clemson and TTU and Purdue are close but KSU and WVU will be underdogs to UK and Villanova. KU and TTU with good chance to advance and WVU style of play could disrupt Villanova enough to make it stumble. KSU could be a bad matchup for KU parucularly if Wade plays and an upset although not likely it is possible.

    So far the Big 12 has proven to be the strongest overall conference.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I could actually see all of those teams winning their game. They are at least favorable matchups on paper compared to what they could have been.

  • @kcmohawk other conferences have teams make sweet 16 runs all the time because they have talent. TAMU and Cuse are prime examples right now.

    Dare I bring up 1988? We won that tournament because we simply had the best player in CBB.

    High level talent matters in March. Very few FF teams don’t have at least 2 future NBA players on them.

  • All I could think about Saturday at the game as the Michigan fans were across the court from me, was the 2013 Michigan game. All of the sudden a 10 point lead was 3 in the final minute, I sweating a little there. We had the better team for 35+ plus minutes that game, EJ missed the front end of a 1 and 1, coupled with some silly turnovers while Burke hit a shot outta his ass to tie it.

  • @kjayhawks And we didn’t foul up 3. Minor detail. And we had no play to score after the three. Minor detail. And we had no play to score at the end of OT. Minor detail. This was a classic case of our coach NOT stepping up to the moment. Self has to step up to the moment just like he players. Our season may ride on it.

  • ugh the horror of remembering that game.

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