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  • Would you rather have Ollie and UConn’s last championship (2014) and subsequent fall into disgrace or Bill Self’s KU record (albeit, no F4s and no NCAA titles) during the same time period?

  • I don’t think that’s a fair question lol. Now I’d rather have Selfs record with us as it currently is than have one lucky year as Ollie has had at Uconn.

  • @kjayhawks The original question was no more fair–paraphrased: UConn’s several championships while occasionally missing the Dance or our single championship and the Streak? Many said that the question about the records of each school could not be asked without considering the other aspects of each program. Recent events, I would say, buttress that view.

  • @mayjay I would take UConns 4 NCs in the last 20 years over our conference streak and NCAA appearances streak but not over Ollie’s one title.

  • @kjayhawks But would you take it all, including this stuff?

  • For four NCs yes

  • @kjayhawks Even if it means a coach fired now, the team likely to be in turmoil, and a program that you can’t be consistently proud of and enjoy being competitive every year?

  • @mayjay big banner > little banner. We are still in a power conference so even if we had the last 20 years for them, we could get a sexy hire.

  • @mayjay I would not switch places with UConn. Especially in light of Ollie being given the boot. Coach Self is one of the best coaches EVER. KU is going to win another national title while Self is still coaching. Its just when. No way would I want to see KU go thru such embarrassment as UConn has been dealt.

  • If it weren’t for the VCU loss, this wouldn’t even be a question

  • @mayjay

    Apparently Ollie is a member of the University of Connecticut’s branch of the American Association of University Professors, so the union is now involved and it is bound to get ugly.

    A couple that are friends of mine are both graduates of UConn and they tell me all the time the would change recent program histories with KU without hesitation. Yes, they have those titles including the fluke one in 2014, but most every year they worry if they will even make to the dance while at KU the question is whether it will be #1 or #2 seed.They believe KU fans are spoiled by the program’s continuous success.

    I personally prefer the KU program as is over UConn.

  • We can have both. We can have the national record for consecutive tournament appearances, consecutive conference championships, and still win the national championship. The “would you give up our history for the bright shiny banner” question is irrelevant. Would we all LOVE to win a national championship? YES. Roy Williams made 4 Final Fours and won nothing. Zip. Nada. In 30 years, we’ve won it twice. I am more than ready for the next one. I want Malik Newman to do a Kemba Walker. I want De Sousa and Doke to pull a twin towers routine. I want Devonte to do a Mario Chalmers, and Svi to hit a shot like Sherron. I want Vick to do a Brandon Rush imitation, and Garrett to give us some Russ Rob. I want Lightfoot to pretend he is Cole Aldrich, and give us 12 great minutes against some overhyped ACC opponent.

    The other day, a friend of mine who is a Gonzaga fan ( yes, they have fans ), was crowing that they had made the NCAA tourney for the 20th consecutive time. I told him big whoop.

    I don’t want to be anybody but Kansas. I remember a time when they said Roy couldn’t win the big one. I remember when Coach K went through a real dry spell. Our time will come. There will be a time when the entire college basketball world will all want us to lose because we’re just too good. Once Bill overcomes the Elite 8, and he will, we’re going to win multiple national titles.


    Very nicely put. Spoken like a true a Jayhawk fan.

  • @KUSTEVE boom

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