I keep screwing up.

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  • Based on that pic, I think Bamba could dunk on a 12 foot goal. Good Lord!!!

  • D’Tae! POY: D’Tay Newcomer: Malik Co-Coach: Self and Beard

  • 1st Team: Graham Evans Young Carter Wade 2nd Team Bamba Svi Brown Williams LeComte 3rd team Konate Brodziansky Azubuike Carroll Acuil

  • Trae Young is Big 12 Freshman of the Year Malik Newman is Big 12 Newcomer of the Year Jevon Carter is Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year

  • @Fightsongwriter KU actually played some games against KSU in the 50s that were on an experimental 12 foot goal and further on the court, but Bamba could dunk on a 12 foot goal.

  • @kjayhawks Interesting, I had never heard that.

    on another note, there is still people saying Young will be POY. how could young be nat POY if he is not the best player in his conf? that stuff makes me sick.

  • @Fightsongwriter Its a weird year because no one has cemented themselves into that award. Wouldnt surprise me if about 5 or 6 guys are in the conversation.

  • @Fightsongwriter

    That Bamba picture explains why everyone in the NBA is excited about his potential. He almost has his shoulder above the rim, and his arm is at least two feet above the rim. He’s blocked shots this year I didn’t think any human could actually get to. With a little bit of work on timing, footwork and positioning, he has the physical potential to be the best shot blocker in history.

  • Playing GM the best team I could assemble from the Big 12 today would be a starting five of:






    Coach Bill Self of course

  • I’d go Graham, Evans, Desmond Bane, Zhaire Smith, Doke.

  • @BeddieKU23 Taking O over D. Nice squad. The only easy choices for me were Graham and Evans.

  • dylans said:

    @BeddieKU23 Taking O over D. Nice squad. The only easy choices for me were Graham and Evans.

    Bane & Smith are excellent defenders from what I’ve seen this year.

    Bane because his FG% is ridiculous, is built like a football player and led the Big-12 in 3 pt %.

    Smith for being one of the Top 5 athletes in the country, having that versatility to play him in the 4 spot like Jackson last year and his non-stop motor to make plays.

    As good as Bamba is defensively and he is elite around the rim I think Doke would fit better with those 4. Bamba likes to roam the perimeter too much to show off for the Draft. Either Shaka misused talent again or it was Bamba.

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