2018 Spring Training

  • KC is 5-0, with a 3 run average differential per game. Soler has 3 HRs.

  • @mayjay

    What is this sport you speak of? In March no less? Blasphemy I tell you, blasphemy.

  • @mayjay this team is better than the “experts” are saying imo.

  • Spring training and early season baseball means nothing. I can’t stand watching, bunch of guys just half a**ing it. I went to a royals game a few years back early in the season and the place was 1/20 full and was boring as could be. Then I turn on sportscenter and highlights from another meaningless game with an empty stadium. That’s my biggest knock on the MLB, it doesn’t take a 160 games to determine who should be in the playoffs. August on baseball is fun to watch, you can actually see guys hustling and wanting to win. Just my opinion on the matter.

  • Spring training numbers are about as valuable as pro bowl numbers.

  • Royals beat White Sox ahhh 10-1 or 10-0? 12-1

  • Ned Yost was asked why Danny Duffy is starting opening day: “Just go back to the Twitters or Tweeties or wherever … “

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