Disclaimer: Two Items NOT Related to KU Basketball That Are Bugging the Heck Out of Me

  • In order of bug-ness to me:

    1. I was meditating on the couch last night (OK, I fell asleep) and woke up around 10:15 pm or so. I glanced at the TV and thought I had accidentally turned to the Sci-Fi Network or FearTv. Here’s this hideous, greasy, shiny foreheaded little troll that looked just like Gregg Marshall scowling at me telling me about something that Carlos O’Kelly’s is putting on and the Wichita State team, blah blah blah, but he wouldn’t be able to attend because he was going to be busy. (smirk, smirk, har har har)

    Was this a real commercial? I’ve been the Mad Googler today and I can find no reference to this stupid commercial. Anyone else seen this nasty thing or do I just write it off as bad pizza? Thank You.

    1. Equally as disturbing was the headline in my local paper this morning telling me that a local family had donated 60 MILLION dollareenies to our little buddies in M-Town. Really? I know these people. They are NOT that generous.

    At least not if you’re wearing a KU hat, KU T-shirt and KU socks. While you’re fishing on their land. Maybe without permission. So I’ve heard…ahem.

    All that aside, let’s not be outdone fellow 'Hawks. I see that we have 283 KU Buckets users. If we each contribute $212,014 we could match that 60 mil. I just got paid yesterday, paid bills today and I’ve got $18.37 left till next month if someone wanted to cover my portion this time. Something to think about…

    To paraphrase jaybate 1.0 - " Mostly fiction, no malice ".

  • @nuleafjhawk that’s a NIGHTMARE ! No doubt! He’s in mine too!!! You need to check out KU track from big 12 indoors today. Some good performances.

  • @nuleafjhawk LOL!!!

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Seriously, someone gave $60M to KSU?

    That’s an outrage.

    Did they make it on wheat subsidies and fracking?

    If so it should be divided equally among KU, KSU, and WSU. 🙂

    What would KSU do with $60M?

    Put gold plated roofs on XPERimental barns?

    Get Snyder a dozen disposable artificial hearts and eye ball transplants?

    Get interim head coach Weber a solid gold coffin to mock bury Frank Martin?

    Build a respectable arena instead of that goofy band box they call a crib?

    Build floating class rooms on Tuttle Creek?

    Fund a hazmat team to protect them from biological warfare agents being developed out there and stored in ag silos?

    Replace that cheap concrete KSU on the bluffs with even cheaper cinder block laid to spell out “Kansas State JUCO?”

    Bring in Justin Bieber for the Landon Lectures?

    Build a massive manure-to-biodiesel facility?

    What could KSU possibly do with $60M?

  • @nuleafjhawk I saw your commercial on kwch weather channel. Took a pic, but don’t know how to get it on here,

  • I like Greg Marshall til he open his mouth to talk.

  • Haven’t seen the commercial either but know one of the 60 mil family that was a KU kid. I guess he got out voted.

  • Took a pic, but don’t know how to get it on here

    @Crimsonorblue22 Save it on your desktop as a JPG and then drag and drop it into a comment window… It should work… IF that doesn’t work, ping me and I’ll help you through chat.

  • @bskeet I copy and pasted to your email off your website. Thanks!!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Got it! Now I see your point; what is he doing w/ Carlos o’Kellys?


  • @bskeet hope nuleaf is sitting down when he sees this!

  • @bskeet they are raising money for some organization.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Well, they certainly have gotten some great PR in the last week or so. If their current accomplishments can translate into funds for a good cause, I think that’s a noble and savvy move by Marshall and WSU.

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