• From a poster on the phog that would know. There was also stuff in this post about how he didn’t take the loan while playing at KU but this is separate and I found it interesting.

    “EJ is actually very sharp, kind, Coach level BBIQ and loves KU. He’s currently in Lawrence because he’s getting fucked over by his Euro team and has helped some current guys more than you’d think (on the court, media, normal frustrations in a season, helping teach them what Self wants, etc).”

    He was also apparently dead set on going pro with TRob but the injury kept him back.

  • EJ has been maligned by many for some reason. I thought he was amazing and I’m surprised he hasn’t had more impact in the overseas leagues. My favorite memories are his night in Ames where he just decimated ISU and the 2011-12 tournament run beating Purdue, UNC, and OSU in absolutely thrilling games.

  • “For most of his time at Kansas, Self has had pros in his starting lineup and younger ones on his bench, awaiting their turn. The culture was passed from one group to the next, and he could pick his spots to motivate. “A person like Malik wouldn’t have had to worry about Coach Self having to focus in on him,” former KU guard Elijah Johnson says. “Devonte’ was the only one comfortable enough to drive the car, and I don’t think people understand how difficult that can be. That’s a hard situation to be a part of. Coach had to fix all of that, man. He had to fix so much that people don’t even know about or don’t hit the surface, and that’s why I respect him more and more when I see him doing this stuff and giving people confidence to think they can do anything.””

  • @bskeet EJ, I’m sorry. I take this too seriously, which clouds my ability to see the great things you did for our program. I promise I will never mention Michigan ever again.

    • Jethro

  • @bskeet was lucky to catch EJ at the Portsmouth Invitational after his senior year. At that point I think he was healthy and his hops were rediculous. Super nice kid. We have a picture with him and the trophy (his team won it all).

  • He wants to coach.

  • jaybate 1.0 said:

    He wants to coach.

    I’d take him and Sherron on the staff. 🕶

  • @BShark Get them down with Dooley first and let him show them the ropes. He seemed to have done a good job with Miles before he took that G-League job.

    I do hope that whoever the next coach is seriously considers Miles on their next staff as an Assistant.

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  • Think ive seen him now in multiple crowd shots at our games. Would sure have loved his dick move in one of the WVU games…sometimes that is called for.

  • @Bwag He’s living in Lawrence right now.

  • FYI-- just a few days ago I heard Steve Kerr on the radio reference Aaron Miles with a compliment. Quote was something like “G-league isn’t what it used to be. Today players go there and get some experience and come back. Miles is doing a great job making players better…”

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