Svi and malik

  • I listened to David Lawrence interviewing them and having them interview each other. They were funny. Believe me they are good friends. Dave asked what Malik was thinking on the corner 3 that tied it up and he said said, Svi.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Thank you for the info. So much for the rumors that ran rampant about friction between them.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Don’t confuse the “narrative” with actual facts! Geez!

  • @mayjay

    It was on the Internet so it must be true… 😃

  • Or, sometimes, there is a distinct inability to follow a discussion point, or a purposeful attempt to misconstrue the discussion, or an unwillingness to simply consider possibilities. Instead, discussion points are viewed as threats, or a reason to lash out. The anger when @jaybate-1-0 initially suggested the possibility is laughable. It no different that the leftists on college campuses that don’t want debate, or anything that provokes thought. They want to shut it down. Same reaction here. Sometimes, when you challenge a thought process, you become smarter.

    With that said, what @Crimsonorblue22 said regarding what was heard on the radio is pretty important evidence to me. The conclusion is hers (“friends”) but I do think it adds information that, to date, we simply didn’t have.

  • “Winning solves everything.” ~Tiger Woods

  • Well, this is some really great news, isn’t it?

    I sure am glad everything is, and has been, A-OK with these fellas, because if it hadn’t been, here is what I might have woulda did had I been hypothetical coach in such a hypothetical situation.

    Hypothetically speaking, if I had a couple of important players that were not getting along, and it was spilling over into attitudes in games, and fans were even picking up on it, I believe i would spend some time pressing buttons to get them back cheerful like and on the same page. Coaches are still supposed to try to fix problems with team chemistry and interpersonal communications, aren’t they? Its not to 20th Century a concept is it? I reckon not, so if that didn’t work, and the problem was spreading to involve other players, then hypothetically speaking again I believe I might even have tried shaking up my starting roster as a coach of mine once did to a team I played on back in another century. I might even have kind of unfairly picked on one and not the other, oh, you know, I might have put one in a metaphorical toughening box and unfairly dissed on him a little, even a little in the media, in order to drive his teammates, including the one not getting along with him, to rally round him, because the bad old coach was uh bein’ unfair with the players. And, well, then when I felt the interpersonal conflicts subsiding (of course this is entirely hypothetical, because we know now that there weren’t ever any conflicts), well, I would kind of out of the blue just go back to the original line up without much explanation, and just say something like, oh, well, maybe that wasn’t the right direction after all. And then after all that, when I was confident the two players were getting along, well, then I reckon I would get them out in the media displaying their newly adjusted levels of camaraderie and affection to make sure any media and fan speculation would be let go of, so then we could all get on with the season no more questions asked. And if i could find some old feeds of them getting a long famously before the whole tempest in a teacup came up, I would get word out there about those feeds, too. Appearances count in the contemporary world of D1. Why I even hear that some times media consultants offer advice on how to manage dicey situations that come up from time to time. So: I would want to make sure the program was wearing a nice big happy face and all was well, so they we could get on with trying to win a 14th title.

    But again that’s just me and that just only something I would have thought to do, if there had been a actual hypothetical chemistry problem with the hypothetical team. I wouldn’t have thought to have did it, in this hypothetical case, if hypothetically speaking, there weren’t any hypothetical problem at all. Capice?

    But there wasn’t no chemistry problem in reality.

    In reality, ever thang was hunky dory.


  • And if I was imagining a big problem and someone provided startling evidence that tended to disprove it, I would likely present a new imaginary scenario in which that evidence was fake.

    Oops, this could seamlessly be transferred into another category…

  • Well, at least the cancer false narrative was better than the “Bill didn’t answer the FBI question as good as Roy so we have something to worry about” narrative. Newman did leave Svi hanging on a Hi5 right before they did a torso hi5 two minutes later.

  • IMHO… we all need to recognize that we are all “hyper Jayhawk fans.” What? You don’t think so? Why are all you in here reading and posting today when you should be working your job, playing with your kids, etc.? Therefore… most of us in here are victims of “hyper thinking.” I, for one, openly admit my guilt!

    So we hyper think about everything concerning Jayhawk basketball. So suddenly, our team has stepped out of bounds with our standards “norm” by being in 2nd place in the Big 12 race and falling out of the Top 10. So a fan like @HighEliteMajor introduces the idea that we may have a player feud going on. And I introduce the idea that we have a “green team” perhaps promoted by former Jayhawk BGreene.

    Hyper thinking by all of you helped us all address these possibilities. None of us know exactly the truth in any of this. But this is a forum to present ideas. And going off in these directions is healthy. It’s a lot better than just calling our players bad names when they screw up. That does nothing but prove the poster doesn’t have the mental capacity to post with any depth. And even worse is the possibility that we just have a kumbaya site… feeding fluff to players to build their egos so they never have to hustle or struggle to get ahead.

    Don’t worry y’all… I’m not about to go off on another one of my “chip” narratives! LOL

  • @drgnslayr Good thoughts, but you will never convince some of the whiners like @KUSTEVE that postulating, and discussing, and thinking is a worthwhile venture. Look at his silly post above. It’s literally like a child. I made a post about the two comments on the investigation, and it turns into his typical little passive-aggressive attack. Small minds.

  • @HighEliteMajor All he did was disagree with you by suggesting your inquiry was a stretch based on 2 comments. You are the one starting the attack.

  • If KU should, indeed, advance to the Final 4, I’d be willing to declare that yes, Svi and Malik are friendship buddies whose former body language some folks just misread. That said, if we lose this game tonight, those two had best enter into sports counseling and quickly iron out any grievances!

  • You know, lack of team chemistry can simply mean players aren’t focusing properly on how to play together as a team. It doesn’t have to mean they don’t like each other.

  • @KUSTEVE @HighEliteMajor Play nice please.

  • @HighEliteMajor You going to play the victim card? Maybe you should organize a protest. Snort. Sorry that Newman wasn’t the cancer you wanted him to be - I did get a nice laugh out of that one, so one would have to weigh out the humor factor in you prostating yourself over a missed hi5 when considering the value of your “insider view”. The FBI Roy vs. Bill was a good one, too. The man who resided over the largest academic fraud case in US History sleeps like a baby at night. Heck of a comparison there. I admit I spit out my coffee reading that one. I know you’re grasping at straws since the Preston episode was put to bed. You can’t really call Bill a liar, or a bs’er anymore, and now you’re in a tizzy trying to find something to latch onto to criticize. I mean, you can only mention Jamari so many times. Who knows? Maybe something bad will happen that will turn your little frown upside down.

  • @KUSTEVE Was it really so absurd though? Self mentioned chemistry issues. He benched Newman again deep into the season. I think it is completely fair to pose a question like that.

  • @BShark Newman has played a helluva lot of minutes for a player you say was “benched”; perhaps, “pulled from starting” temporarily is a better choice.

    I doubt that Self would play someone an average of over 32 minutes per game if Self meant “chemistry problems” as “Malik is poison.”

    So, yes, on viewing his usage, it is fair to consider that leveling an acusation that accused Newman of being “poison,” and to base it on an inferred message from Self, was careless, even reckless.

    0_1519089509240_2018-02-19 20.08.28.jpg

  • @mayjay Self said he didn’t deserve to start. I would agree that it is a bit silly when he plays a lot regardless…

  • @KUSTEVE I’m sorry whiner, did you say something of substance? Not seeing it yet.

    But you criticize Bill Self, and his decisions, and his preparation, but you would rather act like the little KU/Bill Self defender when it suits you. You just think (or act like) others’ criticisms are unreasonable, so you hypocritically lash out. You said -

    "Or, how to destroy the good parts of a team by trying to fix the bad parts. We have looked terrible ever since we inserted Lightfoot into the lineup. When you start Garrett and Lightfoot, you’re playing 3 against 5 on offense. And all the changes seems to have thrown the whole team off. Most teams get better as the year goes along, and we seem to have gotten much worse."

    What, you’re saying Self destroyed the good parts of this team? Self made a bad decision? Self did something to make this team worse? See, you’re just a complete hypocrite. You express your opinion but you just don’t say “Bill Self.” You point the finger directly Bill Self, and then play this self-indignant role when others do it. You’re a joke.

    "My personal opinion is we have always done a poor job attacking pressure, no matter who we have on the floor. 2008 came closest to being a decent fast break team. It was quite a culture shock for those who loved Roy’s fast break offense when Bill took over."

    Holy crap, what? “Poor job attacking pressure”? “No matter who we have on the floor”? Who is at fault for that overarching blast? This is a clear attack on Bill Self’s coaching and his preparation, right? Bill Self is the target of your comment. Once again, you are pointing the finger at the boss, yet you attack others for being critical. What a pathetic hypocrite you are.

    "The ugly duckling turns into a beautiful goose. We are geese, not ducks. Geese can shoot 3 pointers as good as anyone - ducks play power basketball. Throw it into Duck…err Doke didn’t work. Starting Lightquack hasn’t worked. All we did was get both of our playable ducks in foul trouble, and mess with the psyche of our geese."

    And now, you attack a player? Calling him “Lightquack”? So you attack a player and call him names, and don’t think he should start, but that’s ok? Others are critical of Self’s decisions on who to start and you attack that? And obviously you think Self’s decision to start Lightfoot was a bad decision. Are we again critical of the master? Comical. You can’t even see why Self started Lightfoot and what he was trying to accomplish.

    See, this is a hypocrite in plain view.

    @mayjay So Self benches Newman, and he acknowledges chemistry issues, and he specifically says that some guys aren’t getting it, yet you think it’s careless or reckless to point a finger at him? You can’t acknowledge that Self may have been referring to the guy he said didn’t deserve to start? Acknowledging the possibility is different than agreeing, if that is something you can comprehend. And who are you quoting there with the “poison” quote? Is it something you made up?

    @BShark Look, we can try to have a reasonable discussion on topics with some of these people, but it just doesn’t work. If someone is unwilling to even acknowledge … not agree … but acknowledge … that a guy might be the source of Self’s complaints, given the obvious evidence, it is obvious that it’s someone that is just trying to create conflict.

  • @HighEliteMajor He said several didn’t deserve to start, but he couldn’t replace everybody. And you did introduce the word “poison”. And asking a question is a way of making an accusation. We went through this with you re Huddy.

    I think the evidence overwhelms your theoretical need to inquire. Give it up. You were wrong. And it is time to acknowledge that. But that is something you never do.

  • @HighEliteMajor I criticize Bill all the time for a million reasons. Many times I’m wrong. Did you catch that? I said I was wrong. That actually means I self correct ( get the play on words there? ). Once it was indicated on the tape that Newman and Svi actually hi5ed torsos two posts after yours, you doubled down instead of just admitting you were full of crap. You were wrong, but you continued running down one of our players. Not cool.

    The FBI probe was humorous to me because you seem to elevate cheating Roy above our coach. The same coach you called a liar, and bullshi##er which is why I melted down on you weeks ago. I just see a disturbing pattern of trashing our coach and our players because you appear to always think the worst about them. It’s just far different than what I used to love about your posts in the past, where you used to discuss strategy and tactics. That seems to have been replaced by a National Enquirer style witch hunt where you constantly go after our coach, and even our players. Criticism I can live with. Muckraking with the intention of conjuring ill will towards another is beyond the pale. If you want to label me a hypocrite, so be it. At least every person on this board knows where I stand with the coach, and the team. BTW, I was right about my ugly duckling post- all you had to do was watch last night’s game to see that loud and clear.

  • @KUSTEVE You are the arbiter of truth and fairness. You determine the line of acceptability. You are the true fan. Actually, you’re a joke.

  • @mayjay Part of a forum like this is inspiring discussion. I’ve historically done that much more than recently from a thread standpoint. And I’ve dealt with the irrational and shallow anger for many years. You and your ilk interpret discussion as accusation and attack. It’s why some get so angry at @jaybate-1-0. The shallow thinkers can’t expand their universe of possibility and understand that discussion of topics and possibilities is a worthwhile venture. But some, like you and @KUSTEVE, think it’s only acceptable within your defined tunnel of acceptability. I won’t accommodate.

    Question: Would you rather the Newman thread not been posted or was it a worthwhile discussion?

  • @HighEliteMajor All these points you make give us a glimpse, a window into who you really are. I think the main reason you dislike Coach Self is your arrogance can’t accept he is smarter than you, so your mission is to knock him down a peg or two. What you do speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you’re saying.

  • @HighEliteMajor Go back and reread what I said about admitting when you’re wrong. Since I’m a joke to you, and obviously beneath you, maybe you’ll find it humorous.

  • @KUSTEVE See, a person with limited vision like you doesn’t even get it. But more than that, you want a limit on criticism -

    1. You criticize Self on the press break. Why? Because it has historically been horrible. Have you ever read my posts on the press break? Did you happen to see some of the wrinkles that Self added Saturday? Interesting, isn’t it?

    1. Self said a few years back that he was wrong forcing his team to be something it wasn’t. I (we) spent a whole season discussing Self’s errors with his team and how the team was not playing to its strengths. Interesting, isn’t it, that Self admitted exactly what I had focused on.

    1. Oh, and when Self was continuing to run C5 thing, with a constant lack of consistency, I suggesting killing the C5, right? Saying it would be best for hte team. And a few weeks later, Self decided to kill the C5. He chose a different player, but if you read my post, that was addressed too.

    Just a few examples.

    There are multiple times I have admitted I was wrong. One main one was related to Landen Lucas and my view of his ceiling.

    And what’s further, there are multiple times where I’ve said Self is doing things right, and this is really the most of the time. For example, how he’s run the offense this season and last season given personnel. I’ve been very vocal on that. Also, I’m a huge fan of his high/low, and have always suggested it’s the best offense in basketball, when it fits personnel.

    But your comment of, “I think the main reason you dislike Coach Self is your arrogance can’t accept he is smarter than you, so your mission is to knock him down a peg or two.” – this is the most telling. This is THE ISSUE from your perspective, and I’m sure others.

    So I will say this very clearly – You are damn right I will challenge Bill Self. He is not God. He is human. He makes many bad decisions. He is subject to critique and criticism, and he is fair game to be challenged. Simply because he is a basketball coach for a living doesn’t mean that his decisions are always right, nor that we should simply defer because of who he is. If you don’t like it, you can stick it.

    I find people like you, truly, to be laughable. You drip with hypocrisy, you have an inability to think beyond the end of your nose, your first reaction to someone of a different opinion is not to debate the topic, but to lash out because you don’t like the perceived motives/intentions of the person making the criticism.

    By the way, what is Bill Self’s IQ?

  • @HighEliteMajor I would rather you didn’t post anything. (You asked.) And no, it really wasn’t a worthwhile discussion.

  • No chemistry problems last night. How about we follow suit?

  • People need to dial it down a notch. The name calling and personal attacks are over the top. I’m shutting this thread down.

  • approxinfinity said:

    People need to dial it down a notch. The name calling and personal attacks are over the top. I’m shutting this thread down.

    I was about to do the same as I was skimming. I was hoping it would have simmered down.

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