Who's playing like a Big XII champ now?

  • The team in first place. They’re looking more and more like it, and we’re looking less and less like it. Help me figure out why I should be optimistic.

    Also, isn’t this the year where we started coming out of the huddle with “National Champs” instead of “Big XII Champs”? I’d hate to think little things like that matter, but maybe they do?

    Either way, we’re certainly not looking like national champs, so I’d say that isn’t working. Of course that’s what I thought in 2012 also, so there’s that.

  • @chriz

    No question that after today the Conference Title is Tech.’s to lose. KU can still do it but now the odds are against it.

  • Be optimistic because this program, the one you cheer for, has won THIRTEEN STRAIGHT Big 12 Championships. Be at peace with whatever happens knowing Bill Self and Most of the players are doing their damndest to make the KU Legion of Fans and Alumni proud. When I sense my expectations for young athletes getting out of control I ask myself: How would I feel if this was my child? I’d be disappointed that it doesn’t always go our way, but I’d be proud anyway.

  • @Blown ah you could be my parent.

  • Limb time: KU wins 14th in a tie with TTECH.

    Team comes out of tail spin.

    TTech hits a rough patch.

    Beard is a really good coach though.

  • KU has to win out at his point to share with Tech which means we gotta sweep the WVU, OU, and Tech stretch of games.

    The way we’re playing at the moment, a 5 game losing streak looks more likely.

  • The ugly duckling turns into a beautiful goose. We are geese, not ducks. Geese can shoot 3 pointers as good as anyone - ducks play power basketball. Throw it into Duck…err Doke didn’t work. Starting Lightquack hasn’t worked. All we did was get both of our playable ducks in foul trouble, and mess with the psyche of our geese.

  • TTech has been playing solid all year. They deserve being on top. I’m surprised they only lead us by 1 game.


    Just curious… are you looking out a window over a lake? lol

  • @drgnslayr Quack, quack.

  • I’ve had some KSU fans give me some trash about how we aren’t going to win it this year. I simply ask them if they expected us to win the conference til it’s over? So what? We weren’t gonna win it every year til the end of time. No one else has ever won 14 in a row in history, almost sounds like a tough thing to do. The streak has to end at some point, Yes I wanted 14 probably worse that half the others because it would set us alone at the top. I personally don’t think it’s over just yet, as stated yesterday, does anyone think Tech wins 9 games in a row and doesn’t lose again? I’d bet that doesn’t happen but if it does maybe the conference gets a FF team. I think we could lose 1 more game and still win it a second long as it’s not to Tech.

  • @kjayhawks Agreed that we can still lose one more game and tie for the CC. We then have to beat Tech and have Tech lose at WVU. Certainly a scenario you could see happening. But, man, first we have to play better. Your guess is as good as mine as to whether that will happen.

  • Still a lot of basketball left and TT is a flash at this point. The question is can they maintain. The ksu kitty game was a start, but their games get bigger. IF they win B12, they will have to earn it by going through a few other teams first. Also, last I checked, the title STILL goes through Lawrence. This ain’t over till it’s over.

    Someone posted, “the odds are against KU,” but I’d say the odds are against any team that leads the conference. In other words, the pressure is on TT. IF they win the gauntlet, I’d say they deserve it. KU doesn’t play, they simply don’t earn it. This is the year of EARNINGS. No charity and no KU entitlement. This 14th will be the most difficult, and possibly the most appreciated of all the other 13 titles.

    If this team wants #14, they need to play and earn it.

    Rock Chalk

  • @truehawk93

    Yes, there is still lots of basketball to be played; however, based on the way the team has played recently there seems to be less hope of a favorable outcome vis-a-vis the conference title.

    Unless the team has a …come to Jesus… moment and makes a 180 degree turn, I am doubtful it even wins at ISU. A loss at ISU and the odd become considerably longer, wouldn’t you agree?

    If KU runs the table the rest of the way it finishes not worse than tied for first. A loss along the way makes it considerably more difficult. I really thought that KSU had a chance of upsetting Tech. yesterday and they did well in the first hal but then, Tech. showed why they are at the top and destroyed the kitties.

    …still, lots of basketball to be played and I am still hoping for the best.😄

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  • drgnslayr said:

    TTech has been playing solid all year. They deserve being on top. I’m surprised they only lead us by 1 game.

    Yes, I really think they could do well in the March Carney, too, depending on the shoes they wear.

  • I’m not going to lie, I honestly won’t be that disappointed if Tech wins the Big 12 outright this year. The streak has become a burden at this point and woth the roster we have set for next season, not having that burden of the streak should take a lot of pressure off the team.

    I think streak’s a huge source of the issues the past couple of seasons with some of the chemistry issues we’ve seen. The players put so much pressure on themselves that we’re it implode a little bit right now.

    I think we’d even see a looser Bill Self next season as well if the streak ends this year.

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    Virginia lost at home to 7th place Virginia Tech. 😏

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I think we’d even see a looser Bill Self next season as well if the streak ends this year.

    Coach Self will indeed be a lot more relaxed and loose because he will have a superior team; perhaps the best of his tenure at KU.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Yep…I posted the ISU game just got even harder. This is going to be a team decision. Self seems to be coaching his azz off and this team is slow to respond by his actions. He is super frustrated with their uncharacteristic play. We all know they can win, but they tend to beat themselves more often than not.

    This season is squarely on them. They have the talent and ability. They have to come together as a team, not individuals. It seems they’ve had some nasty breaks lately too. If they can play and get the right breaks, they have a great chance.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Naah…Self mellows with age. He loves it…all of it.

  • One game at a time…



    Geese fly way higher

  • JayHawkFanToo said:

    jaybate 1.0 said:



    Virginia lost at home to 7th place Virginia Tech. 😏

    That’s the best news I’ve heard all day!

    Thx for the assist!!!👍