Heads up my friends

  • Yes my friends , there is nothing related to basketball or any sport as far as that goes with my topic here , that’s why I posted here. Heads up my friends – be safe, I want to post this , I want to do my part - -make my friends aware.

    This flu epidemic is just getting totally out of control, and a lot of it is right here in the center of the US. - -In the last week alone in Texas , there has been 1200 deaths from the flu - -1200 ! ! ! !. in one week. I watched this off the world news, saying that this was TWICE the number of deaths for the rest of the entire flu season.

    They said just recently a little 6 year old girl dies just hours after the peramedics said she would be ok. - -I care about each and everyone of the Bucketeer’s - stay safe do what you have to do against this Flu, take those precaution, and please you have any young ones - -daughters - -sons - -granddaughters grand son’s please let them know - -ask mom and dada if they have had their shot -we don’t need this.

    If your like me, my age wouldn’t hurt either if you get your shot - now me? - -I’m the gambler , never have got the shot - the way I’ve always looked at it & I asked them too , I said aren’t you giving me the flu when you inject me - & they said well yes - actually injecting the virus - for the sympthoms - - -So dumm ol me - -I stick with the theory well hell if I’m going have the sympthoms of the flu - -might a well have the flu. - -but that’s me probably end up being the un doing of me - but not my friends - -just take care. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Jayballer54 dead virus! Get the shot. Just heard you can get a second shot.

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    I once got the flu shot. I was sick all winter long. Never again.

  • Great post @Jayballer54

    We’ve got to look after the little one’s so they can carry on our forum and Rock Chalk!!

  • @DoubleDD you weren’t sick from the shot

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @DoubleDD you weren’t sick from the shot

    Myths die hard.

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    I disagree. I was quite fine before the shot. After the shot not so much.

  • @DoubleDD Well, don’t let science and facts get in the way. Have you ever felt sick without getting a flu shot?

    By the way, everyone who ever died of measles drank water at some point in their lives.

    Correlation is not causation.

  • DoubleDD said:

    I once got the flu shot. I was sick all winter long. Never again.

    Ya I know and my thoughts exactly - -I know might be stupid on my part - -especially as I get older but I don’t ever take them - risking it but that’s just me – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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    No I can’t. Yet I can say I never was sick for the whole a winter before taking that flu shot. You speak of science? Ok Has the Flu virus really changed? Or is that People’s immune system can’t handle the same old virus? The same people that run and get the flu shot?

    Just call me old fashion and a Jesus Freak. Kind of believe the Creator made the man and woman to fight off such virus. Not against Doctors or cures. As I also believe God created doctors and scientists.

    However I’m not condoning telling people to not take the shot. Just saying not me. After not taking the shot I haven’t been sick in years. Yet when I do I go old school. Some chicken broth mixed with Hot stuff and plenty of blankets. Works every time.

    Like I said I’m not telling you to not to take the shot. Just don’t me I need to take the shot. Fair enough?

  • Gunman said:

    Great post @Jayballer54

    We’ve got to look after the little one’s so they can carry on our forum and Rock Chalk!!

    No doubt , we have to look out for the little curtain climbers. - -If we don’t take care of the kids - -who will? - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • guuuuuuuuuuuys

  • If you need a booster get a couple kids and send them to school. You’re immune system will be top notch no time!

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