Svi’s Монстр: Thermonuclear 47.4% Would Give Him the Greatest Trifecta 4 Season in KU HISTORY

  • Svi, at 47.4% for season on a team leading 156 attempts, is outshooting even my great expectations for the Ukrainian Kid!!! That’s just 4 more attempts that Devonte and Svi is +11 makes for THIRTY THREE MORE POINTS!!!

    Svi’s 3pt shooting is SICK!!! He is having a great season. He is even second on the team in assists!! Incredible given he is playing the 4!

    He is making Devonte, and LaCobra at 41 and 40% look like dubious options outside. Malik? Fuggeddabout it. He’s down in the 30s. Keep driving it Malik!!!

    The only guy giving Svi any competition is Lightfoot at 42.9%, but on only 16 3ptas.

    Get a place ready for the UKRAINIAN KID on the best trey season at 4. I thought Perry might be unbeatable for awhile, but the Designer’s record is in danger.

    I don’t recall but I doubt Marcus or Keef took 156 treys.

    This is rare air Svi is in.

    KU has been balling well over a century now.

    How do you say MONSTER in Ukrainian?

    (Note: compliments to @HighEliteMajor for running the translator for lamebate 1.0, who did not think to do so.)

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Malik is 50% from 3 last three games, 43% last 5, 41% last 6 dating back to the “breakout game” vs ISU.

    Just as encouraging- 55% from the field in the last 3 games. He’s playing well

  • Svi is playing himself into an NBA position with his shooting. If he can defend at an even passable level, there is an NBA contract waiting for him.

  • Монстр is what the translator says.

    Svi is shooting with confidence, and a brashness that says I’m the Alpha dog here. It’s evident in his drives to the hoop. A classic situation where four years under a guy like Self makes for a longer lasting NBA career. Would he have been in an environment in the D-League, or G-League, or on an NBA bench to develop that attitude? I don’t think so.

    FYI, Miles shot 50% in 2004/2005 on a measly 80 attempts and Green 49.2% on just 63 attempts in 2015/2016. Not even in the same stratosphere as Svi right now, given the attempts.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Thx for the memory augmentations!!!

  • @BeddieKU23

    Great news!!!

    36 of 97 for 37% from trey is no way for Malik to finish at KU.

    Svi can have a slump and Malik can scorch awhile.

    Oh my what if they all catch fire?!!!

  • I’d actually rather see Malik shoot less threes. He’s more effective attacking the rim, and I think that mentality makes him a better (and more efficient) scorer, plus it helps KU get to the line overall. He also puts more stress on the defense when he is a threat to drive. With Svi’s man having to stay attached to him, and Devonte’s man having to remain attached to him, you really don’t have a lot of help options when Malik puts the ball on the floor. If Doke’s man leaves him to block a shot, Malik can either drop off a pass to Doke, throw a lob, or shoot, and the result is either Malik making the shot or Doke dunking more often than not (Doke dunks on the drop off, the oop, and most of Malik’s misses because his man would not be able to challenge Malik and also keep Doke off the offensive glass).

    Drive it, Malik. There’s a lot of good things happening when you do.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I am going to get a shirt made with “Монстр” today!!!

  • @BeddieKU23 Most impressive to me has been Malik’s rebounding. It is great to see him being aggressive on both ends. Also, seems to finish very well on the break.

  • @Barney

    Yes his effort on the boards has been noticeable.

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