Achilles (take two)


    I recently wrote about how players have performed coming back from Achilles injuries, noting that Rudy Gay of the San Antonio Spurs is on track to become only the fourth player out of 18 comebacks since 1990 to meet or exceed his pre-injury projection the following season.

    Gay’s example provides hope but, on average, players coming back from Achilles injuries see their production decline by about 8 percent compared to what we would project based on their past performance and age. The good news is Cousins is so dominant he can afford to decline by 8 percent and remain a very good player. Nonetheless, it’s possible that this injury will rob us of the peak Boogie we saw this season in New Orleans. And that has huge ramifications for both him and the Pelicans.

    I found this to be interesting that they have quantified the production decline following an ACL tear. Would an 8% better Brandon Rush be a started in the NBA? Or 16% better following his 2nd ACL tear in 2012?

  • ACL is a knee injury. Achilles is the tendon up from the heel. This might be more relevant to how Chalmers is doing?

  • @mayjay Oh snap! My eyes must’ve been crossed. (And it’s not just in the article once…) Applies to Eric Berry not Brandon Rush.

  • @dylans It was like that for me in speculating about Doke’s wrist injury on his FT style, only to be reminded that it was his left wrist that got hurt.

    That is why they invented “Oops!” I had fun teaching the 2 year old that word, and “Uh oh!”

  • @mayjay I didn’t realize Chalmers hurt his Achilles. That’s got to be a career ender for him at this stage.

  • @mayjay Did you see the achilles tendon rupture on the Chiefs Chris Conley when it happened?

  • @dylans Yeah, that was awful.

    I had two strained Achilles tendons in about 2002. Took about 2 years to heal, and I was trying to find shoes without raised heel cups. Cut out the backs of several pairs.

    Chalmers hurt his last year and has been playing well this year, I think.

  • @mayjay

    Chalmers missed the end of the 15-16 and the entire 16-17 season. Tough injury to recover.

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