Exodus begins

  • Cain signs with Brewers. 5 years, $80 million

  • Good for Cain although it is much more than what was being predicted for him. I wish him well. Hosmer should be next in line.

  • 😭 it’s very sad for me.

  • Good for Cain. He was a good player for the Royals but I am not sure worth that much and definitely more than the Royals wanted or could afford to pay.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    They signed Esky just for you…😄

  • This is why the Royals will never stay competitive, with no cap in baseball and a small media market they won’t have much left of the World Series starters before too long. Also one of the reason I’m not a huge baseball fan, could be worse tho the Yanks buy all the stars and can’t make the playoffs half the time anymore.

  • I’m kind of hoping they all leave… Don’t hate me though. It looks like all 3 will break the $50M limit and we will get 4 of the first 40 or so picks. We can reload the farm system this way.

  • Really hope that they explore trading Whit before the deadline if he is having another great season. Could probably get 2 good prospects for him.

    Trading Salvy could bolster our future pitching rotation. I’d only give him up for a top 5 pitching prospect, international bonus money and another top 100 prospect.

    The goal needs to be a WS in 5 seasons. Do we think Salvys knees hold up for 5 Years?

    Duffy is 29 and we could trade him at the deadline for a huge haul as well.

    I hope the team goes full tank for 3 Years. That gives us time to bolster the farm system. I’d be more than happy if the royals got in this great cycle of loading up an amazing farm system, selling out for a World Series run and then blowing it all up and trying again. I think that is about the only way a small market club can compete with the big boys.

  • @Kcmatt7 I think they would be insane if they traded Merrifield. That 2nd half was a breakout on the level of Altuve the last 3 months. He brings that intangible of passionate desire to win that is so priceless, and so very hard to find in today’s sports world. Here is his last 3 months:

    355 Abs: .296 BA … 13 HRS …54 RUNS … 48 RBIs …24 D & T …26 SBs.

    Altuve last 3 mos : I’ll cede the BA …13 HRS …60 RUNS …41 RBIS …18 D &T … 18 SBS.

    It’s essentially the same player, numbers wise. One could make the argument the exodus of Moose and company will affect the rbi and run totals, which is a possibility, but when you add in the additional at bats ( lead pipe cinch for 650+ at bats ), I think he’ll still be 160 rbis+runs easily. The HR totals will give people pause, as he has never come close to hitting 19 before ( 11 was his highest minor league total ), and that drives automated projections systems batty. The projections all have him falling back to 13-15 hrs, which is poppicock in my books. The key with Merrifield is found in the different approach where he has quit trying to kill worms, and started hitting the ball in the air. Now, he lost a bit on his hard hit percent ( from 33% down to 30% ), but his fb/gb percent went through the roof, dropping from 1.5 gbs to fbs down to 1 for 1. And that’s what we’re looking for. His HR/FB, EVEN WITH THE CAREER HIGH IN HRS sat at a measley 9.4 last year. League average is normally somewhere from 14.5 to 17 %. His ex-HR/FB is an understated 10.4, which means he deserved a higher %. If he gets even close to 14%, we’re talking 25 HR + potential. He has changed that swing. The ball is getting into the gaps, and going over the wall. His off-season weight training really has allowed him to drive the ball. On a personal note, we also see a dedicated employee working harder than he ever has before to make his MLB dream come true. If they traded Merrifield, it would be a simple tragedy for the franchise, one they would regret for a long time.

  • @KUSTEVE he is 29 and we are probably 5 years away from being competitive. That would be my reason for trading him. His value will Never be higher than it is now. So if we think we are 5 Years from being competitive we should capitalize on that.

  • Word on the street is that Royals have signed Moose for 2 year $14.3M contract

  • Looks like the one year $17.3 million contracts that were tendered the Royals players may have been what they should’ve taken. The exception being LoCain’s deal, it might be better as he’s in physical decline and probably won’t be playing center field much longer.

  • @Buster-1926 They just aren’t giving out steroid era contracts anymore. After 32 without roids most athletes stats (abilities/athleticism) decline. So we aren’t seeing 8 year massive contracts for 28 year old dudes. But who really expected rational decisions in free agency???

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