Free throws should be optional

  • In what other sport can you foul a team to your own advantage? In football, penalties are optional. You can accept or decline.

    You should be able to accept or decline free throws, at least in the last 2 minutes. If you decline, you get the ball out of bounds with a 10 second runoff.

    Simple solution. Fouling at the end of games to your own advantage is unwatchable. It can’t be good for basketball.

    Change the rule and the game gets better. Winning teams win and losing teams lose.

    (Until then, take Dok out of the effing game!)

  • Not sure how long you’ve been around but there used too be unlimited 1 & 1s. They changed it to at least make teams think about fouling because end of games were awful to watch. Not sure I like your proposal but it does make some sense.

  • i like it.

  • Don’t we wish

  • I like it less the clock run off. You shouldn’t be penalized for being fouled.

    That or make it to when the team is in the double bonus they can pick the shooter.

  • We don’t win last year’s home comeback WV game with that rule change. We’re so spoiled that we expect to win every close road game? The game rules seem to work well for KU as they are. Coach learned a big lesson last night. We sub Mitch & Doke for defense/offense in last 3 min, we have much better chance to finish like we’re accustomed.

    That said, I like the thought of those changes however, it would make the Games 35 min Long rather than a full 40.

    Rock Chalk!

  • dylans said:

    I like it less the clock run off. You shouldn’t be penalized for being fouled.

    That or make it to when the team is in the double bonus they can pick the shooter.

    If people are fouling you and you decline the free throws, you’re in a situation where you’d want the runoff.

    I was also thinking about the pick the shooter scenario. That could work too.

  • We don’t win the 2008 championship game without putting Memphis on the line repeatedly.

    Just my opinion but I dont think its too much to ask a major division one player to be able to hit at least 70% from the line no matter what their physical stature.

  • The solution is pretty simple, actually. The NBA has a rule in the last two minutes of any quarter, if you foul someone away from the ball, the team gets two shots and the ball. Before that, you can commit the off the ball fouls like OU was doing, but inside two minutes, if you do that, you will never get the ball back even if they miss FTs.

    For college, I would probably do last three minutes of each half since there are no quarters. That minor tweak would preserve the last three minutes, but still put the onus on teams to shoot well from the line. We knew that the foul strategy was coming. We got burned last night by it.

  • @dylans I’ve been watching basketball (or playing) my whole life and i never even thought about what you said. How (when you have crappy KU free throwers) it is a penalty against THE TEAM BEING FOULED. Something really needs to be done about this.

    Maybe we could start with some freaking crazy counter attack like learning how to shoot the simplest shot in the world, a free throw, or not playing people who are …unable, let’s say to grasp the free throw concept. Maybe we could get said people some velcro straps for their sneakers in case tying their shoes proves to be a considerable challenge as well.

    I’m tired, grumpy and pissed. FREE DAMN THROWS. REALLY?

  • Interesting proposal. It’s just a shame that the last few minutes turn into something that doesn’t come close to resembling the first 37ish minutes of the game. Given last night’s result, today, I’m for this idea. Tomorrow, or the next time KU needs to result to this tactic to win, I’m against it.

  • I just don’t like the off the ball fouls. The offense should have some control of who shoots free throws. If intentional off the ball fouls are allowed it is definitely a legal strategy it’s just not very fun to watch (or very sporting and the reason I dog cussed Bill during the game). I just think the d should be forced to move the ball into Dok’s hands to be allowed to put him on the line. That or allow him to wrestle anyone who wants to foul him off the ball… Also not good basketball, but it would be more fun to watch than Dok’s free throws.

  • Any off-the-ball foul should be called exactly what it is, intentional, resulting in two shots and the ball.