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  • So I have been reading about ‘Gut health’ is a term increasingly used in the medical literature and by the food industry. It covers multiple positive aspects of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, such as the effective digestion and absorption of food, the absence of GI illness, normal and stable intestinal microbiota, effective immune status and a state of well-being.

    Its funny because I have a goat farm and happen to know what happens when a “kid” or newborn goat doesnt get their mothers first milk also known as Colostrum. Newborns have very immature and small digestive systems, and colostrum delivers its nutrients in a very concentrated low-volume form. A mothers first milk contain loads of beneficial microbiota. They die so gut health is kind of a big deal. Did you know that when you take antibiotics you kill the good intestinal microbiota and flora in your gut?

    I started also reading about getting all of your body’s nutrients through food and the benefits of eating your vitamins vs a multi-vitamin. I am also reading about your body’s Ph and how viruses attack our bodies when our Ph is acidic and how viruses can not survive long or at all in a human if your ph is alkaline.

    I have been making my own ACV and am starting a garden this spring at my ranch. I actually have been eating all of my fruits, vegetables, meats, and such without really struggling. My brother moved here and started living well and using this so called diet with me. He had sever IBS and was lactose intolerant before he started and now he is eating dairy. If any of you all are into trading info or interested in curing almost any illness I would love to talk about that too… I have read others testimonials about how they cured almost everything known to man just changing how they eat so please feel free to post here or message me.

  • @Statmachine

    Culture your own kefir and blend it with berries into a smoothly and drink for a week or two after antibiotics, or any immune system decline.

    Be good to your biome!!

    The one in your intestines!!!

    Eating right does no good if you are not digesting right.

    My horse got sick (horse tuberculosis, 40% mortality) and they are simple eaters. Hay and grain in. Processed fertilizer brickettes out!

    Add ABs and instant pies, then spewed flakes.

    Add some stool gardening paste and kefir (strait, no berries) and, voila, okay again. Don’t try it without a vet’s approval however. I am still a horse yahoo. Just had to try something new and to old to go down a third time on a motorcycle.

    Love this horse. I can talk to him almost as much as my dog. Both are superb listeners!!

  • I don’t take meds. I only use fire cider unless I am on my death bed. I haven’t tried Kefir yet. I have read up on it though. I am just getting into fermented drinks. I am fermenting some turmeric, garlic, and making some ACV right now. The fire cider is pretty good stuff though.

  • Hi Statmachine, I am also a believer in eating properly to prevent and cure diseases. An excellent book is “It Starts With Food” by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. They recommend eating paleo, that is removing grains from the plate. It’s hard for many because grains are the food that give us that full feeling that us mid-westerners are so addicted to achieving at every meal. They also cite the ease of which we are able to fill our carb tank with a grain based diet. It puts the body in a state of never thinking it needs to burn fat because it can never work through the carb tank to ever get to the point of needing to burn fat. In the book they talk a lot about gut health and solving those problems with what we put on our plates. I have had many positive effects from incorporating ideas from that book.

    That’s interesting stuff about pH and viruses, I will look into that.

  • @Statmachine

    Thx on fire cider. Will investigate.

  • A paleo diet is very similar to what I do. I hate to label anything a “diet” but I eat a lot of organic greens, fruits, and meats. Maintaining your body’s ph is vital though if you want to live without ever having arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and many others.

  • @Statmachine What’s the theory behind drinking apple cider vinegar to raise the pH in the bloodstream and organs? Are there other ways to effect pH in the body?

  • I’m staring, right now, at the book “The Good Gut” by J Sonnenburg and E Sonnenburg on my bookshelf…

  • Yes there are. You can look up a ph food chart. If you eat something really acidic then you should balance it out with something alkaline. The apple cider vinegar also helps control your blood sugar and regulate your body’s ph plus it has bacteria that can enhance the health of your digestive system and deliver a host of added gut bacteria benefits like increased immunity and an improved ability to digest and absorb nutrients.

  • I have six 1/2 gallon glass jars of different ferments going right now that should kick any kind of disease or illness. I have researched blank DNA and My diet includes eating things that stimulate bone marrow cell reproduction to make new blank cells. The theory behind it is that as a child your bone marrow produces much more blank stem cells to actually grow the body to adulthood. Example If my son cuts his hand and I cut my hand at the same time his hand will heal faster. If you feed your bone marrow your body regenerates faster from injury and replaces damaged cells like aging skin cells with new more healthy skin cells reducing aging appearance. I took some before pictures and in 6 months I will take a few more just to compare. Doubt I will share them but if its a HUGE difference I may?

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