"Who Wears Short Shorts??"

  • Garrett, Newman, and Vick wear short shorts.

    If I was more tech savy I would add the music video for the classic song here.

    Anyway, I didn’t see any other topics about it but did you guys notice those short shorts that these three guys are wearing out there? They combine it with tight fitting compression legging thing that still goes below the knee. Is this what the kids are wearing these days?? I haven’t noticed the style on any other teams yet but honestly haven’t looked all that close. It started with Garrett, then Newman started doing it, and now Vick.

    I dunno, shorts to at least the knee was always the style while I was growing up. Short shorts meant someone could justifiably question someone’s man card status. I have wondered if there was any correlation between this being Self’s perceived softest team ever (excluding the anomaly we saw in the 2nd half against WV) and this short short fad on display out there.

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    She does… Wonder what “Rock shot” means?

  • @RockkChalkk

    Short shorts are better from a performance point of view, long shorts are a fashion started by the Fab 5 but not practical. Long shorts when sweaty tend to get heavier and cling and slow you down. World class athletes, for whom tenths of a second are critical, wear very short shorts.

  • I was under the impression that Vick started it last year. Garrett is the most extreme from what I’ve seen. But I think LaCobra started it.

  • To me it makes him look longer and more athletic. Especially when he goes up for rebounds for some reason.

  • Did you guys notice jo Jo’s legs?

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