KU v. Failor: Bring Your Sunglasses

  • Overview:

    -8 rotation with all 8 averaging > 22 mpg.

    -Loud road threads now Deafening.







    -Turnover prone

    -3 trifectates, 2 < 40%

    -Pitiful pre con schedule

    -Beaten by every good team they have played

    -Hate the road

    Beat by:

    -even on glass.

    -Strip them blind.

    -Foul up their bigs.

    -Run to build leads, walk to save energy.


    -Emotional let down after last heroic 2-game set.

    -Their Length and depth make our cold nights especially tough…


    -Must keep winning at home.

    -We can take a loss now in Norman on Tuesday, but not a loss in Lawrence to a mid pack 12-6 Failor.

    -Classic low amp front end to 2-game set.

    -Make shots.

    -Failor can only win a rebounding/blocking contest on one of Ku’s cold nights.

    -Run in spurts to save energy, but RUN.

    -pressure and strip.

    -Save amp for OU.

  • Failor is good.

    I also like BayLOL, Bayl0re and Scot Drew is a crappy coach.

    Nothing like a nice soft weak Drew zone for Self to carve like a turkey on Thanksgiving.

  • @BShark

    Hope so.

    But it was a giant effort to beat KSU and WVU with last possession efforts.

    Emotional let down likely.

    Not sure why Drew played such a weak schedule. He has two footers and 3 decent perimeter guys. Go figure.

    Drew is the the biggest anomaly in coaching.

    Somehow he keeps signing players despite coaching them down.

  • I wouldn’t expect a blowout by any means but a close hard fought win seems reasonable.

  • With the passing of Jo Jo there will be a cloud over Lawrence for a while. The Phog will be very thick Saturday.

  • Baylor goes as far as Lecomte shoots or shoots them out of games. Only reliable perimeter shooter/scorer.

    Maston has always played well against us for some reason.

    They will muddy the game up in the first half until we figure out how to attack their matchup zone.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Could be fun to watch Zone vs. zone

  • BShark said:

    Nothing like a nice soft weak Drew zone for Self to carve like a turkey on Thanksgiving.

    Ha…Let’s hope so! Loved the comment!

    What we have to realize is that we have NO margin for error this year when facing ANY team!

    The very nature of our team… short on post depth that has lead us to being short on perimeter depth because we are forced into a 4-1… relying on perimeter offense… soft on defense…

    As long as our team has these weaknesses, especially the lack of aggressive defense, we will not be able to get ice cold on offense, or play at the wrong tempo, or have a game where Devonte isn’t locked in, or have a game where Doke gets into extreme foul trouble, or have a player go down with an injury.

    The good news is we are working on most of these areas and we are improving! The biggest factor is our defensive intensity… and it is starting to show signs of improvement. We need to be more consistent, for sure. Good defense leads to easy offense.

    Gosh… when was the last time we had a breakaway slam? I’m sure we must have a few, but since starting Big 12 play, we sure haven’t seen it enough. Usually those happen off a defensive TO.

    In a typical year, we outscore our opposition in the area of “points off of TOs.” I haven’t seen the stats so far, but I bet we are not doing so well in this area… up to now.

  • Scott Drew gets a deer in the headlights look like no other coach I’ve ever seen when he’s being outwitted. I still don’t know how he gets so many good recruits.

  • You have to give Drew credit. He took a program that was the text book definition of a $h!th0le and made it into a consistent top 25 team…in Waco, Texas no less.

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