Offensive Coord Gone

  • Another Andy Reid disciple gets a job. And people want him gone…

  • Reid is a good coach for a bad team, because he can turn a 5-11 team into a playoff team.

    However, Reid is not a good coach if you are trying to actually win in the playoffs. He can take you from mediocre to competent, but he cannot take you from good to great. He is similar to Marty Schottenheimer in that way. They can keep you from being bad, but they won’t necessarily get you over the hump to win the big one.

    Bill Belichick is the opposite type of coach. He can’t take you from mediocre to competent. We saw that when he was in Cleveland. But if you already have pieces in place, he can build from there to make your team great. Andy Reid could succeed in Cleveland because he could get enough out of guys to go from 0 wins this past season to 5 wins next year, then 8 or 9 the year after that, but they would peak with between 9 and 11 wins, and maybe one or two playoff wins, depending on how long he was there.

    The Chiefs are no longer trying to build up from the Pioli disaster. It’s time to hire the “championship” coach.

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