Feel Better?

  • Thought this might make some of us feel a little better about our Hawk’s current standing:

    Kansas 12-3 overall 2-1 Conference Duke 13-2 overall 1-2 Conference UNC 12-4 overall 1-2 Conference UK 12-3 overall 2-1 Conference ASU 12-2 overall 0-2 Conference AZ 12-4 overall 2-1 Conference
    UCLA 12-4 overall 3-1 Conference

    Yes, MSU and Villanova have better records, but their conferences are not that strong. I think we won’t see much movement there. IMO

  • With the way this season is shaping up not only in the B12 but some of the other power 5 conferences, we could see some mid majors with very high seeds. Doesn’t look to be a dominate team in CBB. I always think there are about 10-12 teams each March that can legitimately win the NC. This year with no true power unless Dook and a few others get it figured out, that number maybe closer to 20.

  • Too much parity in college basketball now. The years of dominant teams like UCLA are a distant memory, this is why in this day and age and with the current status of the sport, the KU conference title winning run is that much more impressive and will never be achieved again.

  • There was some discussion last night at times during the ball game over on our slack site - I posed the question. - -Is there really a truly dominate team in Basketball this season? - I mean someone that is standing just like head and shoulders above everyone else?

    Think it was pretty same answer -No -there isn’t. Curious to see where we land this week in the polls - we were number 10 in the polls - -w lost at home - BUT we won on the road against a ranked team. Numbers 11 - -12 - -14 - -17 - -all lost I just kind of think we stick pretty close where we were - I think we might drop to # 12/13 maybe but I don’t think we slip any lower then that do we?

    Right now Ku has a streak of 169 consecutive weeks in the top 20/25 the longest streak by any college - talk about a program of consistency - 169 weeks in the top 25 - - 28 straight trips to the NCAA tourney - -most of any college team - -13 straight Big 12 Conference Championship - -I would say that my friends is an elite program, ya ya I know - let me hear we need more titles - -& who doesn’t - that is just being to spoiled lmao - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Now MSU going down! What a weird weekend.

  • @hawkmoon2020 A little. I think you’re right. The numbers are starting to really level off. I don’t think KU has actually arrived yet. This is the scary part. If and when this team starts hitting on all cylinders consistently, they will be dangerous. I believe they can too.

  • This team is beginning to show serious wear and tear.

    Self says it’s close to adding reinforcements.

    It is always one 30% 3pt shooting night from a loss.

    Preston could reduce the likelihood of losing on bad trey nights.

    KU should have 15 conference games, and 2-3 conference tourney games, to get to the March Carney. Let’s call it 18 to be optimistic.

    It seems to have a sub par trey game every 5-6 games. For ease of figuring, let’s call it 1 off shooting night in 6. That means KU should lose three more games because of 3pt shooting. That’s 4 losses. Now add 1 more loss for a team wide funk, or a really bad match up of talents/styles, and that’s five losses.


    That’s what Self predicted would win the conference.

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  • 10 ranked teams went down this weekend. We were lucky to not be one of them. Getting a big win on the road helps soften Tuesday’s stinker. A +1 as Self said. We need to win both games at home before the inevitable the sky is falling in Morgantown. This weeks games are very important, I think there is some momentum to be gained from winning at TCU and hopefully getting back to our dominate self in Allen Fieldhouse. The last thing you need is opponents coming here and thinking they can really win.

  • It was a GREAT weekend. Sparty gets drilled. Dook gets hammered. UNC loses. Xavier gets beat. Arizona loses, and Stubby crys like a little girl.

  • @hawkmoon2020

    Funny what a month or so makes a difference on perceptions.

    I recall in November: “The Big 12 is down this year. Kansas in a runaway for #14.”

    And now: “The Big 12 is easily the strongest basketball conference this year. It’s not even close. And the depth of quality is amazing!”

    One thing is for sure… everyone should be very happy that we are in a REAL conference. Our season schedule involves playing each team twice and at both venues. The super conferences are stupid. Their conference winners will always get an asterisk, “favorable conference schedule.”

  • @drgnslayr

    I agree with you 100%. I have always stated that 10 is the perfect number for a conference, 9 football games and 18 basketball games playing every other team, once in football and home and away in basketball.

  • @hawkmoon2020 I think we are in good shape

  • Totally knew Faylor would choke at WVA. Sucks, yet somehow satisfying too.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Playing home and away in basketball is the true test for conference play, but still doesn’t get you in the tourney by winning the league. Always felt if you won your league you should automatically qualify for the big dance.

  • @Gunman

    The Big 12 conference winner might not be the automatic qualifier but it will certainly go to to the NCAA.

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