West Virginia Disses KU

  • Living back in the Chicago area has been a boon for my sports fanhood. Stubhub has become my go to guy for tickets to all kinds of games that I never would have considered before. I went to a Badgers game for 11 bucks the other day in Madison. I may go to some other college games locally all because of the ease of getting tickets on Stubhub.

    So today I check Kansas schedule on Stubhub and I see the cheapest ticket to buy is next Monday in Morgantown. 28 bucks! This is WVU’s only big game of the year every year. They get all amped up for it and tickets are only 28 bucks? Even though WV is geographically more of a northern state, I guess it’s still southern enough to not care too much about basketball.

    Fans there owe us more respect! We’re Kansas. You should be selling these tickets for 100 or more! I won’t stand for this disrespect! (I wish I lived a little closer to West Virginia!)

  • @wissox Gosh I wish we had tickets that cheap at times tho lol. I think the cheapest I’ve paid for GA at the fieldhouse is $40 the last 10 years. I know a couple of times against the likes of Toledo and others they are only $20 for mid week dunk fests.

  • @kjayhawks So you’ve paid 40 on stubhub for home games at AFH? I was a little confused by your post. I always assumed it was higher.

  • @wissox Well, I thought maybe it was due to extended winter break but it turns out their classes start tomorrow.

  • @wissox sorry it’s fixed now, if you look at KSU tickets on stub hub they are $120 for GA.

  • kjayhawks said:

    @wissox sorry it’s fixed now, if you look at KSU tickets on stub hub they are $120 for GA.

    KSU $120?

  • @JayHawkFanToo KU vs KSU at AFH

  • @wissox That’s ok. Let them look past KU. KU will kick their azz. I really believe they think KU is beat already in MOtown.

  • And we should have decisions any minute on on our MIA bigs … any minute. Should be ready to go by WVU.

  • Freshman big’s won’t be our issue at West Virginia. KU’s mental toughness will be stressed to the max as they hack away and force turnover after turnover. Devonte will have to channel his inner BIFM again for this one

  • WVU fans are getting cocky about Trump and the Rockefellers clearing a path for them to go back into the mines and get black lung again.

    WVU fans are like KSU fans with hills and a good coach.

  • WVU fans are like KSU fans with less teeth.

  • We know they’re not that intelligent as proved by my original post that you can buy a ticket for 28 bucks to see the premier college basketball team in America. Tickets to see us play should be super bowl levels since playing us is every teams super bowl.

  • @wissox

    My niece lived near Morgantown for years, working at the VA. She gave me a window into life in WV.

    I know it is easy for us to pile on WVU because, let’s face it, they represent the biggest threat to us in the Big 12.

    There are huge struggles happening in WV. Their economy is almost in free fall. People are hurting because of the lack of quality jobs. That has been going on for a long time. And now, their opioid situation is unreal.

    I don’t want to make this about politics or about basketball. I just want to make sure people realize this is a humanitarian issue.

  • @wissox In a third world country like Morgantown, 28 bucks is as good as a hundred million in Lawrence. They are paying MUCH respect to KU…

  • @drgnslayr I understand. We’re all stereotyping which we shouldn’t. Of course we were kidding too, but kidding comments cross the line when they become personal.

    It is one of the sadder states in the country. Having lived in Louisiana for a decade and in the 2nd poorest county in Wisconsin for a decade, I’ve seen it up close. There’s a large gap between the haves and have nots in our country and it’s widening.

    Poverty is sometimes self inflicted, oftentimes intergenerational, and frequently ignored by much of America. We use axioms like 'pull yourself up by your bootstraps" to which they’d say, ok, give me some boots.

    Tough situations for sure. Thanks for the reminder.

  • If we could go into Morgantown and get a win that would be the biggest win of the regular season right? We have 2 road wins already so we know this team can bring it away from home. I know Devonte and Svi would like to get a W in Morgantown before their career’s are over here. Texas Tech I’m sure heard all week long how many times they have lost in Allen Fieldhouse before coming in and torching us. I’m hoping our seniors lead the way next week in getting a gigantic win

  • Current ticket rates according to ESPN…


  • @wissox

    I never doubted you wouldn’t get it. You have always been one of my favs in here.

  • I was shocked to look at Stubhub today and see I could get into AFH for 32 bucks tonight! That’s almost worth a road trip!

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