• Starz has a very nice library of movies. They are offering the best deal on the market right now: .50 a month for the next 5 months for streaming. Holy Toledo! I about jumped out of my chair signing up!!! Go to to sign up. Don’t snooze on it because the offer is only good until tomorrow.

  • @KUSTEVE The link directs to the Starz site, but the only deal offered is free for 7 days, then to the Google Play store where it says it is $8 or $9 per month after the 7 days. Varies by provider, tho.

  • @mayjay

    I understand you have to get a special e-mail invite to get the offer. I tried with no luck.

  • @mayjay I had starz for 3 months, then i dumped them, and went with hulu, netflix, and sling. so, i didn’t realize it was an offer for former customers. sorry about that. i’d suggest signing up for their free trial, and dumping them. then you might get the same offer.

  • i don’t pay for net flix - my daughter has 4 accounts, and wanted to know if i wanted a free account. i said sure. my hulu is 5.99 a month. i kind of like the commercials. for almost half the price, i can live with the commercials. it also helps when the prostate calls. my sling is 28.25 w taxes ( I have the blue package because i can get all live stream sports for free ). and now i have starz for 50 cents. i am like the "lowest price area rug trader " of streaming tv. My buddy regularly downloads the newest movies to a memory stick for me. I seriously have more content than i can watch.

  • BTW, Happy New Year’s, Rooster!!! How about those Hawks beating Texas???


    I thought Sling Blue did not offer any of the ESPN channels and this is why I went with Orange since most KU games are on ESPN.

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