• @Crimsonorblue22 Saw that, poor kid. What a way to grow up.

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  • @RockChalkinTexas very sad!

  • Lots of us aging hoops fans would like to view a simple process among our talented recruits. Enroll in college with a clean slate, attend classes, practice, practice, practice; win, win, win. HA! If only it were that simple, eh? Reality is evidenced by many stark exceptions. Carlton appears to have become victim of distractions. Perhaps his late growth spurt at a key junction played a role in disrupting his progress. Whatever the factors, it truly is a sad thing. He seemed to be a happier Jayhawk than was, for comparison, C J Giles. I hope he can manage to make a turn toward more success and peace of mind. Some of his predecessors who have departed early from pressures of the KU program seem to have developed positively.

  • @REHawk

    I know this is almost certainly not going to happen, but technically speaking could he transfer back to KU?

  • @jaybate-1.0 There you go, thinking outside the box…again. I would imagine that Bill Self might undergo a coughing fit at your suggestion. In reality, maybe the only saving force for Carlton’s returning to meaningful play at any level is for a retired pro mentor or retired college or pro coach to take him in hand and lead him back on the road to development. Maybe after bottoming out in terms of social distractions he could yet buckle down to life as a wage earning basketball player. If, indeed, he should deem such a sports life worthy of his application to turn his life around.

  • WOW… sad to here. -Bragg seemed like such a happy go lucky. - I wonder hat happened? – I hope he can salvage something and get his life back on track. - Wishing him nothing but the best. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • WKU? Half Coleby(ku transfer) half M. Robinson(head case big)

  • @jaybate-1.0 If he does they better be sure that woman is no longer around!

    @Jayballer54 His career went up in smoke, literally, that’s what happened.

  • @wissox Goofy Soofi!

  • @wissox Wasn’t that the same gal who durn near leveled both Vick and Josh Jackson their freshman campaigns? If so, she cut a very wide swath thru Jayhawk Hoops.

  • Maybe 15 years from now Bragg will show up in Lawrence at walk-on try-outs with a ball stenciled with “Lightening Boy” in a worn leather satchel and ask for a tryout from aging Head Coach Daniel “Pops” Manning, himself old and looking at one last season with a whistle. Maybe Manning says, “Your too old, son.” And Bragg says, “I’m not askin’ for a hand out, Pops, I’ve paid my dues. I’m just lookin’ to play some ball. I can help this team, if you will give me one last chance.” And maybe he does. “You look kinda familiar, Bragg. I seen you before?” Bragg says, “I don’t thing so, Pops. I get that a lot. I look like a lotta guys.” Manning eyes him. “Suit up and let’s see what you can do, Bragg. Only thing. Pots legal now 15 years or so, but me? I’m kind old fashioned still. No one smokes on Naismith Court, ya unnderstand?” Bragg looks around. “Ya won’t have to worry about me, Pops.” Manning says, “Show us what ya got. We’re short handed cuz uh this damned embargo I inherited.”

  • Red Rooster, I note that you are very active this sunny but frigid Midwest New Years Day a.m. Here’s hoping all is well at your residence, and the best of health and happiness to you and yours, 2018.

  • @jaybate-1.0 funny, but the eligibility clock starts ticking at a certain age. At 27 or so he should be out of eligibility if I remember correctly from when Weeden was QB at osu.

  • @dylans

    By then maybe we will all be sub dermal chipped and you will go on the dark net and pay 50 NWO CRYPTO UNITS for black market re-flash of your chip to any age you need?

  • @jaybate-1.0 well…I’m aging so anything would be nice as long as the body matches the rolled back odometer!

  • @dylans

    “They can fix anything.”—Robocop

  • jaybate 1.0 said:


    By then maybe we will all be sub dermal chipped and you will go on the dark net and pay 50 NWO CRYPTO UNITS for black market re-flash of your chip to any age you need?

    Bitcoin for now, I believe. We in the NWO haven’t decided who goes on our currency yet. Torn between Dan Brown and Robert Ludlum, our patron saints who showed the way.

  • @mayjay My epiphany in the middle of a Robert Ludlum novel - why have I read 7 or 8 of these? Do i really care about Jason Bourne? Why have I spent hours of my life caring about Jason Bourne? And it was over. Just like that. That half -read book was laid down- never to be picked up again. It was a little like when Forrest Gump decided to quit running.

  • @KUSTEVE Those books in the Bourne series didn’t get me the way his standalone paranoia novels did, like The Matarese Circle, The Parsifal Mosaic, and The Osterman Weekend. Read 5 or six of those and you won’t ever trust anyone again–or when you do, and seek their help, they end up dead.

  • @KUSTEVE I suggest switching to the John Sandford books, the PREY series or, better yet, the VIRGIL FLOWERS set. Wife and I have read and reread those books. I’m wishing away future months, just so, after a bit of time has passed, I can get back at them again…for a 3rd read. Characters Lucas Davenport and Virgil are real treats. Virgil should have been a shooting guard for Bill Self. Lucas a power forward. ELIGIBLE too!

  • @mayjay I’ve read all three of those. It was the Bourne series that got me. It’s funny, too. I thought the first several were the best work he ever did.

  • OK…RED ALERT FOR STREAMING VIDEO. For one more day, Starz is running a 5 month special- .50 cents a month for 5 months. If you stream video, this is as cheap as you will ever get a premium movie channel. I about broke my fingers signing up. I feel as though Starz is the very best movie channel, with a huge library of movies. No contract - dump 'em at any time. No, i don’t work for them. I just couldn’t believe what a great deal that is.

  • @jaybate-1.0 During rape investigation at Men’s basketball team dorm, police found drug related stuff in Bragg’s room. There were reports that Bragg had been involved in drugs, Furthermore, around the same time, you may recall he was involved in a fight with a female student.

    Bragg could never work with Self. Bill wanted him to play 5 spot, whereas Bragg wanted to play as a stretch 4. He did not like to be a banger type of player but Bill needed him to play differently. They clashed.

    Its a pity. What a waste of talent. I hope he can get needed direction and find inner peace.

  • @AsadZ

    Thx for recalling the issues. They were unfortunate.

    But I still wonder, if it were permissible to transfer back.

  • @jaybate-1.0 the rules are complex but i am not aware of a rule that will prohibit him from coming back to KU. Now if he was attending classes at ASU and/or had practiced with the team he will have to sit out yet another year before becoming eligible to play.

  • @AsadZ

    Thanks. Maybe he will transfer to DII and not have to sit out. Or catch on with a D-League team. I remember Self enthusing about his potential during his first season, saying that if he stayed around a couple seasons there was no limit to what he could do. That was pretty high praise from Self.

  • @REHawk THANK YOU! Thank You, thank you … Just catching up on my reading !!! All is well here on the home front. We are both staying in and waiting for this cold front to pass over us. Hope you had a GREAT Christmas and you are looking for a better 2018. I am … . Father Time is catching up on both my wife and I’ve slowed down quite a bit during the past year. It seems to me that everything that I do now is quite a chore. … Most of the things I “use too” enjoy is now quite a challenge to get them done. Oh well … another year lies ahead.
    Thanks again @REHawk for asking! I’m hoping that our KU boys can get it together and not only win the B12 but go deep into the tournament. Can they win it all ??? They will need several breaks to do so … My fingers are crossed.

  • @Red.Rooster so good to hear from you! Stay in and stay warm! Wishing you and your wife many blessings this year.

  • @mayjay

    Brown and Lud =

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  • Its probably not out of the realm of possibility that Bragg doesn’t play D-1 ball again. Hope he gets his life together, this is the 2nd place he’s left in a year

  • BeddieKU23 said:

    Its probably not out of the realm of possibility that Bragg doesn’t play D-1 ball again. Hope he gets his life together, this is the 2nd place he’s left in a year

    very easily could see him ending up back towards home - -some D-2 some where- man sure seems like a waste of what at least at one time seemed to be a very good athlete in the making with a good College career, and now how things have turned. - Haven’t heard why he is transferring out of Arizona St - may never know just wonder. – It’s sad to se - -I really liked Bragg. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jaybate-1.0 “Marvin, Marvin…”

    Wow, you got me thinking about Scott Pollard in two threads today!

    (young fans might not get the reference!)

  • @mayjay

    I bet. 🙂

  • @mayjay

    Well…Pollard’s Marvin is the car Preston should have been driving and he would be playing now. 😄

  • @JayHawkFanToo Winner, winner!

  • @dylans - I believe the rule is once you enroll and attend classes, it’s five academic years to play four seasons. There is the medical exemption to play four seasons in six academic years.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    In his case, it would appear he has serious psychological/addiction (?) problems that are now considered medical and he can likely get a one year medical red shirt.

    Too bad, he seemed to be such a nice, mellow young man that could play the piano and, if I recall correcty, play chess as well. Hopefully he gets his head straightened up and uses this God given talents in a good way.

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