• Keegan had a piece in the Journal world this afternoon. He stated this could be the year KU’S streak comes to an end and KU still makes a final 4. - He gave his prediction how he think sit might turn out based off Kenpom. Now let me say guys I apologize beyond the left center field fence to some herre , trying to justify from other articles I had read about the all mighty powerful Big 12 - -I took the hook, line, & sinker - -my bad. After seeing this -Man oh Man this leauge has the whole leauge has play a cup cake and a half non con - -why can’t the predictors see that our leauge non con was pitiful as you will see in the following:

    Here is how Keegan see’s it panning out. # 1 - - - -Oklahoma:

    Kenpom ranking ( 16 ) - - SOS - - -106 - - -Positive stat: kenpom rank 59.0 ( 7) - -field goal % - - -Negative Stat: 28.0 ( 200 ) offensive rebound % #2 - - - - West Virginia : - - -Kenpom ranking (12) - - - SOS - - -329 - - - -Positive stat: 28.3 ( 2 ) opponent to’s- - - Negative stat : 33.2 ( 232 ) 3 point % - - - - - - - # 3 KU Kenpom ranking ( 6 )- - - SOS- - - -60- - - -Positive stat : 60.5 ( 3 ) efficency fg % - - damm forgot to write down negative lmao. - - - # 4- - -TCU- - - Kenpom ranking ( 24 ) - - - -SOS - - - -135- - - Positive stat: 59.8 ( 4 ) efficeny fg %- - - - - -Negative stat: 52.5 ( 245 ) 2 pt % defensive

    Well not going to go any further guys if you want check it out on the LJw

    Just got to say leauge SOs was REALLY SAD - - -KU the highest at 60 - - - -60 thats crazy - - - – -Wv - -SOS - -329 ? - -WOW - Texas Tech - -SOS - - - -334 ? - -what the hell? - - Baylor - - -291 - - -Oklahoma St - - -300 - - - -KSU – -286 - - - Iowa State 297 - - - this leauge better step it up or be the laughing stock of the Nation -the toughest leauge - -who are they rtying to kid -I apoligize for being so far off till I seen this - - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Jayballer54

    SOS at this time is very misleading. Look at who are the teams with the highest SOS, they are all team ranked in the 300s and with losing records. Poor teams play and lose to the better teams and thus end up with super high SOS which means nothing. Once conference play starts the numbers are going to flip and the SOS for the Teams in the better conferences is going to shoot up and the SOS for the teams in the lesser conferences and with current high numbers is going to drop.

    Using the SOS at this stage to predict conference finish is silly. All the SOS indicates is the level of competition a team has faced and not really how good or bad the team is.

  • Reading Keegan was your first mistake.

  • @JayHawkFanToo - -Very good points. - -I really hadn’t thought about it a lot , just stating what Keegan had written in the article. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • FarmerJayhawk said:

    Reading Keegan was your first mistake.

    Maybe, – Maybe not. – Sometimes he has some good articles, not saying he is right all the time by far, but then again not saying he is wrong all the time either. Someone I never cared for was the clown from the KC Star - -used to be Jason Whitlock. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @FarmerJayhawk I am still waiting, after many years, to read Keegan’s first fully developed and completely written article. King of the changing topic and half baked article.

  • @jayballer54 If you want to add the link to any of the articles you reference all you have to do is copy the address (from up top in the browser bar) and paste it here in the body of your post. Hope that helps.

  • I’m thinking it will go Kansas, Oklahoma, TCU, WVU, Texas, Baylor, Tech, Iowa St, Kansas St, Oklahoma St.

    The Hawks took care of business against Buddy Heild’s heroics. No reason to believe they can’t handle Trae Young.

  • dylans said:

    @jayballer54 If you want to add the link to any of the articles you reference all you have to do is copy the address (from up top in the browser bar) and paste it here in the body of your post. Hope that helps.

      • -lol, thanks for the info - -now the thing is what’s paste? lmao I’m am totally stupid with these things I’m lucky to peck away at my keyboard lol.

    You mention all I have to do is copy the address from the browser - -hell I can’t find the browser lol. - -I have at the top of my page I have: - - Add to favorites - – HUB ( favorites , reading list, books, favorites , history and downloads ) Add notes & Share that’s at the top of my page lol see told you daaaaaaaaa - - -lol - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Jayballer54 Ok, like when you go to It should say at the top somewhere that is what I’m calling your browser bar. You can click on the link in the browser bar and it should highlight then you click again and it should give you the option to copy. Click down (or hold your finger down on an iPad screen) in the body of your post (here) and it will give you the option to paste what you just highlighted and copied from earlier.

  • Self and Company is on a campaign, mostly a Riverboat Gambler campaign to push his troops into becoming motivated to defend.

    Tom is providing a service. Mentioning this could be the team to blow the streak. They need to hear this because as of date, our defense has been a mixed bag, and our offense has masked softness in our offense by getting lucky and hot from trey.

    We don’t even win our share of 50/50 balls. We should be getting 2 to 3 times the amount of steals with all of these uber-athletic guards. We should have one of the better trey ball defenses. There are several areas where we are weak when we shouldn’t be because the guys haven’t stayed focus.

    I believe, like Bill does, that the trey ball can be a curse. It becomes an enabler for going soft on defense. No big deal, just hit more treys than our opponents… except… how many games will we be cold from trey? Just hand over those games to our opponents?

    And the lack of depth excuse gets old fast. Yes, we need more depth, but what about the advantages of having a short bench? Our guys should come together much quickly because their high amount of PT playing together. There are many past National Championship teams that only ran 7 deep and with even less of a post presence.

  • I don’t mind Keegan. He’s not a true believer, but he’s close enough. I like Tait and Newell better, but I can live with the fat man. I also don’t mind Gary Parrish as long as he is writing good things about us. When he isn’t, i turn on him like a rabid dog.

  • What’s the point of having a biased sports writer? Gotta tell it like it is even if the fan base doesn’t wanna face the truth

  • Keegan seems to do a decent job of mop up writing, after games, when he can study the stat sheet. But as for his predicting outcomes, well, I’d about as soon read Dagwood and Blondie. Even if he possessed a really astute handle on Bill Self Basketball, Keegs would twist his article into convoluted disarray.

  • I just think he’s a crappy writer who’s long past his prime. I like Tait and Bedore a lot better. I know I’m in the minority, but not a fan of Newell either. Sometimes he comes off as thinking he knows the game better than anyone else, and doesn’t always use analytics correctly.

  • @drgnslayr You got me thinking. You said, “We should be getting 2 to 3 times the amount of steals with all of these uber-athletic guards.” I know you were exaggerating a bit to make the point. We seem like we should get more forced turnovers.

    Odd, though, we get 8 steals per game. The last time we averaged 8 per game was 2010-11. In all other years since then, it was 7 steals per game except in 2012-13, it was 6. Back in 2007-08, it was 9. It does seem like we should get more.

    But what those stats don’t tell us is that we’ve been playing easier teams than we’ll see regularly the rest of the season. We’ll see where we sit.

  • @SkinnyKansasDude Keegan is biased the wrong way against KU. He’s quick to throw anyone under the bus and very slow to give legitimate praise to KU.

    His current crusade against David Beaty and Sheahon Zenger is filled with false information that he is irresponsibly trying to pass as fact.

    I don’t have an issue with him not being a fan of those two men, but when he’s creating false narratives to try and build his case against both men and I have no respect for that.

    His railroading of Beaty has made KUSports a very toxic place to be right now that’s even worse than when it was when this site was created.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Let’s see us maintain those numbers when we aren’t playing high school teams. We have a false sense of security from playing poor teams.

  • @drgnslayr And it would seem to me that playing small ball the last two seasons, with quicker players on the court, that our steal rate would increase.

    @Texashawk Those are some pretty strong allegations against Keegan. I have zero insight as I have stayed away from it. If you ever have the inclination, in the KU FB area, perhaps you could expand. I’d be very interested.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    The problem is that we don’t really work on the fine details of basketball. We don’t work on fakes, hedging, deception…

    We have to win games by overwhelming other teams with our base talent.

  • @drgnslayr You had correctly pointed that out regarding boxing out in prior seasons. The little things win games. Interestingly, I noticed how Newman was really boxing out vs. Stanford. Was lazy on boxing out earlier. Sometimes just standing around. Magically, 7 boards. I think someone got on his tail.

  • @drgnslayr that comes back to coaching, imo. They need to stop beating themselves.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I noticed that, too. I think Malik is starting to realize he needs to find other ways to help the team. It is going to be a process getting him to become more effective in the obvious areas, like driving and passing… and most, just seeing more of the court.

    A while back, I heard some people call him a ball hog. I never thought that. Self pushes him to contribute, but he just hasn’t figured it out yet and how to mesh with his teammates. So he has taken some ill-advised shots… just wanting to contribute.

    He learned a lesson or two last night, along with several of our players… on NOT what to do against a defender with a 7’9" reach.

    I hope Doke watches that tape over and over. His shot was exposed for sticking it right out there to get blocked, instead of keeping his big body between the ball and defender. Those low post moves… he needs to stop turning his upper body directly towards the goal. He should practice a baby hook and a few other moves. In the second half, he scored directly on Bamba by just taking the ball behind his head to make more space away from Bamba and his release.

    Now I’m curious for the Texas game in AFH. What changes will Doke make between now and then? He really has been impressive concerning advancing his game. He focuses well, has lots of emotion, his heart is in the right place (for his team), he is intelligent, has a solid athletic base and he works his tail off. Can’t wait to see his game by March!

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