• Well looks like Dakich has sealed his own fate when it comes to Ku and the fan base.

    This guy has just totally alienated his self. - You really need to check it out.- -The host off ESPN-KC was talking about Dakich and him talking about tweets that he gets and listed some examples then the host offered Dakich to come on the show not really expecting a response -but he did call in and then it was on.

    He said during his time on the show that And everybody knows, like everybody in the world knows, that, with all due respect very few fan bases whine more then Kansas.

    Dakich talked about a conversation he had had with Mike Krzyzewski that fans tend to hear only what they want.

    Then he says I must of said 8,000 glowing things about Kansas because I really like KU basketball, like I really like Bill Self

    Then he turns around and says again that mid majors know when you play at a Kansas they know they are going to get screwed, referring that the refs get paid a lot more for doing a KU game then an Omaha game so you know the refs are going to keep Bill Self happy. -

    Then he says about KU fans - -you guys are so like uptight and insecure and nuts.

    These are just a few things that this article brought out, this guy is a joke . - -you all really need to check out the entire thing, as he got into it with some fans on the show you can hear the entire conversation -the article is from the LJW just really crazy - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Go through the posts that have come out after those 2 losses and see if he is wrong on the insecure and nuts thing!

  • mayjay said:

    @jayballer54 Go through the posts that have come out after those 2 losses and see if he is wrong on the insecure and nuts thing!

    I don’t need to the guy is nuts himself, I know another thing he thought he had it bad before -I’m sure he now has seen nothing to what it will be. - - he is just another lame lost announcer that wants to talk about anything and everything that he is suppose to be talking about and that’s the actual ball game that is going on the floor. I think Walton and him are mis placed twins.

    I know from watching the game they spent at least 5 solid minutes about the rewets he gets and Ohio State and his son and Blah - Blah - -blah - how about this how about being the color commentator your paid to be and analyze the play that is taking place on the floor.

    I don’t have as much problem with him talking out of his butt about insecurity but when he takes shots at Coach then I have issues thanks. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I think it was KUSteve who slapped the merry label on this guy. Dakich really needs to move to the Coast to team up with Bill Walton.

  • @REHawk He’s got a face made for radio and a voice made for not hearing.

    I know I will personally not ever listen to him again. Total embarrassment to a job that already has too many halfwits.

  • Dakich thread started the other day.

    And when have we ever cried about the officiating in AFH? Hard to remember. The other night Lightfoot allegedly drew a charge in which the Omaha guy breezed by him and the rushing wind knocked Lightfoot over. I don’t like Dakich but there’s some truth to what he is saying.

    Visit these boards (not just ours but the others that are similiar) on selection Sunday. KU got screwed is the general theme.

    Visit these boards after Dick Vitale calls a game. Whining, crying, he hate me type of stuff.

    Visit these boards after just about anything negative happens and there’s a lot of whining.

    Being a KU fan is an interesting thing because in the whole state there are no professional (big 4 sports) teams. 3 DI programs only. So Kansans pour a whole lot of emotion into these 4-5 months of the year when the hardwood Hawks are playing.

    But the thing is, fans of any team are pretty whiny so to call us out as the worst is very subjective…and foolish. Because of some these insecurities Jayhawks fans will never forget some of these things that he said.

  • @wissox I’m glad I was at the game. I’ve never heard of this clown. Sounds like I’m lucky. Passionate fans are supposed to be down after a loss, but not be poor sports about it.

    No highs without the lows. I’m not medicated.

  • @dylans We’re all glad you were at the game, and a little jealous too.

  • @wissox The announcers I like the most are KU homers though. I’m not gonna lie. Chris Piper may be goofy, but he’s 💯% Jayhawk.

    I know it’s sacrilegious, but I don’t mind Fran…

    Half the fun of having Dickie V call the game is bashing him. I think we’d be insulted if National hype man Vitale never called any of our games.

    Walton is just a dude at a basketball game talking about his glory days and whatever else thrills him. This is okay on replay like mystery science theater 2000, but not so great the first time through.

  • @dylans I like Walton. I rarely need announcers to tell me what’s going on anyways. To me the best sports announcing is the home team call on a baseball broadcast, radio or TV. Obviously they’re biased towards your team. But when you get a good one, like I do as a Sox fan and Steve Stone and Jason Benetti, then it’s just a joy to listen to.

    We spend our summers in Wisconsin and I’ll listen to Brewers game on the radio just to hear Eucker because he’s so good.

  • @dylans “I know it’s sacrilegious, but I don’t mind Fran…”

    Wow, where were you in the 8,000 posts where I was the lone voice saying anything in defense of him? Beaten and bruised I was!

  • @wissox There are a few baseball guys I really like. Tim Kurchen and Boog Shiambi are great unlike my spelling


  • @mayjay Sometimes you can’t even defend KU players (Traylor) on here. I’m not wasting my effort on Fran!

  • @dylans Hmmm…good point. I have to make that battles-worth-fighting calculus all the time on our neighborhood board. “OMG! Someone put an ad in the news section!”

  • dylans said:

    @wissox I’m glad I was at the game. I’ve never heard of this clown. Sounds like I’m lucky. Passionate fans are supposed to be down after a loss, but not be poor sports about it.

    No highs without the lows. I’m not medicated. His boy played for Michigan soo go figure. - He has a burr in his ass for KU for quite some time.

    The reason you probably haven’t heard him is he doesn’t do a lot of games - -especially around here -more Big ten guy - -what a surprise - he falls in line right along With Captain Airhead Bill Walton you haven’t missed much - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • The thing which really tics off this family: Bigtime announcers spewing their extraneous bull hockey at moments when the viewing audience is waiting to hear precisely who was called for a foul. Just a simple thing like a foul call would appear to be an essential ingredient to sound, stable sportscasting. But, sadly, NOT! Wife and I would much prefer muting the tube, listening to our own announcers on img radio…but for the awkward time lapse between the two media sources.

  • @REHawk my point exactly! It’s about THE GAME. No spit😳I wasn’t spitting! (Split) screens, not about you or your fan mail or your promotions or your kids, just the the game! Neutral! Coaches get fined for talking about refs, fine that bigmouth! I’m sure Self and the refs appreciated that remark! We need to get back to bitching about the refs, not the announcers, that’s our job!🤣

  • @REHawk

    I am on Sling TV and the delay is well over 30 seconds. At one time against Omaha the score was 62-29 but Live Stats showed it to be 62-35; Omaha scored 2 3pointers in the delay alone. I cheated and saw the KU-Nebraska final score before the game was over n the regular broadcast.

    There is free software available that you can use on a computer to delay the radio transmission and synchronize it with the game broadcast. I will have to try that and see if I can listen to a radio broadcast instead of the unbearable commentators.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Don’t the referees have a an association/union that can file a complaint with the NCAA? DickItch openly questioned their professionalism and called them biased and in the back pocket of the big programs. If I were a referee I would be extremely offended.

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