We Won

  • We won. Now I’ve heard and some others have mentioned the same thing, well we get DeSousa or Preston we will be fine , or we will be a lot better. Well maybe , maybe we will , maybe we wont .

    There are some that seem to believe that will be the case. - -I’m not here to say they for sure won’t be a big help , but let me ask how many feel secure - -confident that one of these kids are going to make that difference , going into Big 12 play? - you say they will? - So your going to bank that these guys that are Freshmen that have not played a single minute of regular season ball ( Billy ) - or played a single minute of College ball ( Silvio ) are going to be the savior to get this team turned around?

    I don’t feel good about this. - -This team has some serious flaws , flaws that have been exposed very clearly. - Sure getting one of these guys will help - will help quite a bit, but not sure they are the answer.

    A lot of people seem to be worried about our offense - -3 pt shots or dunks, TRUE it is some what of a problem for sure , but this is where I actually think they can help us more. - - If we can get one maybe if we are really lucky get both, but if we get another big then I think we all realize chances are we go back to more of an offensive scheme that Coach ha used the majority of the time he has been here and that is the three out - - two Big’s in this is where I think they can help us more .

    Lol , I read off another site this morning person said , - -he thinks Malik will be fine just is trying to get comfortable. -Sorry but I had to respond and ask So do you think Malik will be comfortable by March BEFORE the end of the season? - -I think with Malik this is one of the kids being overly rated coming out of high school OR just never developing any further out of high school.

    Anyways - -again I ask how many feel secure , safe and will say if we get Preston or DeSousa then everything is gravy - -everything is right with the world? - Be able to say this and really believe what you say? - - You see I don’t really feel our biggest problems are on the offensive end. - Our problems are one the other end I truly believe much more then on the offensive end, Our problems are on the defensive end and this is where I don’t feel as confident in either one of these two I mean sure ya - -another big body , helping out providing help with Doke , the real problem is we can’t stop a dribble drive to save our soul, and unless Billy or Silvio magically transforms themselves into a guards body to defend - -our defense flat out stinks.

    We don’t close out on the three, I don’t know how many times I’ve seen opposition shooting the 3 and Vick - -SVi - - Devonte only like almost half ass go half way out towards the shooter kind of wave a half hapless wave at the shooter and stop - -wide open three, not even close to contested, If we can’t get our defense greatly improves I don’t think Billy or Silvio are going to make THAT MUCH of a difference, our opponents shooting pct these last three games have just been crazy - shooting close to if not over 50 %. - That’s not KU defense.

    I just hope that fans won’t get all giddy AGAIN if we happen to thump Omaha Monday but a large margin - remember who it is. - Then again Omaha put 90 points up on Oklahoma and they were saying last night another pretty good 3 point shooting team - So not even sure if we will beat them by a huge margin the way we are playing right now. I know some will think I’m just a negative Nelly and that is fine everyone is entitled t their own opinions here - I just think unless we get this defensive problem corrected then Bill - -Silvio or not we are going to be in trouble in the conference and another short stay in the tourney - Sure they wilL help but we have a lot of work to do. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Hey Jayhawk fans, I wasn’t able to catch the game last night. Is there a link anywhere to a replay of the game?? I want to watch it!!!

    PS. Good post @jayballer54

  • This is an above average college basketball team and a bad Bill Self team.

  • @jayballer54

    A quick method to get Malik out of his funk should come from Devonte.

    He could setup some tweaks to have a few plays where him and Malik play a little 2-on-2 ball to help Malik. Like a high ball screen drive which leads into a pick and pop for Malik.

    Work on a few of these tweaks and it will help Malik in a big way. First… it gives him the green light to take the trey, so he knows several seconds ahead of time that he is about to get his shot. This puts some structure into his scoring.

    Right now, Malik looks a bit lost on knowing WHEN he should shoot. You can often see some hesitation in his shot, and that is NEVER good for a player’s shooting percentage!

  • Don’t look now, but Vandy is up big on ASU. I knew they weren’t #5. This is the problem with ESPN, tourney rankings, and idiot Lunardi. You don’t rank a team based on one lightening strike, one game, and one win. They are prematurely way too high. But, because it was KU at AFH, well by gawd, they should be ranked in the top 5. They even considered #1 for ASU. This shows you how ridiculous the whole system and the so-called experts are when it comes to bball. You have the pompous windbag Seth Greenberg saying that KU may not even win the B12, this early? They haven’t even played a B12 game, MORONS all. I will even admit that KU may have been ranked too high, but to drop them down to a double digit ranking is ludicrious. I could see them around the 8-9 mark roughly. I know the 2 game losing streak hurt, but it’s too early to move teams this much in the season. Oh and btw, the so-called experts are now trying to justify their stupid decision by calling the win, “barely.” Yes, “barely,” but it’s a road win in a difficult environment, against a fairly good team, and Nebraska had all hands on deck against KU. I’d say it’s a great road win with 2 loses already threatening their season. If KU lost to Nebraska, KU drops out of the top 25, GUARANTEED by the experts. But it’s their job to create “madness.”

  • With my first post above, I hope to see Billy back, and Silvio on campus any day now.

  • @truehawk93 don’t look now but… they are legit

  • Early season results SHOULD result in big swings in the rankings since the first rankings are set purely based on opinions and expectations. Small sample sizes result in bigger jumps. As things settle down and water finds its level, less variation should occur. Nothing to get excited about.

  • @truehawk93 Az St came back and smoked them.

  • ASU is a very good team with a very short bench.

  • @KUSTEVE Yeah, but Vandy? In Tempe? Not a good showing by ASU. We all know what the pattern to a loss looks like. I expect ASU to go down in a game or two. I don’t see them keeping this pace. I’m not saying ASU isn’t a good team. I’m simply saying they will not go the distance.

  • @truehawk93

    That game was not even close. Vanderbilt jumped to a quick start but ASU recovered, caught up and was up by 1 at half time. In the second half it upped the lead to 20 before coasting to an easy 12 point final margin.

  • @JayHawkFanToo ASU will be undefeated when they play at Arizona on Dec. 30. If they take them down, I would say they are definitely legit. A good shot at winning the Pac12 and a number one seed. If that happens our loss to them will not look so bad. Still stings to lose in the Phog however.

  • @Big-Clyde52

    I agree. Any loss at AFH is a bad loss regardless of who KU plays.

    ASU is legit but, much like KU, its Achilles heel is that they play a 7 man rotation which can be an issue when whistle happy refs are calling the game or towards the end of the season and post season when it is going to have tired players.

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