Ok so even I know

  • Ok guys , so even I know , and I’m just as guilty as a lot of others about this, maybe not others from here on this site , but across America. Yet even I know now when it’s time to draw the line - -time to say you know what enough ! - -enough already. Let’s not give this any acknowledgment any longer , let’s not feed this idiot any longer.

    My question has been and continues to be is WHY? - - WHY do we continue to feed into this guys bullshit? - Why does ESPN thrive on his melo drama crap?

    Sir Charles said it best yesterday. This idiot contrary to some’s belief - -this moron IS NOT being a good father. - -He isn’t looking out for their best interests. - -HE IS NOT. - -Charles said and I agree 1000000000 % - -he could give a rats ass about these kids, he is destroying their lives, and they are having to feed into - damn its almost like a mini version of Waco - the cult. - -Like Charles said he doesn’t care , all he is doing is exploiting these kids, trying to make money off his boys, for the Big Baller Brand -by promoting them.

    Like daddy Lavar said - -OH I sent Trump a peace offering I sent him 3 pair of my Big Baller brand shoes. – Holy shit. - - Charles said he wishes we could send them as far away over sea’s as possible. - -Charles says if we could get them past Lithuwania - -I know that’s not spelt right sorry but that would be awesome. Sir Charles said LaVar is every thing that is bad , bad , bad for the game of Basketball. Again I agree 1000000000 %

    Again here I am promoting this worthless - - - - - But when does this end? - -When do we just turn our heads, tune this worthless piece out? - HELLO – ESPN - -HELLO? - -boy If I were one of his boys - - -I’d be so proud - -oh hell ya - -be like someone say to me - hey Gerry - isn’t that your pops? - I’d say whaaa - him my pops - -OH HELL NO uh uh that ain’t my pops nope, not my daddy

    OK I am declaring today as of right now at 7:22 a.m. Friday December 15 , 2017 - -the end of this piece of work LaVar - FINISHED - -never another word uttered out of old Jayballer’s mouth, I’m 63 yrs old takes to much energy to waste moving my mouth talking about " THE BALL FAMILY " - -heads up ESPN take notice - - follow suit. - -how about this why don’t you spend as much time about REAL SPORTS. - between having your heads so far up Duke/ N Carolina’s & the ACC and now LaVar’s butt I’m surprised you report ANY sports. - -That is all. - -So let it be written - -let it be done. - -ROCK CHALK my friends

  • lol

  • I recommend not watching ESPN for anything but a live sporting event. It’s great.

  • BShark said:

    I recommend not watching ESPN for anything but a live sporting event. It’s great.

    oh but I have to watch so I can hopefully catch the high lights of our KU boys when they play. lol - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • ESPN just bought the regional Fox channel and there is supposed to start being local news shows apparently. That I could really enjoy I think.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Which station would that be?

  • Lavar has not yet spit on a little girl, as Barkley inexplicably did.

    But otherwise I am ok with ignoring Lavar.

    Saw somewhere on the Wild Wild Web recently that some early co founders of Face Book forced out early by Zuck say they think FACEBook, may be partly responsible for destabilizing America. Research allegedly indicate its use releases certain types of endorphins that break down human beings long evolved sense of social boundaries. They supposedly advocated giving it up, like giving up a drug. They believe it was destroying our social fabric. Of course that unsourced, undocumented allegation came on the eve of voting to repeal net neutrality!!! Howling!

    I think it will be easier to just give up Lavar for now, till we get more evidence on FB. 😎

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    ESPN just bought the regional Fox channel and there is supposed to start being local news shows apparently. That I could really enjoy I think.

    that would be a really goo thing if we were to get more local. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @JayHawkFanToo Fox Sports KC

  • I stopped watching ESPN for their political BS a year or 2 ago. I only watch KU games on ESPN, I used to watch sports center every morning, have seen most of the 30 for 30s but after that and now the sexual harassment scandal. I hope fox sports puts them outta business. It’s kinda funny to me about all these news outlets and celebrities put down Trump who I’m not a fan off for accusations of sexual misconduct but then news breaks of all the disgusting junk they have done. An old friend of mine used to be a psychologist and always told me people that consistently accuse others of a certain crime are often guilty of it themselves, they want to feel better about it by hoping you did the same.

  • I have not followed the intricacies of Big Baller Brand circus performances much. But someone did report that the two younger brothers of Lonzo are sitting in a ritzy spa site, living the life of teen jet setters while dipping their mud hooks into Euro ball. I am trying to imagine the warm reception they are bound to receive when they lace up their world renown tennies to take the court and win the hearts of teammates and knowledgeable hoops fans. O Boy!

  • @REHawk

    I believe that article was more of a tongue in cheek, wishful thinking type of story and likely not even close to reality. The team is based in Prienai, a town of under 10,000 people or a tenth the size of Lawrence and it plays in a gym with a capacity of 1,500 but typically has 100 fans for games but I expect the Ball freak show will draw bigger crowds until the novelty wears out.

    The team is said to be in financial trouble and I imagine they are not paying them very much at all; they get free publicity and Lavar gets to say he got the kids a pro contract. I give the experiment a couple of months at the most. Here is a story that gives a better idea of the condition they will be in.

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