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  • I’ve been dabbling in Sports Betting for a better part of 3 months now. I started with $250 and am now up to $21k. Now I’m not condoning it or even giving advice. I’m probably more lucky than good.But, I just would like to start a daily thing where I post the lines of games and my picks for the day, and then maybe we can have a conversation. If anything, these conversations will help everyone with their NCAA Tournament Office Pools! There will be several games a day I put with some random teams you would otherwise not pay attention to.

    • Seton Hall vs. TTU - Madison Square Garden

      • This is a “pick’em” game. Odds are the same. No Money Line.
      • My Pick: TTU - I really like their experience and depth this season. Coach has done a really good job with this bunch so far. They can score, but holy cow can they play D! Holding opponents to 55 ppg so far. I like TTU 74-68.
    • Notre Dame vs. MSU - East Lansing

      • MSU - Spread: -6.5 - ML: -290
      • ND - Spread: +6.5 - ML: +235
      • My Pick: MSU +5 (Bought 1.5 points) at -180 payout. If you are high on ND, today is a day to capitalize on it. I think MSU is definitely the better team and matches up well against ND though. I personally would take MSU on the spread, and buy 1.5 points. I think it is a tight game for 30 minutes before MSU pulls ahead by 8 or so those last 10 minutes.
    • South Florida vs. Elon - Elon, North Carolina

      • USF - Spread: +9.5 - ML: +400
      • Elon - Spread: -9.5 - ML: -550
      • My Pick: USF to win outright, take the +400 ML. I also love for them to cover the spread if you are worried to bet on bad teams. Elon hasn’t won by 10 points against a D1 team yet this season. No reason to believe they will blow out a USF team tonight.
    • NDSU vs. Miss St. - Starkeville, Mississippi

      • NDSU - Spread: +10 - ML: +425
      • Miss St. - Spread: -10 - ML: -600
      • My Pick: NDSU on the spread. MSST hasn’t played anyone, nor have they beaten any of their last three subpar opponents by more than 10 points. NDSU only lost to USC by 10 and beat an NCAA tournament bound Missouri State team. No to mention this game will be played at a very slow pace, making a 10 point spread tougher to cover for MSST.
    • UNC - Wilm vs. ECU - Greeneville, North Carolina

      • UNCW - Spread: -4.5 - ML: -200
      • ECU - Spread: +4.5 - ML: +170
      • My Pick: UNCW on the Moneyline with -200. It is a battle of two bad teams with UNCW having more upside IMO. they can score, but are terrible at D. I tend to think D is something that can get better, but sometimes scoring can’t. ECU also shoots a poor percentage from 3. UNCW shoots a very good percentage at .363. To be honest, I don’t even think this game ends up close and I like UNCW to get much better as the season progresses. But I’m not confident enough that they win by 5 to bet the spread.
    • Memphis vs. UAB - Birmingham, Alabama

      • Memphis ; Spread: +4.5 - ML: +175
      • UAB - Spread: -4.5 - ML: -210
      • My Pick: Memphis on the moneyline +175. UAB hasn’t beaten anybody of note. Memphis’ only loss comes to a good Bama team. If you don’t feel confident that UM has it in them, take them on the Spread and buy 1.5 points.
    • Mizzou vs. UCF - Orlando, FL

      • MIZ - Spread: -4.5 - ML: -200
      • UCF - Spread: +4.5 - ML: +170
      • My Pick: Mizzou on the -200 ML. Both teams have played Against WVU and SJ, Mizzou played both teams well. UCF played one of the uggliest games in history against SJU and was blown out by WVU. However, expect this to be a tight one and an ugly one. UCF could definitely win, but I like what this Mizzou team has going for them so far this year. I actually really like Mizzou on the spread, but I don’t like to bet the spread too often.
    • South Carolina vs. Temple - Madison Square Garden

      • Pick’em game. ML: -110 for both teams
      • My Pick: Love Temple here. Easy travel game. Play here routinely. Beaten both Clemson and Auburn this season. USC hasn’t played anyone.
    • Cavs vs. Hawks

      • Cavs: Spread: -8 - ML: -360
      • Hawks: Spread: +8 - ML: +280
      • My Pick: Cavs -8. On a roll and I don’t see it stopping in Atlanta.
    • 76ers vs. Celtics

      • 76ers - Spread: +9 - ML: +300
      • Celtics - Spread: -9 - ML: -400
      • My Pick: Celtics -7 (Buy 2 Points - ML: -180). 76ers don’t have Embiid or McConnel tonight. Celtics are rested and 76ers are playing a back to back. This has the makings of a 20 point win for Boston.

  • Great summary. We are starting to see how teams are going to perform but still early and a lot of these early games are, to use a gambling expression, a crap shoot. 😄

  • @JayHawkFanToo Thanks! And it would seem that way, but I have not found that to be the case actually lol.

    Beginning of the season is the best time to make money. Vegas only makes money when betting is even on both sides of the lines. So early in the year, people who bet on name brand instead of talent screw up the lines. As long as you are paying attention, you can get easy money at the beginning of each season.

  • @Kcmatt7

    I was referring more to some of the game results rather than the actual betting.

  • I’ve never gambled, never will. Was proud of myself during my only visit to Vegas to not have played one dime in a machine. I was sitting at the airport to leave, there’s machines practically right at the gate, tempting, but stuck to my principals. As long as you’re not spending your next mortgage payment on it I have no problem with it.

    I guess fantasy baseball was the closest I’ve come and that game was just for the honor of winning, but it bugged me to be cheering for a player who might be pitching against the Sox that night because if he wins I get points! I still fantasy golf which sounds like the total nerd activity, but it’s just fun.

  • Well, my picks yesterday went 4-6. Not a great day, but I’ve had worse. They say you have to basically win 52% of your games to be able to turn a profit.


    • Memphis really let me down. Got smoked.
    • Elon game was a 1 point loss, I should have followed my own advice and taken the spread.
    • MSSU had a guy go off for 37 I think last night. Rest of their team struggled, but he was good enough by himself to cover the spread.
    • If you bought two on the Cavs game, you could have won.
    • TTU was very disappointing last night. Gave up too many points. Not a team that is going to win track meets.
    • UNCW and ECU went into OT and I just ended up on the wrong side of it.


    • MSU did basically what I predicted. Pulled away with 10 left.
    • Temple crushed it.
    • Celtics plaid Great
    • Missouri ground out a win in a boring game, minus the awe that UCF has a 7’6 player.

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