One for the ages.

  • WOW, just when you think you have seen it all, then something totally bizarre jumps up and grabs you. - -you have to check this out of the ESPN site.

    Alabama and Minnesota. playing in the Barclays Classic : Now you have to be sittin for this , Alabama finished the balled game playing 3-5 - -only 3 Alabama players on the floor going against Minnesota 5. All happened after the entire Alabama bench got ejected - -THE ENTIRE BENCH for coming onto the floor in an exchange of words between Sexton and Minnesota player.

    Alabama player the final 10:41 seconds of the 2nd half with 3 players: - Colin Sexton , Galen Smith ,& Riley Norris - -the final 10:41 of the 2nd HALF ! ! !

    Alabama was only down 83-80 with 1:32 to go in the game - ended up losing 89-84 - -can you believe this - -Sexton ended up with 38. - -you guys HAVE GOT TO check this out off the ESPN site - - -just totally bizarre. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Thanks for the warning–I’m glad I WAS sitting down when I read this post. Pretty amazing!


    Maybe those bench guys watch too much baseball where leaving the bench is just another time-wasting ritual.

  • A commenter on that ESPN article provided some information that helps explain the close score:

    “What this article doesn’t say is the Gophers were up between 9-17 points the entire game, then when it got to 5-on-3, they stayed classy and just shot outside shots rather than penetrate, hit the boards, and foul out ALA’s last 3 players.”

  • Wow, crazy indeed.

  • Meanwhile Minnesota’s other team made 8 first downs all day against the vaunted but still underrated Badger team.

  • @wissox Congrats! Talking heads are trying to say Auburn moves to 1, Clemson 2, Miami 3, and Okla 4. I would put Auburn 4, Clemson 1, Wisc 2, and Okla 3. But next week will no doubt make things either clearer or totally effed.

  • @mayjay It’s seriously mystifying why this team hasn’t been in the top 4 for a month now. They’ve never been tested really. I know, the schedule is perceived to be weak, but not once all year have I had a dread like we’re going to lose this game. NW had the ball on their own 1 yard line down by a TD with a minute so I guess something could have happened there, but we sacked them for a safety.

    Troy st beat LSU which beat Auburn, so I guess Troy St. could make a case for the playoff, except I think they’re an FBS school. The SEC still plays FBS schools but the Big10 doesn’t and like the Big12 plays 9 league games. I’m sick of the logic that just assumes the SEC is so great. The announcer yesterday on the Badgers game said us UW fans should be cheering for Bama because if Auburn beats Bama then Auburn deserves to get in. Yes, 2 loss team gets in over undefeated champion. Makes perfect sense, go Bama!

    OSU gets the same treatment. They’re favorites for this Saturday, which is fine with me for the Badgers to keep that chip on their shoulder. (For the record, Badgers always seem to crap their pants against OSU and I’m nervous for this one)

    And someone made this comment: If an undefeated major conference champion doesn’t make it in then fans of the PAC12, Big12, and any other league that’s not the SEC or ACC have a lot to worry about because it could happen to their league someday too.

  • @wissox I want UCF to get in. With Wisc, of course!

  • They didn’t want to miss the Iron Bowl.

  • I don’t watch enough college football to really know, but it looks like a tough decision for the fourth playoff team. If you could have Georgia, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Auburn play for the last two spots that would help. I’m counting on Clemson beating Miami, but if it turns out the other way? Massive poop storm. It’s hard to exclude Auburn after they have beaten 2 number one ranked teams.

    I thought Alabama and Georgia’s resumes were weak, but then I looked at Wisconsin’s schedule. I’m glad I’m not on the committee. They will get blasted this year. The best thing about it isn’t that it gets all four teams right, it’s that it gives the best team a shot. There won’t be another year where two teams can lay claim to the title.

    Oklahoma, and Clemson look to be in, but it’s a mess after that. Kinda funny really. It doesn’t matter how many teams they allow into the national title game/playoffs the first non-qualifier will feel slighted.

  • @mayjay Well just watched the last minutes of that game and no, that’s not true , cause with 1:12 left to go in the game and up by 3 Minnesota hit up on long pass and the kid drove in for a lay up, so not all the shots were outside, if that’s what the article said it is wrong - -crazy game. just watched the highlights during the halftime of the DePaul game crazy - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 I don’t think it is wrong, just not absolute. The play by play shows that Minnesota in the last 10:50 attempted 4 layups, 6 3-ptrs, and 9 other jumpers. Alabama committed fouls on two shots in the last seconds of the game where the type of shot is not revealed. There was that layup you mentioned, which occurred after the game got close. But they went almost 10 minutes without fouling as Minnesota attempted jumper after jumper.

    The layup you mentioned seemed to have ended the Minnesota outside shot brigade that did leave the game closer than it might have been.

    I watched a highlight that showed Alabama playing the traditional Triangle-Without-The-Other-Two zone defense. Minnesota had all five guys outside the 3 circle, and was just shooting from out there without anyone on either team moving much.

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