Advanced Stats on KU so far

  • Only 4 games in but some interesting stats so far on our guys.

    Some general background info. Last year Frank Mason was our best offensive player. His Offensive rating was 128.4 , almost 7 points better then anyone else on the team. His PER was 25.5 which was also best on the team.

    This years squad through 4 games, 4 guys are over Mason’s 128 O-Rating including freshman Marcus Garrett. Svi and Vick are hot as fire right now with O-rating’s of 143.4 & 141.4.

    Five players right now have a PER over 20, only two Hawks finished the season with such mark last season (Mason, Jackson)

    Are we just looking good playing bad teams or is this a real offensive juggernaut of a team? Probably a mix of both. Newman has the lowest stats right now of the guards (comparable to Devonte’s Jr Season).

    Will be interesting to see how the stats even themselves out with more games

  • No way Svi and Vick will be able to sustain that level of play. They will probably settle in around 115 or so (still very good, but over 140 is otherworldly). Once competition picks up the efficiency based stats like PER will start to even out.

    It does confirm what the eye test has shown - the Hawks are playing a high level of basketball right now, and should only improve once a couple more pieces are added in.

  • @BeddieKU23 I was just scrolling through did some checking on some things. - - One thing I would like to se improve & I know it will not sweating but right now Devonte is shooting less then 30% fro the 3 - - - - - -7 out of 24.

    Had tor wanted to check on our under talented Mitch lightfoot. - Not to bad for the guy.

    Shooting 53.8% - from the field , - 60%-- from 3pt - - light on the rebounds but a lot of that is bulk I think, just gets pushed around , and just not good positioning, but give him more time to develop only 2.8 rpg - - - -leads the team in blocks with 11 - - -ya needs to take care of the ball better 7 to’s - -2 assists - and averaging 4.5 ppg - -Not Bad averages 13.3 minutes per game. Now w all know if and when Billy comes back - playing time will decrease - -or when De-Sousa gets here it will decrease. - Like I’ve said before I like Mitch may not be the most talented, may make some mistakes but then again who on the team doesn’t? - -He will ALWAYS give 100%, a kid that bust his butt, maybe not the best at it - redshirt him next year if he will. - I think more then anything he just need some bulk.

    Marcus - -what a player this kid is/gonna be - does it all - -7.8 rpg love his all around game. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @justanotherfan

    Last year Svi was at 116.7 and Vick was at 110.7.

    I think both are capable of having O-Ratings in the 120’s based on how many shots they are getting so far. Both have been efficient. We’ll see, obviously where they are right now is not sustainable.

    Add in Azubuike’s 139.9 & Garrett’s 134.4 and you have 4 guys that are lighting it up right now even with the Kentucky game already accounted for.

  • @jayballer54

    Yeah Devonte has struggled shooting the ball. I’m not worried but you would like to see him start making shots more consistently. He’s getting good looks and his passing is outstanding. He’s Top 5 in assists per game and total assists so far in the country. If he’s passing the ball at a high level to guys who are making shots we can’t complain too much.

    I’ve been impressed with Lightfoot’s improvement on his shot. It’s clear he put in some work to improve that part of his game. He’s still got a ways to go elsewhere. He just seems a year away from being comfortable. He needs playing time and he should get plenty of it in the next month at least.

  • Based on the games I have seen so far for many team including several top ten 10, I can say that KU’s best game is likely better than any other team’s best game including Duke. The question is whether it can bring this level or a close version of it to the big games, particularly in the NCAA Tournament, instead of playing the worst game of the season at a critical time.

  • From what I have seen my take anyways is that it sure looks like SVI is a lot more aggressive. Not just settling for the three - -he is driving the ball to hitting the mid range jumper and such - This is what he has been needing to do. Loving his aggression.-

    I agree about Devonte, I’m not worried , it will come, I think right now he is concentrating more on being the Pg and distributing the ball, not that worried about his scoring. - -I think we all know he can stroke the ball, looking pretty good so far. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Growing pains. Devonte is just starting to become comfortable with his new role as leader of the team. He is fine and will only get better.

  • If KU shoots the ball like they could on their best day, they are basically unbeatable. You can’t do much if KU hits 17-20 threes. On the other hand, this team is vulnerable to a cold spell that could doom them against a far inferior team.

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