Fire Beatty. Fire him now.

  • We have all suffered the embarrassment of being a KU football fan.

    Today, we witnessed our players refusing to shake hands before the game. We then heard our coach dancing around the issue in the post-game press conference like a Hollywood puke trying to explain his demented personal conduct.

    Here are the word of a coach that continues to put talk and style over substance:

    "Let me say this: I get it,” Beaty said. “Our guys at some point in their careers, they just have to get tired of it. … They’ve got to get fired up about sticking their feet in the ground and defending their grass. I get it.

    “We certainly are a (classier) team than that. We’ll talk about it as we move forward and we’ll make sure we represent our university and ourselves with class. … But I do like the spirit our guys carried into the game. They want to win, and they want to be respected the way other teams are. We’ve just got to find a better way to show that.”

    Uh, yea.

    I see where a player said they were “putting their foot down.” What in the he** does that mean? Like usual, a multi-touchdown loss.

    This is a disgrace, and today was an unbelievable display of poor sportsmanship. I cannot fathom why or how this was a good idea. This does not show strength, it shows weakness.

    Of course, like his horrible predecessor, Beatty continues to find a way to present a new uniform and helmet combination every game. As I said with Weis – style over substance.

    WIN FIRST. We can giggle of what helmet and uniform combo you’ve directed we wear perhaps after we gain some real success.

    Today was symbolic of a coach that is flailing to find something, anything, to create a win.

    This was the final straw. The actions by the captains – yes captains – today represents this entire university. It is how Kansas is presented to the football world. And our coach explains it away as it if means nothing.

    He has no compass. If this is how he leads his players, no wonder the notorious know it all is an epic failure.

    Guess what, coach? You’ve got nothing. Zero. Except a pile of lopsided losses after three full seasons to make “progress.”

    Want a lesson in leadership? Look west down I-70. Or just down the street at AFH. I cannot even imagine either of those historic leaders sanctioning what we saw at the coin flip today.

    Fire Beatty. Fire him now.

  • And PLEASE, PLEASE take Zenger with him!!!

  • @HighEliteMajor I admit that my expectations for KU football are exceptionally low so I’m not as upset about it as others are. Still the optics are bad, very bad.

  • @HighEliteMajor I can’t say on here what I think of today’s performance before, after and during the game, toomany folks would be offended or upset. Beaty should’ve been out weeks ago with Zenger but apparently they can talk their way outta of anything. Maybe he gets fired after a week 1 loss next year. We have more talent than ISU or KSU(both going bowling)just have a bunch of rejects for coaches. Paying this sorry group of con artist as much as a Pizza Hut delivery boy is about double what they deserve.

  • @HighEliteMajor Even if the hand-nonshake had not occurred, the last straw for me would have been not taking Defense (for nonwatchers, actually a player named that) out of the game after the inexcusable cheap shot into the OU qb.

    We’re BAD. Man, sooooooo BAD! Nice to know that their attitude was fiery but this was delusional swagger with nothing to back it up.

    If you are crappy, having class can be a saving grace, letting a team still leave the field with heads high. Beatty and the team must have forgotten that.

  • Mangino’s weighed in. His comment - “What kind of strategy is that?”

    Those were the good old days.

  • @mayjay yes, I’m not sure why we would fire up,the leading heisman candidate on a cool windy day vs the last place team that really had no reason to be. SMH just stupid and classless.

  • As Gunny Highway would say…a cluster f**k.

  • Doug Gottlieb (not our favorite source) referred to KU football as the “opposite” of KU basketball – “talentless and classless.”

    Very nice.

  • …and he issued an apology for his behavior…

  • @JayHawkFanToo No apology from Beatty or the players at our university. It’s interesting how ESPN focuses on Mayfield. Though Mayfield is famous for his low level behavior, I’m quite sure without our faux toughness to start the game, and the late hits during the game, the situation doesn’t deteriorate in a game of this … uh … magnitude.

    I’m just puzzled how KU’s football leadership can’t see how this is all about weakness, not showing toughness.

  • I’m just glad they showed a little emotion. I thought the players had completely given up. Now if the leadership could channel it into something constructive we’d have something. As it is it’s not pretty, but at least they weren’t grabbing their crotches and yelling f you at the other team.

    I hope Beaty can figure out something positive to do with that energy in the next game.

  • @dylans And what gives you such hope???

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I don’t disagree with you, I quoted “Gunny Highway” above with my opinion on the state of the program and it is not good.

  • I was looking up the word “futility” in the dictionary the other day and I saw a picture of KU football. deadpan

  • @ICTJayhawk definitely not past history.

  • If you are the football conference champions, your QB should lead the way in every way. He of all people should show why they are champions. IF KU slighted the Heisman cry baby, he should grow up and lead. I want to know if he was taunting the captains at midfield with insults during the coin flip. My guess is, he was talking some smack and trying to get some kind of response. They may have ignored him and inadvertently failed to shake his hand. I don’t think the KU players were that stupid to add insult to injury by deliberately contributing to this mess. Not only did Mayflower act stupid, but he continued to act like a moron. The cheap shot may have been a response to the coin flip. But KU will likely never say if it started at the coin toss.

    BTW…If he wants KU to stick with basketball, then he should tell Lon Kruger and the OU basketball team to stick with football? Doesn’t that converse comment make sense and warrant at least for him to consider. Or better yet, maybe he should apologize for equally insulting his own basketball program and all the OU sports by implying that football is the only sport at OU.

    Typical American sports to condone this behavior and thus teach kids it’s ok to act like an idiot as long as you are a good player, or winner. I wonder if Lincoln will bench him during the next game for his behavior? Or reprimand him for making the program look horrible? I doubt it, because his job is on the line too to win a NC. Oh wait, he apologized.

  • @HighEliteMajor I like your suggestion, but who do you go to from here? KU would have to be extremely intentional in the next coaching search. We are getting desperate and already at the bottom of the barrel. How do we go up and convince a competitive coach to coach the KU football program? At this point, I’d take a coach that could recruit a competitive team. Beaty had a chance to win one and maybe two more games, but blew it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but 2-3 wins is NOT too much for this program. Maybe under Beaty, but surely there is a coach that can put a game plan together to beat a winless BU team. We also had a chance against Texas and possibly KState.

  • @mayjay LOL…we’re so bad, we make bad teams look…not bad.(


  • @Lulufulu You must have misread Lulu - " Futility " is what they strive for. They are a long ways below that now.

  • So, Jim Mora?

    @truehawk93 The KU captains all had their hands behind their backs. It is far easier to imagine that they are stupid enough on this team to antagonize a Hesman candidate than it is to believe all three simultaneously came to that response to trash talk without talking to each other.

  • I was busy all weekend and didn’t get to watch the game until this morning. Baker Mayfield is an assclown, but what KU did at the coin toss and Defense’s cheap isn’t defendable. It was low class and completely lacking in sportsmanship and Beaty not holding them accountable has pushed me to the other side of the fire him/keep him issue.

    I could deal with the losing for another year as part of the big picture plan to set the next coach up for success early on with a full cupboard of scholarship players, but that crap on Saturday is indefensible.

  • @mayjay Hell no to Jim Mora. Mora is someone who has progressively gotten worse at UCLA. That’s another Charlie Weis situation waiting to happen at KU.

    I’d like to see KU make a run at Craig Bohl at Wyoming. He’s the architect of the North Dakota St. dynasty. He’s also not likely to get the Nebraska job that should be coming open this year because that is Scott Frost’s job if he wants it. Bohl is going to be their back up plan.

  • I didn’t care about the pregame handshake thing. Not a big deal.

    The late hits bother me, though. That’s dangerous and stupid. I’ve been backing Beaty for a while, but the late hit stuff makes me re-think that support. If Beaty thinks being physical and tough means taking late hits and stupid penalties, KU will never improve under his leadership. He’s just going to get people hurt for no reason.

    I am officially reversing course on Beaty. This may need to be his last year at KU.

  • @justanotherfan I disagree about the handshake thing not being a big deal. Players actions reflect their “leadership” and if their coach is ok with a classless move like that, then we need new leadership. You can get away with BS like that if you’re a top notch team with superior athletes, but when you’re a no talent team like KU (sorry - it’s the truth), you at least need to act like decent human beings.

  • @nuleafjhawk Agreed. I can see refusing after a game if the other team has been cheap-shotting or acting like jerks–but before the game is a ritual designed to help players adhere to the rules of gentlemanliness and sportsmanship. Obviously, not shaking hands for KU was a precursor. Yay, team, make me proud.

  • @justanotherfan

    Late hits tend to be spur of the moment, frustration type of actions; I would be shocked if it was planned and I don’t believe any coaching staff would be that irresponsible…or stupid. The handshake though appears to be planned and reflects extremely poorly on the team, staff and the school at large. The lack of reaction/response by Beaty appears to indicate prior knowledge and acquiescence and could give Zenger cover to fire him. I don’t believe Zenger will fire Beaty since it would mean that he has to go as well.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I didn’t mean to imply that the late hits were “planned”. But the late hits, IMHO may have grown from a targeting of Mayfield that KU players decided they were going to “get” him. That’s what I meant by saying if Beaty implied that KU wanted to be physical and tough, and that’s how the players took it, its time to re-examine that approach. If that attitude came from not shaking hands, then that’s on Beaty as well.

    I just know that when I was officiating football, we had a couple of games where because of rivalries and such, the teams did not shake hands pre-game to avoid any back and forth between them. Helped keep things at bay rather than letting things get started before kickoff.

  • @justanotherfan

    I think we can safely rule out a football rivalry between KU and OU… 😃

  • @justanotherfan Are you serious? The pregame handshake deal didn’t bother you? Good grief. The first person I’ve heard say that. This is easy right and wrong stuff. There’s not a gray area here.

    Good to see Beatty – belatedly – react to the overwhelmingly negative reaction and somewhat reverse his position.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Here’s my thing. On the scale of sportsmanship, things like late hits and other dangerous plays that could injure people, shaking hands before the game is a relatively small thing. If not for all the other stuff, the pregame shenanigans probably wouldn’t have amounted to anything.

    Like I said, when I used to officiate, we had a few games where things were chippy between the two teams, so they did not shake hands before the game, but played a clean game. I’ve also seen situations where rivals shook hands before the game, there was bumping, etc., and before you knew it, things were escalating during the game.

    As an official at the time, I would rather the teams not shake hands and keep it clean than shake hands in a show of “sportsmanship theater”, then get into a chippy, cheapshot filled game.

    Should KU have shaken hands with OU - yeah, they should have. But I can live with the fact that they didn’t. I cannot tolerate what I would consider to be dirty play.

  • @justanotherfan Had you been the crappiest team in the country and on national TV at the time, would you have been as cavalier about your players focusing on synchronizing efforts to piss off a 9-1 team in the ceremony?

  • @justanotherfan I read what you wrote about being an official. That has nothing to do with this. This is a coach issue. Whether there was an issue of hostility in a particular game or rivalry where you wanted to keep folks apart for a specific reason, is a completely separate issue.

    In this case, there was none of what your are referring to. This was a completely separate issue – not what some official might want is a certain situation (which is much different many times than what actually should be done).

    This was a contrived and planned act of disrespect by team captains. I would hope you would not tolerate that as well as opposed to minimizing simple acts of civility and respect. Such acts, I guess, have been normalized by the deterioration of general humility in favor of selfish and self-centered behavior.

    Shaking hands as combatants before a game is an historical and customary act of respect. We chose to permit the OU player to extend his hand, only to turn away from it. That deserves more than ok, “yeah, they should have.” I think your reaction is exactly what we got from our coach. And It’s really pretty sad.

  • Which came first? Shake their dang hands! The other crap doesn’t happen. Our captains wanted to get in his head and it worked. Problem is, we still suck and we look even worse. We need the big 12 to look good.

  • @justanotherfan There was nothing that happened in the pregame to warrant not shaking hands. It wasn’t a situation where two rivals were getting after each other in the pregame and you avoid a handshake to avoid inciting a potential incident. This was just a low class move by KU’s captains and has brought negative attention to a football program that doesn’t need any additional negative attention.

  • I’m betting hiring Les Miles with Tony Hull retained could keep any of the Louisiana recruits that haven’t already backed out.

  • My point was not that not shaking hands wasn’t a big deal to me personally. The times when we as officials did not have the captains shake hands, it was at the request of the coaches, not something that we as officials decided (most times, we were not involved in that sort of stuff). We just abided by the request.

    Obviously, that’s not what happened here, but again, pregame handshake is, for me at least, not that important. As I said, I can be okay with them not shaking hands, but being a team that appeared to take cheapshots during the game was something that I couldn’t accept. That was what made me mad at Beaty and the team. You can be a crappy team that’s overmatched and I would be patient. You can’t take cheap shots. That’s low class.

  • The Big 12 as now publicly reprimanded Mayfield and also the four KU captains. What a pathetic situation.

  • dylans said:

    I’m betting hiring Les Miles with Tony Hull retained could keep any of the Louisiana recruits that haven’t already backed out.

    I’d take Les in a second but I don’t think he would take the job.

  • Honestly I think the whole Mayfield deal has gotten its five minutes of fame and everyone should let it go. Players talk trash all game every game. That being said it was stupid and Beaty looks like a fool for supporting it after it happened, then 3 days later coming down on them. I’m just over it and happy we only got one more beat down to go.

  • Heisman hopefuls don’t generally yell f— at the crowd though, then grab their crotch.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Manzel did worse and Winston had a whole list of issues.

  • @kjayhawks yes you are right. Probably got more than 5 minutes.

  • @kjayhawks

    Unfortunately the KU players and HC did it to themselves by bringing attention to the already pathetic program and amplified it by making it unsportsmanlike as well…at least and at long last the season that started with so much hope is almost over.

  • @BShark He won’t. Nor will ANY established, well respected coach. If we are ever to win more than one game a season, we’ll have to luck into a coach like K-State did.

  • @kjayhawks Mayfield was arrested for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and fleeing in Arkansas back in February. Sounds like Manziel territory to me.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 and he’s 5’11” also. I predict a flameout in Baker’s short NFL future likely with the Browns after they ruin Kizer.

  • @nuleafjhawk I agree with you, but how do you know Mayflower wasn’t chirping insults to the KU captains? How do we really know how the whole handshake thing transpired? We will really never know. Of course, the rumor is they ‘planned’ the whole stupid mess. But here’s my question, do you really think the CAPTAINS of all people could be that stupid to not shake the hand of the highly favored team.? You’re in last place, why in the hell would you add insult to freakin’ injury by doing something so stupid? If they did plan the whole handshake incident at the coin toss, then not only are we a losing football team, BUT a stupid team of players, CAPTAINS, no less…Either way our football team couldn’t get any more RIDICULOUS. If the players were responsible, why did Beaty apologize? Why not the players? This tells me that Beaty stood up for the players and took this on himself.
    Baker Mayfield is a sh!thead. He was pulled over for a DUI in Arkansas. They had to chase him down on foot and tackle him. The OU program swept it under the OU rug. This is what they do for their players at all costs to win. I think Mayfield instigated and agitated the whole mess. We’ll never know what transpired before that coin toss. OU fans are blaming the KU players. So, again, not only are we a terrible football team, but we are a stupid football team.


    ) I think it was a cheap shot by the police. Mean police slighted Mr OU football QB. You don’t and won’t ever hear the obnoxious OU fans talk about their precious QB. They know how he is and yet they blame KU players. No, this is all BM.

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