Brad Stevens

  • Just an amazing coach. Crazy what Boston is doing. Also Marcus Smart is the worst shooter in the NBA and they are better with him out there on offense.

    Beat the Warriors last night in a game that would have Self excited.

  • @BShark

    He has completely rebuilt the team and it is now doing great and ready to contend with the big boys.

  • He is completely dashing my dreams of becoming Selfs replacement (if Self were to retire soon). Brad has been simply too successful.

  • Yeah I don’t see him going back to college.

  • @dylans

    Me too. He would be my first choice to take over the program when Coach Self retires.

  • The instant he made the jump to the NBA, I knew Stevens wouldn’t return to college. Coaching in the NBA is actually less of a headache than college. The NBA guys are pros. The stars actually do more to maintain their own health and discipline than anyone else. Look at how the best pros prepare in the offseason - different diets, workouts, trainers, etc. That’s their livelihood on the line. The best take that seriously.

    College guys just aren’t at that level in terms of preparation. Self gets a call about Preston having a car accident and he has to deal with it as the head coach. Pro coaches don’t have to do that. They don’t have to recruit. The only thing they have to do is prepare for basketball and win. They don’t have to deal with the extra stuff.

  • @justanotherfan Yeah, but every once in a while a fool named Sprewell comes along, tries to choke you to death, and just kinda takes all that easy-going coaching fun away…

  • Fun to see one of the Morri’ playing for that team.

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