Watch this guy play

  • And tell me he doesn’t make you think that this could be LeGerald Vick in another few years.

    That’s Tony Snell, now a starter for the Milwaukee Bucks, with his highlights when he was at New Mexico. He just signed a 4 year, $46M contract this offseason. That could be Vick in 4 years. Snell is a bit bigger (6-7), but they are very similar athletically and body type.

    Snell was a better shooter in college than Vick probably is, but Snell was also the star and the focal point in his team’s offense. Vick won’t really change roles once he gets to the NBA like Snell had to. It opens up a nice opportunity for him to be not a superstar, but a really good contributor.

  • Vick has more hops, but if you put 15 pounds on him, I’d say it’s a great comparison

  • Vick in this last game reminded me of the Arkansas “jumping jacks” from several decades back, but obviously he is not as polished or, in the KU scheme, as capable of taking over games.

  • I honestly dont see anyone on this current KU team lasting in the NBA. The only one that has a serious chance is Billy Preston due to his size.

  • @BigBad I could see Vick sticking around a bit in the right situation. But yeah everyone else besides him and Billy I dunno…

    Graham, Svi, Newman all look like euro ballers to me.

    Don’t know what to make of Doke yet, he could still improve as he is young.

  • @BShark Doke looks slow now, he’d look like molasses in the NBA.

  • @BigBad He can get faster/in better shape. Already seems improved from last year in that area. I think he has a ways to go in terms of skill too though. Just think he has a slightly better shot than Svi, Newman, Graham.

  • @BShark He can improve his vertical but 95% of explosiveness is God Given.

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