Poor Josh Pastner

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    U have to wonder, if there are any non presstitutes left?

    A first course in Journalism teaches one to focus the story on the most important issue and move that issue to the lead and/or top of the story. The most relevant and significant issue still appears to be that Pastner reputedly retained and paid a college friend (a reputed addict no less) to pass impermissible benefits to players, even if this were the upteenth story on the subject.

    The next most relevant issue?

    Well, that might require a choice among a reputedly noteworthy list of of career events at Pastner’s previous career stops.

    I’m not even sure it matters, if his reputed “bag man” (pretty charged language) didn’t get a birthday call—maybe mention it late in passing. But slant a whole story to that angle? I don’t think so.

    Doing so suggests a possible reason for emphasizing it might appear to be to marginalize Pastner’s role by shifting focus to a hapless scapegoat with a monkey on his back to mix some metaphors, and off Pastner. But who knows? It’s at least good they are getting something out.

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