Kansas to wear Civil War Uniforms Saturday

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    I like them!!

  • Damn! Those look brand new. Was KU using hemp fiber back then?

  • @jaybate-1.0 those time capsules seal pretty good.

  • @kjayhawks love them! Need bb ones

  • Now even more embarrassing that we are talking about stupid informs. I’ve said this in past years — WIN. Then get giddy about the stupid uniforms. KSU just won at TT with their same old unis and helmet. Imagine that.

  • @HighEliteMajor Alternate revenue source.

  • @mayjay A sold out stadium is an awesome revenue source, agreed?

    Curious, how does KU make $ off of dumb "“civil war” unis?

  • @HighEliteMajor By selling them and replicas to the dozens of fans who might buy them. Should be good for covering about 1 training table meal.

  • @mayjay Point well taken. Can you imagine the rush for game worn unis?

  • @HighEliteMajor Yeah, I’m not optimistic about the value from selling the players’ unis in a loss to an 0-7 team–those probably go to a hall of fame. From the Star article announcing them–so you can pick a few sets up at you earliest convenience!

    “The school said that merchandise based on this look will be sold at Rally House Allen Fieldhouse, Memorial Stadium or at KUStore.com.”

    Caution: don’t wear the Redleg pants in northwest Missouri, or to any Jeremiah Johnson screening for that matter.

  • Now that I posted that, I cannot find any on that site. Maybe they sold out.

  • @mayjay Ha! What’s wrong with the RedLeg pants?? I might be a little wary of that Missourian Josey Wales (heard he was a good shot), but not much else over there.

  • I would’ve bought the Civil War logo shirt had they made a short sleeved version of it. All I saw online at multiple sites like Rally House, Lids, and Fanatics was a long sleeved version for $40 Or $50. There’s not a lot of opportunities to wear long sleeved shirts in Houston and I can’t justify that much for a shirt that I would have the opportunity to wear maybe once or twice a year. I’m also not spending $100 on the jersey, maybe next year when it’s on clearance for half price if they still have my size.

    Make a short sleeved version of the shirt for $30 and I would’ve already bought one.

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