Game day chats this year - let's use Slack

  • Guys, this season I’d really like to use Slack for our game day chats. Our instance is here:

    I think we’ll find that for game day chats, Slack will be a lot of fun. There’s a ton of stuff you can do on slack, and I think its format is more effective for a chat room kind of situation like game day.

    Before the season starts, could you guys take a moment to create an account on that Slack instance?

  • Slack is pretty cool. We just started using it at the company i write for to keep ideas flowing and make sure multiple people aren’t writing the same type of article.

  • Any reason to use this over discord?

  • I’ve tried, but don’t think that link gives you what you need. It only allows me to “create a workspace” but isn’t that what you did? I couldn’t use the kubuckets name because it was already taken and then when I got my email code/confirmation it only gave me “certain” groups my email address could join but not ours. Where on the site is the buckets workspace? Sorry if I am computer illiterate but I got nowhere. Can you give me some help? Thanks.

  • Do we login using our KUBuckets credentials? Or do we have to register on slack?

  • @drgnslayr you guys have to register for that instance of slack

  • I made a discord group.

  • @BShark Why?

  • @BShark so I checked out the discord server you posted, and it seems like the basic feature sets are pretty comparable, the notable exception in favor of discord being that it has more prominent built in audio in the room. Slack has a google hangout integration, and slack has announced they’ll do their own video and audio, so it probably won’t be long until it has a comparable presentation of audio in the chat to discord. Personally, I don’t want an audio feed most of the time during games. I’d turn it on when Mario hits the shot, etc, but I don’t know… I’m a homebody that watches basketball with my family and types fast. But, I also get the appeal.

    I’m comfortable administering Slack and adding integrations / grooming it because that’s what I use at work, so that’s why I went with it. Plus its a multibillion dollar company; I think its safe to assume it will keep getting better, will have tons of maintained integrations, and will have a mass of people that will already be familiar with it. It has a nice mobile app, and a robust feature set.

    So for now, I’d like to stick with Slack, unless there are some critical drawbacks that are addressed by another solution.

  • @approxinfinity That’s fine. I have no idea all the features of Slack while I use discord regularly. I have no issue using either.

  • Ok, well let’s give slack a shot and if it doesn’t feel right after a few games we can reevaluate ok?

  • @approxinfinity I signed up. I’m in the group no issue. Overall I really like the idea of a chat room for games.

  • Right on, yeah as I said, I think it might be pretty much the same deal, slack might be (?) a bit more customizable and will have some fun integrations. I already themed it Jayhawk colors and added a couple emojis. Would love to add more emojis. Also, the giphy integration is goofy but fun.

  • @approxinfinity I’ll give it a try! (got rid of my earlier comment to avoid confusion)

  • @DanR Ah thanks for the reminder. Thanks, that’s all I ask. Going to Slack means we get:

    1. quicker interface (just hitting enter to submit, like any chat client, and thinner messages), so less overhead for quick discussion
    2. the equivalent of thread presence (remember back when we could see who was watching thread? now we can see who is online in slack during chats) and can see when someones typing
    3. a nice mobile app
    4. custom emojis
    5. a few plugins that I really like

  • I’m willing to try it. Long threads kind of get bogged down for me on here… I have to put the “sort by” with “newest” at the top, otherwise it doesn’t update very well. Start a thread with a link to Slack for each game and see how it goes.

  • :thumbsup: yup, its a plan!

  • @approxinfinity I’ll try it- just remind me on game days…

  • @KUSTEVE Yeah, I am all for that gameday REMINDER.

  • Great! You can count on that reminder.

  • @approxinfinity I joined but haven’t had time to explore the site. Is there a good basic help section explaining the sections of the site, how to use it, and the icons at the bottom? I don’t use any programs like this, and don’t use twitter or facebook, so some of the terminology you use leaves this old dinosaur a few milion years behind…

  • @mayjay hmm. There’ a “robot” in slack named slackbot that you can tap on and ask it questions, as if you were chatting with it. There are also a bunch of articles and vidoes people posted; I’m not sure what’s best.

    When I started with it, I just kind of poked around… It’s a fairly intuitive interface. Here’s a list of things I found that might be helpful and the video in there might have some useful tips as well. Just keep in mind you can’t really mess anything up, so explore. And, for the most part, the game chats will occur in #general channel. So click on that, and then click on the bar below the chat to type what you want to say, then hit enter.

    That’s probably a horrible intro, but bear with me. :)

  • It’s a pretty simple chat room @mayjay you’ll be fine. :smile:

  • @approxinfinity @BShark

    Thx! I started looking around and finally found a “getting started” link in the help section. I will do some 'sploring for a few days.

  • @approxinfinity okay I’m in. Got to stay relevant, you know!

  • let’s take that badboy out for a test drive today…woo woo! RCJHGKU…

  • This Slack thing “encouraged” me to register here after being a long time viewer, and a longer time fan:) I have always enjoyed following this site during games, so if it is moving to Slack, I’m coming along!

  • ok so got a question. - -I joined the slack site - -but wilL the link be posted here tonight for the game OR do I have to type in the slack site to join the conversation? - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I haven’t joined yet, I can’t watch the darn thing anyway.

  • Slack isn’t working.

  • KUSTEVE said:

    Slack isn’t working.

    Not loading for me either.

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