Help viewing pay per view Border War

  • Sorry for the lame post, I’ve signed up and purchased the game, and can watch on iPad or computer,but how do I watch on TV? We have “smart” TV and amazon fire…I guess the user isn’t so smart. Some technical advice would be appreciated.

  • Should be able to play it on your laptop and just plug it into your tv using an HDMI cord.

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    Should be able to play it on your laptop and just plug it into your tv using an HDMI cord.

    Should be able to just use the tv since it’s a smart tv but yes as long as you can connect the computer to the tv (pref HDMI) then that will work too.

  • Voila! thanks for the help

  • I have huge time lags… anyone else? This isn’t watchable. Checked my speed and it is fine… it is on their end.

  • Just going to watch the stream and listen to Fran I guess

  • @drgnslayr Same here. I can get out of the lag sometimes by sliding the play bar all the way to the end.

  • Gone entirely now.

  • Just said on the radio that there were about 16000 PPV buys. KU has also tripled the text donations of Missouri.

  • Back on. Missed 2 mins.

  • This Missouri team is pretty good.

  • Wow I don’t understand why the last few years we just flat out don’t hustle on the glass. I guess seeing Nova and Oregon live off of second chance points the last 2 NCAAs didn’t motivate us. Little embarrassing right row for KU, Mizzou pretty close to blowing this wide open.

  • Vick should probably go with the longer shorts

  • @kjayhawks When you play small it’s harder to rebound. Should be better next year.

  • Garrett is going to be seen g quite a bit of time at the 4 this year. A 6-5 player at the 4 is not ideal for rebounding purposes.

  • @BShark size has fart fire nothing to do with Mizzou running after the ball while stand with our thumbs up our butts.

  • I feel like we are lucky to be in at this point, I believe the boards are close a,2 edge on the glass for them. They flatout are just playing harder an with more heart.

  • @kjayhawks Lightfoot is playing his butt off!

  • 21-19 rebounds. Only a 2 board edge for mu

  • Missouri is the better team for sure. Vegas knows, had them as one of the title favourites.

  • We have a 16-6 edge in points in the paint… should be more like 26-6

  • Streaming feed is terrible. If it weren’t a fundraiser, I’d call and get my damn money back.

  • @DanR meant close edge of 2 lol a little flustered at our play but they do have 16 second chance points.

  • Not bad considering Newman, Vick and Svi were practically non factors the first 20 minutes. Have to rebound much better and lock down defensively. Missouri is really big and its good for our guys to play against such a long and tall team, I think maybe only Kentucky is bigger.

  • Blown said:

    Streaming feed is terrible. If it weren’t a fundraiser, I’d call and get my damn money back.


  • @kjayhawks agreed.

  • my feed is fine, but heck, MU looks better outside of Graham. The rest of the team…

  • Mu looks legit. We will be better with practice.

  • @JayhawksandChill you are 100% correct DG has been hot and kept it close. Got a whole half to go here ig.

  • Basically nothing from Newman, Svi or Vick…

  • Mitch has looked better than I thought he would though and Preston did some nice things (but also had some FR moments).

  • Not impressed at all with the defense KU is playing in general but hey at least we are ahead now I guess.

  • Great that they raised $1.75 million for One America Relief. Impressive. I didn’t sign up for the pay for view. Listening on the Jayhawk radio network. Should be good for the guys to play someone completely unknown and against some bigs.

  • I can’t believe I paid to listen to Fran

  • DOKE!

  • @DanR What’s he been saying? Slobbering on about Porter, Jr. I suppose.

  • Crowd is litttttt.

    Also, DOKE.

  • There we go boys!

  • 79-66 KU!!

  • Yeah fellas!!!

  • You can not convince me that KU still loses to Oregon with a healthy Doke. Don’t @ me.

  • @BShark I doubt KU’s defense is going to be great this year. As short as the rotation will be this year, I expect the defense will be lacking to try and keep out of foul issues since KU will only have 8 players the first month and 9 the last 3-4 months of the season. I think we’ll lose some games when there’s a tight whistle because of the lack of depth.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 IE the WVU game. Fortunately I don’t think depth matters as much in the tourney typically. It’s definitely better to sometimes ease up on D than have guys foul out.

  • Is Svi the glue guy that never knew where to stick? I love Svi, just seems overlooked by the roster. I really hope he has a great year, that might mean rebounds, threes and defense.

  • Devonte better learn to take it into the paint

  • Not playing smart the last few minutes. Also rough game for Svi.

  • Good news- getting the ball into the post, bad news- guards… crisp passing on the perimeter. necessary.

  • We STILL have bragging rights. Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU! 93-87.

  • Did not feel like an exhibition one bit in terms of intensity. Play was a bit sloppy but obviously it’s really early.

  • @BShark I didn’t necessarily have a specific opponent in mind with my comment, more like whenever the refs have a tight whistle and are calling a lot of ticky tack fouls would be games where KU could run into issues.

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