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  • boy, I tell you I’m not sure how Snyder does it but I mean you have to give credit where credit is do. - -He just keeps doing it over and over finds these kids not really highly recruited by the big boys and just keeps getting it done.

    Today another example this kid for K-State at QB - -Delton a kid right out of Kansas - -2nd game starting for K-State against Oklahoma and what’s he done over a 150 yds rushing and 3 rushing TD’S crazy. - -Goes to show what good Coaching can do - -development. - -Question is what’s going to happen after Coach Snyder retires? - -I hope soon lol. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Getting it done at 3-4? Ok.

  • When you play a bunch of lightly recruited players, this is where you end up sometimes. Competitive, but can’t finish the job.

    Snyder has always hoped to catch lightning in a bottle one time - that perfect season where he has the right schedule and the right set of overachievers. Unfortunately, college football has changed in a way that makes his approach almost impossible to work now.

    When he started, the goal was to schedule 4 non conference patsies, beat KU, MU, ISU and Okie State every year and hope to catch a year when OU, NU, and CU were down, go to the Orange Bowl and maybe beat a team outside the top 10 to claim a piece of the national title. Then the Big 12 happened and suddenly there’s a conference title game.

    So then the strategy was to beat the weaker North, catch NU on a down year and play one big game in the title game for a chance to go to the national title game. He got it right once, but slipped up against A&M.

    Now with the round robin, he can’t avoid the stronger teams some years and he still has to deal with a title game in conference, plus the CFP means even if he wins the conference, he doesn’t get a month to prep for the national title game, he has a month to prep for the semifinal.

    His whole strategy won’t work now because college football changed around him and passed him by. He can’t plan to play just one perfect game in a perfect season where everything clicks just right. He has to be top 2 in a round robin, then win the conference title game, then beat two of the top four teams in the country. Snyder never built for this landscape and now he is stuck.

    He won’t be bad, but the best he can do is maybe 9 wins. His plan has a ceiling because he wanted to play one or two big time games in the season, but to win a national championship you have to play four or five, and even in a perfect scenario, he never built for that.

  • @jayballer54

    To gauge Snyder’s greatness, I ask a simple question: Could ANY other coach of Snyder’s era have done at KSU what Snyder has done at KSU?

    Answer: Maybe the guy at Boise State for a short while? But not for many decades as Snyder has sustained.

    He is a genius.

    I agree with @justanotherfan ’s characterization of how the haves have stacked the deck to keep Mavericks like Snyder at betting/eyeball/click (BEC) unfriendly schools out of the mix.

    But that just makes Snyder’s adaptations and performances stand out even more.

    Snyder’s genius has been to adapt as much as possible to the stacked deck and then optimize in ways others at other BEC unfriendly schools did not.

    Would any other big time coach at a BEC friendly school have signed as much talent and coached it to 3-4 at KSU this year?

    Likely Not!

    Like all great Coaches, Snyder is no angel, but he deserves a statue inscribed “Like Spartacus, he did the impossible and won many battles before the corrupt order over took him.”

    Who is Spartacus?

    I AM! say the K-State fans.

    Spartacus’ accomplishments starting from seemingly impossible disadvantage should not be held against him, when time and great, corrupt, structural advantage of opponents finally did him in.

    He freed KSU, even if only for a time.

    The flame of such greatness inevitably extinguishes.

    But it’s memory lives on.

    And down stream it inspires and nourishes those that seek out the memory.

    All fame is fleeting, but the memory that the slaves were freed once, that is the stuff that changes the future.

  • BShark said:

    Getting it done at 3-4? Ok. Ya getting it done, been doing it for years. - -Do you happen to remember what a pile of scrap they were BEFORE Snyder arrived? - -NO ? - -didn’t think you would - -he has taken less talented players and turned them into really solid College players year after year. - ya their 3-4 this year - what’s our record again? - -refresh my memory. - -Umm help me out how many 30-40 point blow out losses has K-State had this year - - -any year since Snyder has been there ? how many Big time colleges went after Jordy Nelson to play College ball? - -Again refresh my memory where is Jordy Nelson at now? - He can develop players - gets Kansas players turns them onto really solid players. - -This Delton kid running for over 160 yards last night in his 2nd collegiate game against Oklahoma - kid from Kansas. - -You think we are going to have any kid run for over 160 yds against Oklahoma? - - hell are we going to have a kid run for 60 yds against Oklahoma? - -Ya think we will be playing with Oklahoma till the last play of the game? - -OR could it possibly be another 40-50 point blowout? - - Does Snyder get 4-5 star players - -may be one or two MAYBE. - - He takes three star just like KU only one small difference his players develop - that’s from coaching - didn’t know if you realized that or not - -big difference - -You think we will stay within 30 of K-State this week? - -Ya think Snyder with his 3-4 record this year owns KU in football? - -Can you tell me how many times we have beaten Snyder’s 3-4 football team THIS year refresh my memory again just how many times we have beaten Snyder since he has been the coach at K-State? - - I would take Snyder in a minute - -you wouldn’t? - - Right - - lmao - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @justanotherfan Hell I’d give my Kingdom any Ku fan would give their kingdom for a 9 win season - - - -takes us at this pace 20 yrs to get 9 wins little lone 9 wins in one season. - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • The Delton kid was a dam good player outta Hays, I watched him in person and I believe he has several offers including one from us. I personally am enjoying seeing KSU lose this season, hell we were overrated and choked last year in BB according to KSU fans. I laugh as they were the #18 ranked team early in the year and now will have to finish super strong to go bowling.

  • Banned

    Whoa slow down big dogs. Pointing out that Synder cant’ win the big one is like putting your finger in a light socket and saying yea we got juice. It makes no sense.

    As much I as I hate to admit it. Every Saturday Wildcats get up, put on their war paint, start drinking the the pioson of choice, create fire in those things we call grills. Why? Because they know their football team has a chance to win.

    Yea maybe Synder can’t win the big one. Yet It sure beats being a KU fan on Saturday trying to figure out when your going to turn off the TV and go do something around the house.

  • @DoubleDD Agreed!

    I remember a discussion with lots of arguing about whether we should “settle” for a Snyder-level coach instead of trying for a better one who would take us to national prominence and the football playoffs.

    Yes, this was the actual point of dispute. Maybe we should hold out for a coach who can just win a road game? Start from there. Other aspirations might be symptoms of major mushroom use…

  • I’d have no issue with KU having a Snyder level period of success. You don’t need to be a regular NC contender to turn a profit and be relevant. This was just…a weird time to make this thread. KSU hasn’t been good this year and many people with inside knowledge of the KSU program suspect that Bill Snyder isn’t even really coaching anymore.

  • So I would argue we’ve seen what KSU will look like after Bill retires. It’s the last 3 or so seasons…

  • Back before FOIA documents reputedly showed the CIA since the JFK assasination promoted meming of “conspiracy theory” for smearing those exploring concealed possibilities, I would have wondered if Snyder placed Zenger at KU to make sure KU football stayed as hapless and pathetic as it is, and expected the usual chorus of “conspiracy theorist!”

    But today?

    Well, of course, Snyder did it.

    Just kidding!

  • BShark said:

    So I would argue we’ve seen what KSU will look like after Bill retires. It’s the last 3 or so seasons…

    I don’t know. It’s taken over a century to really get to where KU football is now.

    The abysmal depth of the present situation would not be so epically awful without the flicker of light under The Fat Man, after the century of futility.

    Has any other program fallen as far and as completely as KU?

    I don’t think so.

    This was a Century in the making!

  • @kjayhawks Oh believe me I’ll always enjoy when K-state loses in ANYTHING even if is badminton - -Just saying I think Coach Snyder does a hell of a job with the talent he has - -record speaks for it’s self It’s gonna suck but you know and I know that 9 chances out of 10 Next Saturday their will be almost twice as many KSU fans in memorial as our fans and once again we will take a 30-40 drubbing. - - not trying to sound like an as -but it is just plain cold hard fact - - Bring on Basketball. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @DoubleDD Hey your not telling me anything I don’t know - - I’m right ther with you. - -That’s my point or trying to make , the guy is a hell of a coach - -he doesn’t get the superstar maybe once in awhile he will get a 4 star maybe - hell I’m not even sure about that -he getsa lot of kids almost same type ratings as the one’s we get BUT huge difference in the result. - -Their fans go to their games and actually feel like they have a legit chance - -we go to the games wondering if we are going to keep it under 30 -plain and simple - -I hear ya -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONGN BABY

  • @DoubleDD I agree I’m just getting at good laugh at them choking this year and it’s a shot at their dipstick fans that think they are a NC contender each year.

  • @jayballer54 Was a hell of a coach. Not is. Talk to KSU people that know.

  • KSU has basically two periods of football - mediocrity and Snyder. There’s no history aside from Snyder, so whatever Snyder does is incredible.

    KU has had several periods of up and down football. KU has at least three different coaches that have had double digit win seasons.

    Snyder level success would be great… for now. After 15 years of 8 or 9 win seasons, KU would want to take the next step. KSU never did want to, because all they could imagine was falling back to pre-Snyder mediocrity. Remember, KSU isn’t a national power in any sport, so being relevant is good enough for that fan base. Relevant doesn’t cut it at KU because we have been to the top, same as why a lot of football powers struggle to find basketball coaches because the expectation is so high because the fan base isn’t content with just being okay.

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