Might Frank, or Josh, Have Been Drafted Higher, If Self and KU Had Not Been Contracted with adidas?

  • For those not sitting in offices too close to recently installed, reputedly thought disrupting, street and parking lot lamp posts reputedly being used by TPTB (note: can’t necessarily say the duly constituted government anymore, because it could also reputedly be being set up by an oligarchy [President Carter], or a New World Order [Bush I&II’s and DRock’s characterization], or its Deep State [common parlance in the fake MSM]–its just too soon to tell how things are shaking out for the land that I love), to conceal MIMO devices to track our comings and goings across entire cities, and rumored also to conceal microwave gadgets reputedly capable of mind controlling us through cell phone targeting (note: remember the US embassy personnel in Cuba for a rumored possible test case), recall that an adidas official and 4 D1 assistant coaches were recently reputedly alleged to have bribed players to the tune of >$100K per player. And UNC reputedly got off with a love tap for running a fake education system, so UNC could play guys that apparently might not have been eligible without the easy grading “assist.” Think about how the shoe contracts and salaries are now migrating up into the hundreds of millions of dollars for players, schools, and the pros. Take off our naive hats a second–the ones that read “in the NBA its all diversified”–and grasp we are dealing with a producer oligopoly using petro-materials from another producer oligopoly, and they are marketing petro ware nationally and globally through a 6-holding company media cartel! The USA stock market is jumping out through the roof despite the US economy not creating high paying jobs and the US gubmint being $20 Trillion in debt and 16 years into PERMA-WAR. Oh, and massive capital is floating around looking for new derivative deals, because there isn’t enough real growth around the world to soak it up. And then those pikers over at the Pentagon? They can’t find $3 Trillion recently and as much as $30 Trillion may reputedly have been “lost” by the Pentagon the last 15 or so years. And today something being packaged and branded as the “Uranium One” story broke with all roads leading to $150,000,000 being funneled from the Russians to the Clinton Foundation in some kind of quid pro quo for the US agreeing to import 80-90 percent of its uranium from Russia, while the Obama Administration’s DOJ (under Mueller?) slapped some kind of a national security seal on the deal to keep the public from finding out. Oh, and a poor reporter who had the gall to risk her life researching and publishing the Panama Papers in which all sort of American higher ups were implicated for moving money abroad to avoid taxation at home got herself blown to kingdom come, when her car just happened to get a car bomb! Helloooooo! Nothing to see here!

    Is it remotely possible that Frank Mason, or even Josh Jackson, might have been drafted higher if Self and KU had been contracted with someone other than adidas?

    Oh, my! as Dick Enberg used to say back when President Carter still thought of us as a functioning republic and not an oligarchy elected by high bid.

    (Note: all fiction. No malice.)

  • @jaybate-1.0 It certainly is a possibility they could’ve received more.


  • It is starting to unravel…

    More here…why is Mueller still in charge? The conflict of interest is huge…

  • Perhaps this thread should be moved to the political side?

  • @JayHawkFanToo Or to the other side of the flat earth…

  • @mayjay

    I don’t mock your believes, I would appreciate the same courtesy. Actually, you don’t need to even address my post at all.

  • @JayHawkFanToo You misread my post. I was only using your use of the word “side” as a segue. Apologies if you are a Flat Earther–I did not know.

  • @mayjay Come on, now. That was little passive aggressive jab, you got a response you probably anticipated, and you were then able to offer the reply you intended to begin with (if you didn’t choose the passive aggressive route). All “segues” aside.

  • I think anyone who lives in Kansas should believe in a flat earth. 🙂

  • @HighEliteMajor Seriously, I was referring to the original post and its virtual cornucopia of “hypotheses” that seemed to me to range from partially evidence based all the way to pure fantasy. So I equated those with flat earth. I never looked at either of the other two posters’ sites and had no idea what they dealt with. It was just an attempt at humor that turned out poorly. I have privately apologized to @JayHawkFanToo.

    Once I finally looked at the three references late last night, I was amused by the irony because they deal with an issue I also think deserves investigation, and have no ax to grind about it.

  • @mayjay Ok, fair enough. Now, is someone saying the earth is not flat?

  • @HighEliteMajor My world, and maybe that of a lot or even most of us, from November to April, is a leather orange sphere…

    I don’t know about flat vs round earthers. I just hope we don’t live long enough to see it get levelled–oh, wait! I guess we wouldn’t, would we?

  • LOVE IT!

  • wissox said:

    I think anyone who lives in Kansas should believe in a flat earth. 🙂

    HA! 😆

  • @mayjay

    As noted in the post, it was all meant as fiction. No Malice.

    You did notice that, right?

    Sometimes an alias can overlook things, right?

    I thought it was a dark-funny, tragi-comic bit about Frank and Josh not getting taken higher. Not too on the nose, as they say in Hollywood, when the Hollywoodlings are not reputedly raping starlets and reputedly molesting children for reputedly sick, depraved power kicks.

    Now I just don’t see how my post could fit in the politics section, since it’s about guys not getting drafted as high as I might have hoped.

    But I can maybe see how your posts in this thread might fit in the politics section, so I don’t mind if my post stays here and yours get moved to the politics section, if you would like. But I’m also cool with yours stay in-thread so to speak But moving mine? I don’t think so.

    Nevertheless, these responses of yours appear kind a clinic in thread posting that some might benefit from learning the apparent techniques of, if you use any and would like to share.

    Let me try to see if I can get the hang of what appears to be a technique (but might not be), and remember: this is just an untrained board rat’s first dry run and is acknowledged to be entirely pretend, okay?

    Untrained board rat’s trial example #1: You’ ve appeared to suggest all kinds of things ranging from plausible to borderline no multiple shooters in Las Vegas, no pedophile rings in Washington, no Apollo astronauts going to the moon, no Werner von Braun going to Antarctica to get meteor fragments that could be given out as fake moon rocks with some stored in Neil Armstrong’s closet and yet not found by his widow in his closet.

    Now, again, so there is no misunderstanding, the above is a totally made up example, with exaggeration used to make its pretending unmistakable, but is that kind of the apparent rhetorical technique? Or was there none?

    It combines some inclusion of unrelated subject matter with a bit of conflation?

    Just between us, I’m not sure I’ve got it down yet.

    And it may only APPEAR you were doing it, and it may be that you really weren’t.

    But ROCK CHALK!!!

    Ball approaches on little adidas soles!!!

    And we got to play it anyway the opposing teams want!

    It’s the Selfian way!!!