3 Dead In Lawrence Shooting Last Night.

  • Very tragic.

  • Of course, star mentions KU, late pm and Devonte.

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    Of course, star mentions KU, late pm and Devonte.

    What in the world does Devonte have to do with this? Like I can get bringing up late night because it’s going to bring in people from KC, Wichita etc… Still shitty but I get it. Devonte though???

  • @BShark The shooting came on the same night as KU basketball’s annual Late Night in the Phog, where Grammy-nominated rapper Lil Yachty performed for about 20 minutes at Allen Fieldhouse. After the event, KU guard Devonté Graham told reporters Lil Yachty was going to perform later that night at The Granada, located at 1020 Massachusetts St., near the scene of the shooting.

  • Were any KU players there?

  • @wissox I’m sure the star would have reported that by now! I don’t think so.

  • Prayers to the victims, I know this will be a unpopular opinion on here but this is why I dislike rap music. I think it promotes violence and degrades women and brings in a rough crowd. I went to a rap concert in Wichita in my early twenties and never will do so again (a friend wanted to go so I went with her). There were fights there, gang signs being flashed and guns, it was a little hairy for a small town white boy. Now this obviously doesn’t mean that the Lil yachty concert caused this, we don’t have any answers at this point so not trying to single out anyone. Hopefully they figure it out, it’s crazy that I was just there 3 weeks ago, it could’ve been me. Don’t usually see stuff like this in Lawrence too often.

  • @kjayhawks

    Looks like you will find that many of us share your thoughts on rap music. I have a number of friends that are into music and in the music business and just about all of them consider rap a form of expression but not necessarily music; frankly, I don’t know what to call it.

    What I find troubling is hearing kids repeating rap lyrics blindly and not really paying attention to what they say. I have asked many kids in the past if they really have given a thought to the lyrics and once they do they are shocked by what they have been parroting. In many ways a form of subliminal message that desensitizes kids. Definitely well beyond what my generation would consider acceptable. I am not saying that all rap is extreme. I believe Will Smith was a rapper , once upon a time, that was relatively tame by rap mainstream standards and I am sure there are other but seems like the great majority are not.

    Just my personal opinion and do not expect others to share my opinion.