KU basketball games on DirectTV?

  • Got a great 24-month DirectTV promotion today at Sam’s Club in Kansas City that would save me about $700/year over what MIDCO currently charges me. My decision weighs heavily on whether I can get Jayhawk TV and also still get the replays of KU basketball games that MIDCO carries on channel 226 Spectrum Sports HD. The DirectTV Sports package includes something called Spectrum SportsNet, but I can’t find anywhere online that says that is the same channel/network as what MIDCO calls Spectrum Sports HD (channel 226). Any insight from others would be appreciated very much!!

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    Be careful with DirectTV. A friend of mine got it a couple of months ago through a promotion and once she signed and scheduled installation, they changed a lot of the terms and rates.

    For example, the equipment/boxes and antenna are covered for only the first month and after that if something goes wrong you are responsible for the repair unless you buy insurance for it. I know of no other provider that does this. The installers are paid a flat rate and they rush through the process cutting holes in walls an leaving cables all over; I would have had a cow if they did that in my home. More importantly, every time it storms or even rains she loses channels and get mostly snow and the boxes get reprogrammed. She is not at all happy with it. At one time I had considered getting it but now, there is no way I would get it…actually, I am considering cutting the cord altogether ad getting only Internet and something like Sling or Hulu.

  • @hawkfanforever DishNetwork sucks I’m not positive but I assume DirectTV has the same channel line-up. No Jayhawk TV and as a bonus you won’t be able to watch them on ESPN 3 as She-man Zenghole has them blocked out across Kansas and the KC area. I dropped the Dish in favor of internet tv.

    You can get sling for $20 per month and see the same amount of games as on Dish. All you need is ESPN and the local channels.

    You should get a bunch of channels if you live in KC maybe even the Jayhawk network. Before signing a 2 year contract you will live to regret try out a decent antenna first, you may be surprised.

    Edit: I had DirecTV not DishNetwork. DirecTV is better than DishNetwork, but not better than cable for KU bball games.

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  • I like DirecTV. My parents have it and it is better than Google Fiber.

    YOU CAN WATCH KU BASKETBALL GAMES with a quick fix. Buy a Google Chromecast. Then, from your phone, download a VPN changing app. It will tell your phone you are in another country. You can then play the game on ESPN3. You can also do this with a laptop by downloading a VPN changing app as well and just plugging it directly in. I’ve gotten the best picture with my Chromecast and I bought it for $30.

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    Doesn’t Espn 3 games show up on the 700 channels of DirecTV. Or they still blacked out in the KC area. Guess I don’t really know?

  • @DoubleDD This is the workaround for the blackout problem.

  • @Kcmatt7 I use the same workaround with my google fiber.

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    I use my T-Mobile phone as a hot spot and connect to ESPN3 with my Consolidated Communications ID…it works, go figure…

  • @JayHawkFanToo Whatever gets the job done!

  • We live outside of Raligh, NC, but spend 6 to 8 months a year driving around the country. We use Sling tv, it doesn’t seem to matter where we are just need a hotspot, most of the games are on espn or espn3.

  • @dylans in the same boat, I have had dish and direct both in the past and will never go back to them. I currently have sling as well and even with the sports package that gets all of the ESPNs and Fox sports net, FS1 and FS2 its $45 a month. Just for the sports channels I want in satellite is over $65 a month and it goes up every year.

  • I have dish and for the most part am satisified BUT that is the one thing I can’t get Jayhawk network - -so I miss a few of the games not many but I want them ALL. - -BUT I took dish cause Cox was absolutely killing me bill wise. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY