Montell Cozart

  • Anyone keeping up with him? Minus a horrible interception that cost them the game last weekend, he has been great. Proof we never had the talent around him nor did we use him correctly in our run game. And, that it doesn’t take a great QB to win games or produce results… Surround a 2nd stringer like Cozart with talent and he can still win you some football games.


  • @Kcmatt7

    The key is not asking him to do anything outside his skillset. He’s a good runner that can do okay on short passes, but doesn’t have good touch downfield. He’s mostly making shorter throws and running the ball a few times. He can run the spread, but only if you keep the deep throws to a minimum (mostly swings, bubble screens, slants in the passing game) and let him run on rollouts and options. That’s the perfect use for him.

    Having a better line and a better supporting cast doesn’t hurt, either. I’m glad to see that he was able to go somewhere and have success because he seems like a good guy.

  • @justanotherfan You have to have people around him that can make plays though. If you are going to ask him to throw nothing but short passes at least.

    Nor do we actually know how good of a ball he can throw. He had about 2 seconds to throw a ball.

  • I watched the game last night and really wasn’t impressed, look like the same Cozart. I’d say he ran the ball a little bit more but his 28 yard TD had no one in front of him. Most of his completions were only a few yards, when he threw the ball more than 10 yards he was way off and had a couple of dropped picks. He had several high completions games here that had him only averaging 6 or 7 yards per attempt. He did also get the ball inside the opposing teams 40 yard line multiple times, don’t believe he ever drove the length of the field and New Mexico isn’t a great team and was down to their 3rd string QB. I’m not ready to hand him anything yet, Good that he is doing well although I did get a little disappointed in his comments about how KU sucked and he just wanted to be a winner. Which I agree with but he lost us a few games himself.

  • @kjayhawks My point is more that, we could have won. Even with him at the helm.

    Makes us look even worse.

  • @kjayhawks did he say that on tv?

  • @Kcmatt7 we did win against that level of competition, New Mexico is a 3 or 4 win team buddy probably less with their third string QB. Boise State without question has a better team than Kansas. Cozart beat WVU, SEMO, CMU and Rhode Island here. Cozart also blew a 3 touchdown lead against a real team in Washington State with one of the stupidest pick 6s I’ve ever seen and a costly fumble. He’s still the same Cozart.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Announcers said that’s what he said.

  • @kjayhawks I thought he was better than that!

  • @kjayhawks

    It sure does not sound like something Cozart would say based on his comments when he announced he was going to Boise State.

    Perhaps the wanting to win quote was taken from this story.

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