Full Schedule Released

  • The Big 12 announced their conference schedule today so now know what KU’s full slate looks like for the 2017-18 season.

    Nov. 10 (Fri.) vs. Tennessee St. (8 pm/ESPNU)

    Nov. 14 (Tue.) vs. Kentucky (Champions Classic in Chicago) (Time TBA/ESPN)

    Nov. 17 (Fri.) vs. South Dakota St. (7 pm/JTV/WatchESPN)

    Nov. 21 (Tue.) vs. Texas Southern (7 pm/JTV/WatchESPN)

    Nov. 24 (Fri.) vs. Oakland (7 pm/JTV/WatchESPN)

    Nov. 28 (Tue.) vs. Toledo (7 pm/JTV/WatchESPN)

    Dec. 2 (Sat.) vs. Syracuse (in Miami) (4:30 pm/ESPN)

    Dec. 6 (Wed.) vs. Washington (Sprint Center in KC) (8 pm/ESPN2)

    Dec. 10 (Sun.) vs. Arizona St. (Noon/ESPN)

    Dec. 16 (Sat.) @ Nebraska (Time and Channel is TBA)

    Dec. 18 (Mon.) vs. Omaha (6 pm/ESPN2)

    Dec. 21 (Thu.) @ Stanford (in Sacramento) (9 pm/ESPN)

    Dec 29 (Fri.) @ Texas (8 pm/ESPN2)

    Jan. 2 (Tue.) vs. Texas Tech (8 pm/ESPN2)

    Jan. 6 (Sat.) @ TCU (8:15 pm/ESPN/ESPN2)

    Jan. 9 (Tue.) vs. Iowa St. (8 pm/ESPN2)

    Jan. 13 (Sat.) vs. Kansas St. (11 am/ESPN/ESPN2)

    Jan. 15 (Mon.) @ West Virginia (8 pm/ESPN)

    Jan. 20 (Sat.) vs. Baylor (5 pm/ESPN)

    Jan. 23 (Tue.) @ Oklahoma (6 pm/ESPN2)

    Jan. 27 (Sat.) vs. Texas A&M (SEC/Big 12 Challenge) (Time and Channel TBA)

    Jan. 29 (Mon.) @ Kansas St. (8 pm/ESPN)

    Feb. 3 (Sat.) vs. Oklahoma St. (11 am/CBS)

    Feb. 6 (Tue.) vs. TCU (8 pm/ESPN2)

    Feb. 10 (Sat.) @ Baylor (1 pm/CBS)

    Feb. 13 (Tue.) @ Iowa St. (6 pm/ESPN2)

    Feb. 17 (Sat.) vs. West Virginia (5 pm/ESPN)

    Feb. 19 (Mon.) vs. Oklahoma (8 pm/ESPN)

    Feb. 24 (Sat.) @ Texas Tech (1 pm/ESPN/ESPN2)

    Feb. 26 (Mon.) vs. Texas (8 pm/ESPN)

    Mar. 3 (Sat.) @ Oklahoma St. (3 pm/ESPN/ESPN2)

    Mar. 7-10 (Wed.-Sat.) Big 12 Tournament (Sprint Center in KC)

  • I think we’re a lock for another 30+ win season, and another B12 title. Time for a damn FF and another NC Ring! Go Hawks!

  • I really only see 3 games that I wouldn’t be surprised to see KU lose on this schedule. Kentucky in Chicago because Kentucky is still going to be good, West Virginia in Morgantown and KSU in Manhattan because those are both short rest games for KU. I really wouldn’t be shocked if KU is 31-3 or better entering the tournament this year barring any unforeseen circumstances even with the depth issues KU has this year.

  • At OU will be an extremely tough one this year, OU is much improved

  • Looking at the schedule, I guess the Big 12 isn’t playing on Wednesday’s this year since all the mid week games are either Monday or Tuesday nights.

  • It is a challenging schedule, but not nearly as tough a schedule as in years past.

  • Any preseason good games? I’m picking my games to go to. So far, can’t be to greedy, I got A and M, ou, texass and wvu. Wondering about tcu?

  • 12/18 @ KU vs UNO (Omaha) is missing

  • Hmmm…KU Kentucky in Chicago. I just remembered I live in Chicago now…hmmmm… Might need to start saving my pennies.

  • @CaptnMo That game must have just been added today because it wasn’t on KU’s site earlier today when I copied the info.

  • Senior night for Devonte and Svi against Texas on Big Monday. A big spanking for Shaka that night!!!

  • Dec 29 (Fri.) @ Texas (8 pm/ESPN2) Guess I will be starting off the conf. run earlier than all other years. We usually play UT here at the end of the conf. A Christmas present to myself in the making!

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Wow. Only 3 possible losses in the Big 12?

    I think someone is going to shock us this year. Don’t have an idea who it will be. I see lots of reasons why much of the Big 12 might not be as competitive… but that ends up disappearing as the season progresses and players/teams come together.

    The attitude we don’t want to have this year is that another league title is a shoe-in. That right there is the formula for failure.

  • @drgnslayr I’m sure the players don’t have that attitude. Not a lot of other good teams in the league however…

  • 1- KU




    the rest…who cares?

  • The game against ASU is on the 10th. The last day for classes at KU is friday December 8 (or stop day per KU registrar website) but the last day of finals is december 11.

    I presume Cunliffe is eligible to play that game. Everywhere I looked up says merely Cunliffe will be eligible following the fall 2017 semester. Anybody have any insight into this? I don’t think he’ll play much…but makes for a good story.

  • Pretty sure he can’t play against ASU.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 You also forgot about the following:

    3/15 - beating some 16 seeded jokers by 40 @ Wichita

    3/17- 15 point win by beating some underachieving 8 seed but has the talent to be 3 seed and the tourney clan tries to screw KU in the hopes of setting up a Kentucky vs. Duke Final Four @ Wichita

    3/23- 14 point win over power 5 conference regular season champion but lost in their conference tournament. Foe is too scary to put to the likes of Duke and UK. @ Wichita

    3/25 - 8 point win over number 4 seed in the tournament. Figuring the best way to eliminate the competition. This will either be Arizona or Michigan St. @ Wichita

    3/31 - 10 point win over Kentucky. Tournament roundup is assuming that if KU would get thru, Calipari would be best to get a second chance at the team that beat them. This is similar to the UK/UCLA methodology last year. @ San Antonio

    4/2 - 9 point win over Duke. Grayson Allen and this loaded team shoots poorly from the floor against the KU defense and KU merely presses on for another Rock Chalk 2xx8 championship @ San Antonio

  • @bmensch1 He should be eligible for that game. I could be wrong, though.

  • @KUSTEVE I don’t think he can play till after finals.

  • @bmensch1 Cunliffe will be eligible for the Nebraska game. The reason for the break between Dec. 10 and Dec. 16 is because that’s finals week which KU always has off so players can focus on their finals.

    Also, if you’re saying KU is a 1 seed, they won’t play a 4 seed in the Elite 8.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 …I’m not talking about a 4 seed of the bracket…but the number 4 overall seed. Some team will have an inflated record because of the BS conference they play in and will get the 1 seed in the so Duke will have an easy national semifinal game. The top teams this year will be Duke, UK, KU, Mich St. and Zona. The rest of the 63 teams are just filler material for the one shining moment montage. Two of those teams will get screwed out of a number 1 seed for a team like Ta-State. Marsha will get his crew to go 30-1 or whatever and finally get the 1 seed. That’s what happens when the toughest games are against a weaker than normal Baylor team, a shitty oklahoma state team, and their one loss this year…Oklahoma.

  • @bmensch1 KU still wouldn’t play the overall #4 in the Elite 8 if KU gets a 1 seed because the overall 4 seed would be a 1 seed in a different region and you can’t have two 1 seeds play each other prior to the Final Four.

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