Charities to donate to in Houston.

  • This is a link with a bunch of different charities in the Houston area to help with different needs in the recovery efforts here. Houston food bank is in there, some homeless stuff, Texas Children’s Hospital is in there, pet and wildlife stuff is in there, just a variety of different organizations that provide varied services.

    List of 18 different charities in the Houston area

    Here’s JJ Watt’s link

    I know this isn’t everything, but it’s a good list of charities with a variety of causes if there’s one you feel a special attachment to.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 did you see the Best Buy store that had a case of water for 42 bucks? Guess an employee made a mistake. More good stories than bad. Love the furniture store guy that opened up his store and is having food brought in. Like you, so many good people helping!

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I gave to AMERICAN RED CROSS with the designation of “Hurricane Harvey” using my “Chase VISA” card. … See below … .

    This is an Alert to help you manage your credt card account ending in 0131.

    As you requested, we are notifying you of an online, phone or mail order charge. A charge of ($USD) 100.00 was authorized at AMERICAN RED CROSS on 08/30/2017 9:30:04 AM EDT.

  • Definitely good to use well known charities. Natural disasters are one of the biggest sources of fraud in the US. Make sure that any money or items you donate are going to an actual charity and not into some scammers pockets.

    Also, make sure when you are donating online to look for the https:// or the “secure” signal to know that the connection is secure before putting in your credit card information. It’s sad we have to take so many precautions now, but there are twice as many fraudulent sites out there for “donations” as there are legitimate ones. It makes it very difficult to figure out how to help without getting scammed or defrauded.

  • @Red.Rooster God bless you!

  • @justanotherfan Most importantly, don’t go to a website in an email sent to you. Google the charity, make sure you have located a genuine website (not a shadow or sister organization using the name), and link directly.

  • Here is a NYT article with links to sites for local and national charities.

    PLEASE NOTE: There was an post on our board today linking to an article that highlighted one new “charity” as a fraud. The article said “Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund” was a scam. Actually, the article is really about one called “Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund” and the author unfortunately omitted the word “Community.”

    This is important and distressing because in the NYT article that I am linking, there are 2 charities called “Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund”. BOTH ARE LEGITIMATE. (I have visited and explored all 3 sites.) The two here are unrelated to the alleged scam. One has been set up by the mayor of Houston, the other by GlobalGiving, an international organization that has raised millions of dollars for localities needing help around the globe. THE ALLEGED BOGUS GROUP IS NOT IN THIS LIST.

    Sorry about any duplication with @Texas-Hawk-10’s post!

  • Walmart has announced that for the next week any $1 donated at their stores to the Red Cross they will not only match it but add another $1 to the hurricane relief.

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